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WBC Top 5 Series #7: Top 5 Big Men

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Hello everyone! Time for another blog from two of EWN's very own! This week, Playboy Stevie V will defend his blog against a new comer to the blogging world, eboy. The topic this week, will be Big Men. Now here is the interesting twist. One could easily argue that Big Show or the Undertaker or Kane is a big man, but, I have not set a parameter as to height or weight, so someone could claim Triple H is a big man, if they could argue it, or even claim John Cena is a big man. So, without further adieu, I'm going to get into the champs blog first!

Playboy Stevie V
The most difficult part of this question presented to me was, what is considered a “Big Man” in wrestling? The reason for that is because of this simple question; is Hulk Hogan considered a “Big Man?” I'm really torn. I know back in the 70’s and early 80’s when he was on the juice, as he admitted in his book, he was considered to be. He was used back then as a “Big Man” heel that was used in territories to reek havoc and eventually go against a smaller, way over baby face. For instance Jerry The King Lawler.

When Hogan was casted in Rocky III it was because he was a “Big Man.” And we all know that this started Hulkamania. But even during the start of his Hulkamania days he was the smaller baby face who was put up against Andre, Bundy and Studd. Except for when he faced Piper and Orndorff. I consider Andre, Bundy and Studd as legitimate Big Men, who where always booked just for their size. I just have always considered Hogan as a beast "strong man" in his prime. Kind of like Lex Luger, the Ultimate Warrior etc, and to me they are not considered "Big Men."

When Hogan got off the juice and started to lose his water weight he looked to be about Stings size and Sting is not considered a “Big Man.” So for the sake of my list, if it hurts with the voters or not, I’m going to exclude Hogan from my list.

First I’m going to give a shout out in no particular order, to those big men that crossed my mind during my consideration of my top 5, cause I didn’t forget about them: Big Show, Yokozuna, Kane, King Kong Bundy, Big John Studd, Abdullah The Butcher, Bruiser Brody, Kamala, Mike Awesome, Rikishi, Big Daddy V, One Man Gang, Big Bossman, Haystacks Calhoon, Mark Henry, Earthquake, Jerry Blackwell, Umaga, Killer Kowalski, Bam Bam Bigalow, Sid Vicious, Ernie Ladd, Gorilla Monsoon.

Now here’s my Top 5

5. Vader: I was really torn between the Big Show and Vader. What put me over is that Vader dominated in WCW and in Japan. He wrestled a match even when his eyeball popped out during. He had a good run in the old AWA and WWE too. Besides how many big men do you know that can pull off a moonsault besides Vader and Bam Bam Bigalow? Not many.

4. Kevin Nash: True he was one of the reasons WCW died, but lets face it, during his time with HBK and the NWO he was must see. Big Sexy and Big Daddy Cool were great personas. He was both WCW and WWE champion when the brands were truly split. That was hard to do. He is also considered to be one of the smartest men in wrestling.

3. Giant Baba: I might take a hit from the younger generation and the ones who do not know about Japanese wrestling, but Baba is revered as a wrestling god in Japan. His popularity is compared to Hulk Hogan here in the United States. He won numerous titles and he formed All Japan Wrestling. If you don’t know who he is and you call yourself a knowledgeable wrestling fan, you should be ashamed of yourself.

2. Andre The Giant: He may not have won a lot of titles, but I can testify to this; When Andre was on the card people would buy tickets, who were not even wrestling fans, just to see him. He was King of the battle royals. He was the first ever inductee to the WWE HOF and is synonymous with wrestling. He headlined one of the biggest, if not thee biggest WM, Wrestlemania III.

1. Undertaker: The deadman might go down as the best WWE superstar of all time. He has put on some of the greatest matches in the history of the business. He has won titles and has never been beaten at Wrestlemania. His WM streak will never be repeated, in my opinion, by anyone. So with that in mind, he deserves to be the #1 big man of all time.

Well, definitely some interesting choices from Playboy Stevie. Will it be able to garner your vote and keep him as a champ? We are about to find out...but first, the challengers blog! Eboy!


The Top Five Big men.
So any fans of BWA would know that I used to collate a review called “Fave Five” and that is why the WBC Top 5 seemed like a great thing to have a go at, I don’t blog too much so bear with me.
Big Men- After piecing together my list I realised that the reasons I’d picked these five was because each was the first to do something or to embody something

5) “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan
The Blueprint is most impressive in the way that he is the first big man that has set out to prove he is a great athlete. A championship winning basketball centre, Morgan although not perhaps the most sound ring general certainly isn’t afraid to evolve.
Morgan has a rather under-whelming WWE run originally as part of The Giant Team Lesner for Survivor Series 2003 and then dumped back to OVW. The less s-s-said about his second run the better (See what I did there )

But Morgan really came off age in TNA, Originally as Cornette’s back up Morgan was instantly transformed into a believable big man. Morgan worked as an enforcer till TNA felt him ready to add him as full time wrestler. Morgan joined Team Cage to face Team Tomko at Lockdown and the rest is history.

Its history I will tell now... Morgan became a fan favourite and his “The Blueprint” gimmick was born. Morgan went onto to Team with ABYSS in a first of many failed Tag Teams leading to a match of a Doomsday Steel Cage Match at Lockdown the best match of his career at that point. Morgan went onto his feud come alliance with the Main Event Mafia that lead to his Bound For Glory Match with Kurt Angle, The best Match in his career to date. After a Year teaming then feuding with Hernandez. Morgan joined The Fortune faction becoming their dominant force before leaving the faction when it merged with Immortal because of his objection to Bischoff’s treatment of Mr Anderson. Morgan had some very close title matches but hasn’t been passed the torch yet. His feud of Late with Crimson has pulled him back slightly but Morgan is a great big man with a habit of producing exciting matches and he is loved the world over... The future is big for the Blueprint.

