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Top 10 Ladder matches in WWE history!!

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I'm going to exclude TLC matches which include Cena vs Edge and Summerslam 2000. Don't expect to see those matches on here. Just pure ladder matches!! This is my opinion of the top 10 greatest Ladder matches in history. If you get no wow factor from the crowd or are probably going to be very low on this list. So here we go:

1.Wrestlemania 2000 Triangle Ladder match-Hardyz, Dudleyz, and E+C rivalry during that time is still talked about among us til this very day. It was just wow after wow after wow during this match. Got WWE to make a new match concept called a Tables, Ladders, and chairs match. Need I say more?

2.Wrestlemania 10 HBK vs Razor-Some people believe this was the first Ladder match in WWE which isn't true. HBK vs Bret Hart was the first Ladder match in WWE history. Why do people think it was? It was the one that put the Ladder match on the map. The two put on a show with the Ladder.

3.No Mercy 99 Hardyz vs E+C-First ever tag team Ladder match and it wasn't for the tag team titles. It was for Terri to manage one of those teams. I'm telling you, bell to bell.....these teams put on a show. It ignited them to put on one more show after another with Ladder matches. Wonder why tag division stinks? They are never put on the line in Ladder matches, cage matches, and so forth. Why did the tag titles mean something? They grabbed the oppurtunity by the throat and stole the show night after night.

4.No Mercy 08 Jericho vs HBK-Why is HBK and Jericho great performers you ask? It is because a lot of their matches tell stories. The match told a story throughout the match targeting HBKs eye. One of the best ending to a Ladder match ever in WWE history happened in the match. Both pulling on each strap, but Jericho held on for the W!!

5.WM 21 MITB-Again, another bell to bell performance where you didn't know what amazing thing was coming next. Whether it was Kane and Shelton jump off the top ropes, Sheltons T-Bone suplex to edge, or Sheltons run on the ladder it was one helluva ladder match. Shelton really put on the show in this match with a little story being told in it as well with Benoit's arm throughout the match. It should be in the top 5 of any Ladder match list if you ask me.

6.Summerslam 2001 RVD vs Jeff Hardy-Fan favorites going at it during this time. WWE vs WCW/ECW sorta thing so I rooted for WWEs Jeff Hardy. In any case, RVD won, but those two put on a show doing backflips, front flips, leg drops on Ladders had the fans going even after the bell.

7.Royal Rumble 2001 Benoit vs Jericho-Walls of Jericho at the top of Ladder was just awesome. Benoit acknowledged it was Jericho's idea which is pretty cool. The match was great and it shows how great it was back than compared to now with the IC title. I hate the fact that Christian is back where he was 10 years ago competing in that midcard status. Give it to Debiase, Riley, or someone like that. Like a headscratcher where they rewrite the shows weekly because they have no build like they used to.

8.Fatal 4 way tag team Ladder match Armageddon 06-A match that stole the show wasn't even scheduled to happen. They changed it up from a normal tag team match to a Ladder match adding two other tag teams. MNM and the Hardyz. London and Kendrick was suppose to defend their tag titles vs Dave Taylor and Regal. A lot of story telling from this match from Regal's part trying to keep the ladders out of the ring and being afraid to climb them. Incident happened during the match with Mercury having to leave after the ladder hit him in the face. Made the fans go crazy during the match. Probably the best tag team Ladder match since the days of Hardyz vs Dudleyz vs E+C.

9.Extreme Rules:World's Greatest tag team vs Hardyz 07-Two teams putting on one helluva show for us fans. Highflying moves at its finest. Suplexes off the ladders, jump from shelton onto Matt Hardy on another Ladder, and so forth. Fans were on their feet and happy with the victors in the Hardyz!!

10.RVD vs Christian Raw 2003-These two put on a great show for the fans on Raw. RVD with the 5 star frog splash from the top of the Ladder and not falling. He actually connected with it along with other great manuevers. Spinning heel kick, rolling thunder, and you name it.

There's my top 10. Hope most of you are happy with this list. Some may not such as Morrision lovers or Taker vs Hardy match from Raw. They only really had like 2 or 3 wow moves during those matches which is why they were left off the list. The ones on this list has like 5 at least. Here is the list of all the Ladder matches in WWE history. You got a better list?
Hope you enjoyed the read because again this is just my opinion.

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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    I liked the list, great picks
  2. kylos's Avatar
    Great list. Would like to add the Ladder match, Christian vs Del Rio for the World title.
  3. elduce01's Avatar
    The Rock vs Triple H at Summerslam 1998 should have been mentioned.
  4. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    A good list but I would have added the Rey Mysterio/Eddie Guerrero match from SummerSlam 2005, just for the emotional stakes in the fued.
  5. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    Didnt like your list as I felt many other matches should have been mentioned that is until I saw at the bottom that you only included matches with 5 or more " wow " moves , makes sense now .
  6. Dubs's Avatar
    Great list. I would have liked to see Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho at No Mercy 08 added to the list seeing as it was a great ladder match.
  7. WarMachine22's Avatar
    At first I was like, this guy is outta his damn mind, there are so many great matches, then I realized you were only focusing on Ladder Matches and not TLC matches. In terms of Ladder matches only, then I have to agree with your top 5 hands down. If you throw TLC matches in the mix, Wrestlemania 17>Wrestlemania 2000
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