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STATE OF THE 'E: Can The 'E Be Fixed?

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Welcome, welcome one and all to the often imitated but NEVER DUPLICATED blog version of STATE OF THE 'E!! I as always am your traveling circus salesmen, Rated_R(ob)ko! In this edition of my blog I'm going to weigh on something personal, THE STATE OF THE 'E...

Yes. I have been following this company for the better part of 23 years. From infancy all the way to this week. And in early 2011 I chose to just sit back and watch. Not nitpick about the bad, just look at the good. Well of course I've had no option but to see the bad as well. In this blog I will talk about how I personally feel THE 'E can fix themselves.

Agree or not, this is how I feel. Please keep in mind that this is technically a "numerical order" type of blog, even though they're numbered. Its just that way to make points.

1.) Let New Stars Keep Their Names -- It sounds like a horrible business move but when wrestlers/entertainers/performers get to keep their ORIGINAL chosen name, it brings more credibility with them. Especially in the case of someone like Chris Hero coming on board. I understand VKM's dilemma with stars leaving and not wanting to invest in talent that he didn't "create" but the fact of the matter is this, they're already stars in other promotions. Let them keep their name with a portion of copyright for you.

You don't have to OWN anything, just own a bit. You'd be surprised how far that alone will help when it comes to people getting over. Say Michael Cole's announcing and this happens:

"Who is this? WOW! That's Kassius Ohno! He came from the same little league that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan did! What's this no talent hack doing here?"

It has a LOT more impact if it's Chris Hero in place of that. THE 'E aknowledging that there are more places outside of their company is a great starting point. Maybe a bit of promotion will go farther within trying to gain International stars? Just a thought.

2.) Make It Mean Something -- Feuds are a dying yet focused art right now. They're focusing on everything being a "personal conflict". Where's the depth in that? Yes, at the end of the day it all boils down to conflict and that's what sells PPV's. But, there's a point where we've seen story A become story B with a twist, which eventually becomes story D with a twist that was added from A.

Fans have become complacent with that mode of storytelling. I'm not saying we need "shock and awe" like the "Attitude Era" had. I'm saying we need more action with our weekly dose of talking.

3.) More Wrestling -- Speaking of talking, that brings me to a point someone else made recently. THE 'E are using a LOT of money doing a bunch of other things. Failing movies, failing webshows, failing ratings, failing at attempting to launch a network. The reason?

They've shyed away from what made them... them. In the business of Professional Wrestling, they're the top dogs. Biggest and best produced, amazing atmosphere and all that but the fact is, take RAW from 1993 to today. HD is great and fantastic but, you don't need a shitton of flashy lights and pyro to get people invested.

Strip it and make it grow again. I'm not saying down grade arenas. I'm saying make the set like it was back in the day. Just some metal, a Titantron and banners. You don't need all of these screens that are LED blah, blah, blah. You need wrestling.

How do you do that when you have a failing Divas, which should be renamed to Women's division again, failing Tag-Team scene and a failing midcard scene? Simple. More time. Give Raw one more hour. Let them start at 8pm and do what WCW did, build your people. Make that first hour about Divas, Midcards and Tag-Teams. Up and comers, all of the like. That is a HUGE area where they're struggling and we all know it.

4.) Lower The Cost Of A PPV -- Simple. If you're not going to announce the FULL card until the week before the PPV and then you're going to add matches on the fly DURING the PPV, I don't want to spend $50.00 on something that I don't even know what I'm paying for. I do it out of habit but the average fickle, and more general TV watching person won't do it. Make the regular monthlys like, $25.00 for SD and $30.00 for HD.

Bite the bullet for a few months to test the market out. Cut back on extravagant set pieces. It's a monthly PPV for sakes. NOT WrestleMania. THAT is where the big sets and more money comes into play. Make your "Big Four" worth the money. Summerslam and Survivor Series have been dead in the water for about four years now. WTF?

5.) End The Extension -- Really. There's no need for it and its been proven with the SuperShow concept. They just need to fine tune it and it'll be a charm. Extend RAW to three hours, keep Smackdown two and focus on the guys coming from FCW more there. Yes, have your midcarders and a couple main event guys there but, follow a cycling formula. It can be done.

