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Raw 3 Hours vs. Impact Live!!

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Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well with you folks. I just wanna talk about some things I'd like to see from both WWE & TNA heading into these very groundbreaking changes from both companies. Alot to be happy about but also alot to be worried about as wrestling fans.

TNA Impact Going Live:
This can be huge, I feel if we weigh out the changes on both Raw & Impact, Impact might have the edge but how do they keep it? I'll give you my insight.

1. New Stars Being Pushed
We need to get some fresh bones a bit of air time. Not necessarily all new stars, but guys that are new and guys that aren't so new but lacking television time. That's what I'd love to see. Names like The Pope, Austin Aries, King Mo, Chris Sabin and one of my favorite's, Shannon Moore. Just to add in the true wrestling quality to the show.

2. Exploit Your Advantage: Match Quality
What I mean by this is TNA might not have the best quality, but they have the best wrestling. TNA has better wrestling matches than the WWE. Its no way to put it. WWE has the potential to exploit an advantage but they fail to showcase their true talent.

TNA has to let this X-Division shine their asses off and people will tune in in droves. Let Chris Sabin, Eric Young and others do what they do best and put on quality matches.

3. Transition AJ Styles as the Top Guy Again
I think this is when TNA was at their best back from 2004-08' when AJ was the guy. I think fans are much more comfortable watching AJ hold that fort down as the man. AJ should be the John Cena of TNA. I love Kurt Angle, RVD, Ken Anderson & Jeff Hardy but we need a true TNA original carrying that company.

The reason WCW didn't bode well with me is because they took a guy (Hogan) that made himself a household name in the WWE and turned him into the face of WCW. They had an opportunity to really put the company in the hands of Sting, The Giant or even Jericho but they went with Hogan and even though he was a heel, I felt like I seen it all before.

TNA has to do this right and put the company in the hands of AJ. That is his damn company without a doubt. Make it happen.

4. Don't let Hogan control the booking
Now I don't wanna just up and say fire Hogan & Bischoff because that would be a waste of time because it won't happen. Dixie needs to get control of her damn company and somehow grow a set of balls. If Hogan does his typical stable booking and old rehashed crap, TNA will be out of business in the next calendar year.

Truly let guys like Jeff Jarrett & Dixie be more hands on with the control. Its like how Vince is the man in the WWE. He lets Triple H & Stephanie make some decisions but at the end of the day Vince has to approve it. They need a chain of command like that in TNA.

5. Televise more often in countries like England, Japan and such
We want to see TNA on the road more now that their live. I know it would be hard to go live from Japan but none the less I'd like to see Impact go on the road more period for televised shows. I'd love that.

I'm sick of seeing the same faces in the Impact Zone every week because literally the same guys show up. Lol the guy usually in the 100s on the television side that looks like Mick Foley. The three young sexy ladies that sit in the front row right by the ring steps that cheer all the babyfaces. I think its a black chick and two white chicks. Basically I know these Orlando Impact fans faces. They need to go on the road.

Also when they went to England and Japan, the numbers were huge as far as the turnout. I believe when they went to Japan back in 07' they had around 30,000 in that building and we all seen how well they did in England. They need to exploit this more often.

6. Keep the Knockouts Television Time
PLEASE PLEASE don't drop their time in half because they are the most successful and top entity TNA has going for them. They draw huge. I love everyone of the Knockouts dearly except for Gail Kim. I love these women so much and they all are amazing wrestlers mixed with the perfect combo of beauty. I love these ladies.

Raw 3 Hours:
Groundbreaking, yes. Risky, hell yes. So many opportunities for WWE to do something big but how well will they do. Let me tell a quick story to you guys.

I watch WWE all the time by myself and it doesn't seem as corny. My bestfriend, which is female. We do almost everything together, I see her practically every day, and we always end the night in my basement till about 3am.

Well we were cuddling watching television on a Friday night just coming home from dinner. I grabbed the remote and said I gotta check my DVR and skim through Smackdown. She doesn't like wrestling, never been a fan but loves the Rock.

We sped through it together and I was embarrassed to say I was a fan. We laughed and shook out head at everything and it bugged me. I mean the Santino & Ricardo segment forced me to just cut the damn DVR off.