4) “Great White” Sheamus
The First Irish Born WWE Champion and a truly meteoric rise to the top of WWE, during 2011 which saw the former main event characters of Miz, Mysterio and John Morrison falter so drastically, Sheamus found a spot for himself, when not involved in a major storyline Sheamus was still booked perfectly he’d turn up, knock a head off then leave. Armed with an Irish charm and the lethal Brogue Kick Sheamus breazed his intiall run quickly escaping the monotony of the WWE’s ECW and quickly moved to RAW where he defeated John Cena for the title at WWE:TLC and ended the decade of change that was started by Chris Jericho’s WWE Debut, as WWE Champion. And a fuelled feud against Triple H for that years Wrestlemania. His started was certainly one to rival Brock Lesner’s. After a particularly bad incarnation as “King Sheamus”. The Great White was drafted to Smackdown and turned Heel where he has built his way back to the top of WWE. Sheamus is an instense and impressive competitor in the ring and a likeable face too.

3) Mike Awesome
Perhaps the best wrestler on the list. For those of you who have not seen Awesome’s style its like Hernandez but without the recklessness. Awesome combined Lethal Power with unimaginable agility not “Big Show” agility but genuine agility. His signature manuvere is probably the best on this list too the Awesome Bomb can certainly challenge the Brogue Kick or The Carbon Footprint.

Awesome a former ECW Champion and ECW Tag Team Champion, is perhaps most embodied his ECW run was his match with Masato Tanaka at Heatwave 98’ and the return match from One Night Stand 2005, besides countless other encounters in ECW and Japan. Awesome also had a successful run with wCw a member of the new blood many wCw mainstays like Hogan, DDP and Scott Steiner felt his strength with the “Career Killer” gimmick being one that would have eventually lead him to the top of wCw.
Awesome didn’t take well to the political mindfeild of the the WWE and was quickly released. Mike Awesome fully deserves his place as 3rd Best Big Man as being the first agile big man and for being all round Awesome.

2) Sid Vicious
The man who’s look befitted his Physco gimmicks. I can remember of Sid Vicious being the first wrestler I was genuinely scared off. Sid is everything you need for a successful big man.

The look,
The gimmick
The power
The finisher.

Sid is a decorated Six Time World Champion. Pyscho Sid wrestled Undertaker at Wrestlemania 13 in the main event, which probably stands as the pinnicle of his career as well as competing for the World Title at the very last Starrcade Event. Sid was and still his a man who knows how to use his size to make him look good but also to make his opponent look good. Sid’s clash with Chris Benoit at wCw Souled Out, Stands out as being one of his very best. Sid is a legendary big man who deserves his spot at No.1

1)Bully Ray
Simply the best reinvention in Wrestling History. From his unbelievable success as one half of the Dudley’s or Team 3D. Brother Ray turned Bully Ray at the end of 2010. Ray would attack former partner Devon after Chris Sabin of Motor City Machine Guns kicked out of the 3D in their super-heated Turning Point 10’ Clash. Since Bully Ray completely overhauld himself physically shedding a hell of a lot of weight and bulking out his muscles especially his calves.

Ray has often had a backstage reputation for being a “Bully” which is probably why he heel persona was the character of 2011 and has equalled the feet so far this. In a way what is so old-school about Bully Ray is you know what your going to get; He’ll come out, talk trash, smack up his opponent a little then spit up into the air and catch it in his mouth then hit a powerbomb, and in a world where Professional Wrestlers are constantly told they need to adapts and change the whole time its quite refreshing.

Nothing has heightened Bully’s status more than his recent feud with Austin Aries. Their classic David and Goliath feud has been most entertaining, Ray playing the “Calvezilla” character that would never expect to loose to the X-Division Champion, but Ray put Aries over perfectly. Bully is the No.1 BIG MAN!

Well some very interesting choices from eboy. I think this will definitely lead to some interesting comments from you the readers. Make sure to vote for who you agree with more, and as always, myself and the two writers look forward to all of your comments!

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  1. Callum's Avatar
    I'm voting for Playboy Stevie V because in my mind wrestlers like Sheamus aren't big men. I Think thy have to be at least 6.8ft and 300 pounds to be considered a big man. In my opinion though Kane should definitly be in the top 5.
  2. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Playboy Stevie V gets my vote without a doubt, I could do without Nash, I wouldnt put Andre but I can see why PSV did.... The other guys list is very poorly done, Bully Ray is not a Big Man and even if he was how can he be compared to The Undertaker?. This is a no contest, PSV used big men from all thru history of prowrestling, The other guy used his Favorites in TNA today.
  3. areyouready?'s Avatar
    Im definitely going with playboy for the simple fact that eboy has matt morgan on the list. Really? No kane, taker, vader, yoko, show, or bam but you have morgan?
  4. akbar's Avatar
    Yep Playboy gets this...other list has Bully Ray first? Nah mate, this is going to be whitewash with all due respect to eboy
  5. Mattdatm's Avatar
    They defined "big men" differently and we have a top 4 that aren't even comparable. Its void. Good effort though.
    Updated 05-25-2012 at 06:45 PM by Mattdatm
  6. eldoryazdee's Avatar
    PlayBOY or eBOY??

    Can you tell who the BOY is between the two? O, yes you can... just refer to their list.

    I'm voting for the more knowledgeable boy... The simple thorough list with no further explanation needed, just the list will do the damage...

  7. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Playboy, Taker has got to be on the list when they talk about best big men!
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