It helps boost ratings and it helps to boost the Championship scenes. It makes them worth it. Your roster on the main level is over 90 deep. Your FCW roster is about 40 deep. That's give or take 130 athletes under your command. Do an annual cleaning, but realistically look at performance and opportunities given. Look at the business of wrestling and not entertainment.

6.) Change That Damn Championship -- The non-spinning spinner HAS GOT TO GO!! I know its marketable but man, it alone has cost THE 'E so much... credibility. As a wrestling and entertainment company they've already lost media attention by being that. Add the gawdy "bling, bling" accessory and you have hell coming to frogtown. Seriously.

That thing is an eyesore and needs to be vanquished to the lowest pits of Hell where Dante even feared to tread. TNA's Championship looks better and they have beads and a plexiglass plate missing... WHAT'S UP WIT' DAT?

7.) Lower Ticket Cost -- I've said this one before, man... it's hard to get great seats at a RAW or Smackdown. The last show I went to made me want to cry and all I had was my wife and son with me. I do NOT want to see how much I'm going to spend to go to WrestleMania XXIX... sheesh. I'll need a third income in my house just to raise money for it.

Yes, I know there's $20.00 tickets but come on... that's just bad form. You want the experience, you go for the best you can afford and try to go above it haha. Were all guilty of it and we all know it.

There's a lot more too... gimmicks, managers, heels, faces, letting the guys be themselves but, I feel I'd be here for WAY past my time so, until next time please leave all questions, comments, sexy phone calls, death threats, cyanide recipes, love letters or anything else below. Thanks for reading!

See Ya' Soon Space Cowboy...

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  1. bartish2's Avatar
    it could be fixed if they actually did something about it, but they continue down this path that is literally killing their company and the ratings prove that... down 55% from 12 years ago. Also I wish they would do all these things, the wwe really needs a makeover right now. Also they should keep their names, Kassius Ohno would not mean anything to me and it just sounds stupid. Unless they do these things and more I don't really see a company in another 12 years, and if it is still there it will be rated g and for kids with only arguing. Company is moving from being about wrestling to about what sells, arguments and how to direct a violent sport towards kids. I really don't see a bright future for the wwe.
  2. Stone Cold Rock Bottom's Avatar
    Best Blogger on this site. Outstanding read again Rob. Agreed with pritty much everything. Just a quick thought to add to you comments regarding the Tag Team division. New Tag teams need to be put over just like individual talent. If the "E" wants to fix that division all it needs to do get in a proven team...............and have someone beat them clean in a quality fued. Then build it from there. Spend some coin Vince and go get 3 D back for 12 months or offer Roode and Storm a deal they can't refuse. Heck if all else fails reunite the Brothers of Destruction for a final run to put some teams over. That division needs credibility before it needs new blood. I like the Uso's but.........who have they beaten. I think Primo and Epico could be a solid heel pairing if they has some................credibility. The only way you get that is to beat another "name" pairing in a high quality feud. I used to really enjoy the tag division during the attitude era. From what I remember it was where the real inovating was done. FIX IT VINCE!
  3. blink's Avatar
    Cowboy bebop sucked. Agree with your major points though
  4. alcrissam's Avatar
    The sad part about this blog is how great these points are and that they will never happen because Vince would rather shove super cena in our throats. By the way great blog, and if i had to add anything it would be creative names. I feel like im seeing too many <first name> <last name> type of guys in the WWE. Just a personal preference but i feel its what made wrestlers' credibility better.
  5. Triple_HHH301981's Avatar
    This is my first comment, so here goes.... I think you're right, RKO. The Tag Team Division can and needs to be fixed. But it wont happen overnight. It needs a major overhaul, as does the Diva's division. I agree that the word Divas should be changed back to women. Divas are self absorbed stuck up girls. Women are clssier. I like the Knockout term for TNA, though.
  6. captsalmon's Avatar
    Awesome blog ROB. I agree on all points. They should also change up their PPV's a little, at least add Halloween Havok.

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