With that being said, imagine what Raw would do in 3 hours with the corniness? I'll give my intake on how to fix this before its broken.

1. The New Breed
Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett (IR), Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston (Heel). WWE has some bright guys to showcase, lets do this and try to transition these guys as the television hoggers of the Raw. They now have the time to do this.

2. Longer Divas Matches
Pretty much the obvious route. Lets give them an opportunity to be taken serious. I can't blame the divas for their downfall, its the WWE who dropped the ball. Chicks live Trish, Lita, Victoria, McCool, Melina and Mickie James were huge names because they were putting on stellar matches with decent time slots.

We can't fall in love with a diva when she only wrestlers for 2 minutes and your not even guaranteed to see your favorite diva every week. Give them about 8 minutes to wrestler every week, that would work.

3. Tell me a Story Damnit
Use this time to really brush up on some angles. Really give me that super huge story that leaves us on the edge of our heats. Maybe even the Cena heel turn? don't know but something huge that makes us wanna watch the entire 3 hours.

Even though the Nexus angle was completely ruined, but when they debuted, I mean that was just sick and amazing. It rocked the wrestling world. I couldn't wait till next Monday. They had a cool run but it was so damn different.

Tyson Kid, Justin Gabriel, Evan Bourne, Sin Cara, Hunico, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, JTG, Primo, Trent Baretta, I can go on for days. With the extra try to incorporate them in the show, give me one huge CW match a week.

Who has the edge?
Impact going live. I think they have a big opportunity to make an impression without worrying about leaks and the ratings will certainly increase because I'm pretty sure there are thousands of people who read the spoilers and decide not to watch. Now its either watch it or DVR it so it will be huge.

I love the WWE but I just don't see them taking advantage of this. I for one don't think its a good idea. I can barely make it through two hours. It was a time when it would take forever to get to Monday because Raw was so good. Its like everyday you wake up and your like, "Damn I wish it was Monday". Now these weeks go by so fast because the product just isn't as good. It was a time when Raw was so good, you would think about the episode every single day until the next. They have to get back to that.

Hope you all enjoyed and I thank you all for reading. Appreciate you guys and please leave feedback. Thanks and be safe. Until then.

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  1. Lowki's Avatar
    Just thought i'd mention that Sabin has left TNA. I don't think a lot will change. TNA will just be TNA but live. Raw will be raw, plus another hour.
  2. Proudfather222's Avatar
    Wow I learned nothing from this blog, except that you cuddle with girls, I guess that is a shocker. Well next time I see knox wrote a blog I will not waste my time. Stating the obvious mixed with minimal opinion really doesn't describe the blogs that are worth reading. Also as a side note if anybody is embarrassed to say they watch Wrestling isn't a true fan
    Updated 05-28-2012 at 06:27 AM by Proudfather222
  3. bartish2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Proudfather222
    Wow I learned nothing from this blog, except that you cuddle with girls, I guess that is a shocker. Well next time I see knox wrote a blog I will not waste my time. Stating the obvious mixed with minimal opinion really doesn't describe the blogs that are worth reading. Also as a side note if anybody is embarrassed to say they watch Wrestling isn't a true fan
    if you got kids crying on youtube videos because cena lost, santino, a dancing dinosaur that dances with kids then you have to be embarrassed for what the wwe has become. Some times I feel like I am watching a glorified kids show, and it is sad because they totally ruined what the business was about.

    on another note, jae. Great blog, raw could capitalize on tag team division, divas, IC & us belt via cruiserweights but at the end of the day when you look at the current product... they can't even deliver a 2 hour show properly. Filled with useless matches, brodus clay, santino(who they dropped the ball on considering they could of got a great pop if he had won at wm, but now hes barely used besides comic relief) and garbage storylines that make me question why I even come back to watch next week. They could get the better edge but hey, wwe always screws things up & if they can't even deliver for 2 hours why the hell could they deliver for 3 hours?
    TNA will profit greatly from going live (at least its live for the summer) but still, they will get a lot more viewers because their will be no spoilers & such... so people will be forced to watch live or on dvr later as you said. Although they could let go a few loose ends in the company who are holding them.
    I think you are right that tna will be the better company in terms of success of this summer plans. If wwe stars are thinking they would be burnt out after three hours then clearly they won't be putting the unused talent on air.
    Updated 05-28-2012 at 08:29 AM by bartish2
  4. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    TNA is crap. Now it will be live crap. I don't see what the difference would be.
  5. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    WWE is going three hours because it has the chance to cut to more ad breaks, while TNA realises that they are floundering (Dixie Carter actually felt the need to defend the product when I sent out a tweet slandering their last PPV - if she was happy with the product she wouldn't try to defend it against one person who was working through the PPV) and need to do something to make the viewers look at them.

