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Sudden Impact: Match of the Year Candidate?

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Hey Wrestling Fans. The Saviour here with another edition of Sudden Impact, bringing a fresh perspective on all things TNA...No talking about the evil empire in this blog.

Rather than bore everyone with a long and drawn out intro or lead in to the blog, let's just get down to business.


This week's Impact marked the second Open Fight Night. I love this concept. There wasn't as much off the wall, crazy call outs like their maiden episode, but that's because much of this week's episode focused on who would be facing Bobby Roode for the TNA World Championship. Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, and Bully Ray are the four possible contenders. They decided to mimic a reality tv series with their presentation of it and the opening segment went on way too long, with way too much repetitive talk from Hogan.


I may be alone with this, but I love storyline. Some of the half smile, evil looking smirks that Joseph Parks gives adds to the dark content of the angle. In fact, I really liked the little video promo they showed right before Bully Ray called out Parks and suckered him in the ring. I like the duel personality thing. It's almost has a Dude Love/Mankind/Cactus Jack type feel to it. Almost.


You might be thinking...huh? But on Gut Check this week, the outsider fighting for a TNA contract was some 80's porn star character named Joey Ryan. While he gave A Double a fairly decent match, and can obviously work on a decent level, he was just ridiculous and it was funny. I don't expect to see him again. And I don't know if anyone else noticed, but when Aries was leaving the ring, they showed the ref roll Ryan from his back onto his stomach, and when they cut to the next shot, it was a close up of him still laid out on his back. That's a little bit of the nit picky filmmaker in me creeping out.


I have a hard time believing that to be the case in a show that's taped a week ahead of time. That could easily have been edited out, and the fact that the first gut check winner was mentioned by Mike Tenay tonight, clearly is a sign that the report of him going off script is pretty much bogus. There's definitely something different behind it. I'm more in favor of the reports that he's more of a headache than an asset these days. I respect Ric Flair and everything he's accomplished in wrestling. Legendary? Yes. A draw in today's wrestling world? Hell No.


Okay, maybe I'm getting a little carried away. But AJ Styles, the chosen of the four finalists for OFN, battled Roode in a fantastic match. It may have been one of the better Non-PPV matches I've seen in a while. It had a nice pace, close calls, everything you could want in a main event. And it was a PPV quality match that went for over 20 minutes. It sucked that it ended the way it did, but I applaud both Roode and Styles for putting on an awesome show.


Next week, Impact Wrestling goes into a new and much better time slot. It also goes LIVE. Nothing is better than live. We won't know, two week's ahead of time, what happens. I'm really looking forward to it but even more so, I'm looking forward to seeing what the ratings will be. It's opening up nicely with a returning Sting in the ring against Bobby Roode in a lumberjack match to kick things off.

Speaking of Sting, I can't believe how well he still moves in the ring. What is he, is in his mid 50's? That's amazing.

All in all, it was a decent Impact this week. Not Great though. A lot of emphasis was put on the title, which is good, but an episode of Impact should never, ever, EVER go without Samoa Joe and Crimson.

In closing, a lot of those wrestlers really need to work on the mic skills. LOL

Thanks for reading this week's Sudden Impact. I know it was a lot but there was plenty to talk about. Looking forward to next week's LIVE episode.

Be Safe Everyone

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  1. alcrissam's Avatar
    I cant believe how old sting is and how good he can still be in the ring. Explains why WWE has wanted him so badly for 15+ years.
  2. VoiceOfTheSilentMajority's Avatar
    I thought it was another solid show, never felt like changing the channel which is always a good start. Only major problem I had with it is there was too much of the "Hogan deciding who would gets the shot" segments, although I did like what Hogan was saying to open the show. It was in kayfabe but he was talking about stuff outside of it and everything he said I felt encouraging.

    Joey Ryan is a good wrestler, was very good in RKK, could be a nice addition. I don't see Abyss and J. Park as the same person any more which is credit to his acting abilities, but still don't like the story line.

    Ric Flair did go off script, he was never supposed to change his opinion on Silva so that Brother Love had the final vote. As Flair changed his mind the rest of the segment didn't make much sense as he Silva already had the 2 votes he needed.

    As always Roode and AJ put on a good match, no match with adverts in it can be considered great unfortunately, they really need to get AJ out of his current storyline with Daniels/Kaz though as it's holding all 3 back.

    I do look forward to Impact right now and that won't be any different next week. Being live doesn't make much difference to me as I don't read spoilers, just hope the crew are up to running a live show (too many mistakes on PPV's for my liking.) Sting seemed revitalised this week, seems to have his legs back which is great. I have no interest in him being world champion again though. TNA PLEASE let a younger guy take the title of Roode!
  3. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Great review DK!


    Opening segment was a bit long, but the guys in it made it worth watching. Loved hearing Hogan say "Filmed on... Aired on... We can't keep running this same format anymore." Bully saying "I'm putting you over right now", Kurt questioning what the length of a title reign even means... AJ saying "How many TNA titles you have, because those are the only ones I recognize." Hardy with the quick stab at Kurt’s kid. I felt the whole segment (even with Hogan talking too much) gave a great feel and showed a different way to cut a good promo other than just "holding the mic and talking".

    Joseph Park Esq. has surpassed my expectations. When the angle began, I was interested. Now, I am fully invested and they have yet to let me down since the "catering guy" was interviewed. Parks has a GREAT ability to deliver looks that give you so many thoughts or feeling towards the guy. When he was called out of the crowd, I loved the dumb-founded look he had on his face.

    Joey Ryan should be the first Gut Check contract winner. TNA Botched that. Flair going off script is irrelevant in that Silva would have gotten the contract either way. I would much rather see Ryan again (goofy gimmick and all) in the ring with the current roster than I would with Silva.

    AJ/Roode was by far the best match I have watched in several months. Not saying I haven't seen some good ones, but this match had everything. The Length, the pace, the close calls, the counters, the submissions... It was what I tuned in to see; Wrestling! I know many people feel that the K/D angle took away from this match, but I felt that AJ did well with the constant looks over his shoulders. He was carrying the angle on, regardless of how important the match was to him. It also lead to two great spots (the hip toss onto the steps and the springboard 450 to the knees) which is a plus that the used the angle inside the match, rather than just K/D interrupting the match itself.

    Sting is back. Sting can still go. Sting and Roode will be facing each other @ Slammiversary when I am sitting ringside with my wife and soaking in what 10 years dedicated to this company has given to me. I am stoked and the announcement of Styles/Angle vs. Kaz/Daniels just makes me that much more excited for the event. BTW, I have loved all the Slammiversary "memories" they have been airing. My least favorite was this past weeks, but I was still happy to see "Immortals End" again.


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