    In my opinion Raw going three hours will be either a massive success which brings better and more storylines (SmackDown was once there for that reason, but it seems like the C show now - I've put SmackDown behind NXT at this point), or a failure which will see an extra hour of pointless and non-progressive matches every week. If it's the latter then WWE will go back to two hours and have to admit it was a bad idea. If it becomes a success TNA has zero chance of ever being taken seriously (the last time TNA had a respected championship was back when they had the NWA Championship).

    TNA going live is simple. They know they've lost a tonne of viewers since signing Hogan and Bischoff and turning the product into just another promotion. TNA had an edge when AJ, Daniels, and Samoa Joe were at the top. They had the six-sided ring, a ridiculously huge roster of talent (for a company with little money), and they knew how to build a half-decent storyline (MEM before it lost its way). Going live in the state it is in now is the biggest act of idiocy since going live against Raw.

    The problem with TNA's ratings isn't to do with spoilers either - it's all to do with the fact that they never produce a match which you can honestly think of as a match of the year. At least with WWE you expect to get these matches on PPV, but TNA hasn't quite grasped the idea that PPV is where you put your best. The last TNA PPV I watched was Lockdown and it was main-evented by one of the worst matches I've ever seen. Bobby Roode might look like a champion, but the TNA World title is not a prestigious championship due to it being passed around to every guy who signs a contract in the past, and he faces the fact that he acts and looks like a 2000 Triple H. TNA going live could well be the end of them, or at least should spell the end of the Hogan/Bischoff regime that put them into this mess to begin with.
  6. Cynicism's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lowki
    Just thought i'd mention that Sabin has left TNA. I don't think a lot will change. TNA will just be TNA but live. Raw will be raw, plus another hour.
    Thought it was Shelley that left, not heard anything about Chris, he gone too?
  7. knox's Avatar
    @Proudfather222, this isn't a history lesson, I'm not here to educate, I'm not a wrestling teacher or anything. 90% of you guys probably know more about wrestling than me any day of the week. I simply blog on topics and add an opinion. The product is in your face every Monday, Thursday & Friday night, learn something yourself.

    As for being a true fan I still am. I'm embarrassed at what Smackdown has become but I still tune in so that makes me a true fan. Hell, I'm the biggest Vikings fan I know, they completely suck but I still order their package so I can watch all their games. Does that not make a true fan just because I am critical of my team or the WWE? If anything, I care enough to share my opinions and offer advice.

    And I'm not forcing you to read my blogs, its your decision. Maybe I'll put "Knox" before the title of all my blogs from now on so you'll save your time by not clicking and reading. Good day sir.

    #Lowki & Cynicism, yea I thought it was Shelley as well, I heard he's in contact with the WWE. I hope Chris Sabin joins him.

    @Bartish, thanks for the kind words and yes I agree with what your saying. I wish I would've remembered to mention the Tag Team division. They definitely need help. I think its finally time to do something serious with the Uso's.

    @ComingtoCinemas, I agree with that, definitely. As far as match quality in TNA, they have the better match quality but its a damn shame that every mainevent match has to end in some sort of interference, its so played out and it cheats the fans out of their experience and money when its overdone week after week.

    Also TNA lacks true star power that would make you say match of the year. I feel like a triple threat between AJ Styles, Kurt Angle and Christopher Daniels on the right stage could be a match of the year if given the time slot. Those are 3 of the best wrestlers I've ever seen. Good comment though, appreciate you bro.

    @ToiletBowl, well I think it gives them a chance to make big moves as far as shock factor. They can have big returns and such and just do more surprises by going live. I think it'll benefit if done right.
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