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Dear Bloggers...

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I want to thank everyone for leaving their opinions on the blog that I recently wrote. I want to thank [B]EwrestlingNews[/B] ( [B]Rob[/B]) for giving the okay to let the blog be published. As I know many of you go on this website and write blogs, I do not want to jepordize myself from being released as I call it from this website. I was thinking for hours of what to say, and thankfully I pitch an idea. Please comment if you like this idea and if you don't leave a comment to but telling me that you like this idea. Thank you and take comfort of listening to an idea that might favor me and my fellow Ewrestling blogger[B] Miraistreak.[/B]
I am a big fan of wars. Not wars of hate or discrimination, just a simple blog war. Wait, before you exit to another blog. I know there is already a type of "blog war" on this website, which I really enjoy. The thing is, it does not have any sizzle, or taste. Do not get me wrong, this is an excellent concept. When I tune into a war, I expect all out bitter blogger to blogger OMG prospective. Let's say that each blog war last for at for a whole day. This could be filled with Wrestling quizzes, Match prospective review, and all out war!!!
We could name these blog wars different types of names. I like the idea of bloggers that reminisce about old pay-per-views. I remember one blogger that said Clash Of The Champions, an old WCW pay-per-view. Perfect idea and I thought to myself, hey that could work. Many bloggers on this website have no clue of what to write about. Those bloggers can enter a little tournament that contested them as number one contenders of the blog war champion. I recently saw the blog wars blog between [B]Suclly[/B] and
[B]The Piper[/B]. I never knew who won because when I went on the blog was not their. If someone wins they should have next tho their profile a mini championship belt ( let's say the world heavyweight) and it says near it Blog Wars Champion!!! Amazing, so people can keep up with their Blog wars champion.
With the pay-per-views, we should start the bloggers naming the blog wars. For example, Vengeance would be an interesting concept. Bloggers from before can witness there Opponent one more time. What if we have four people clinching for the blogger gold. This would keep people more into detail and would get people more up to date.
Videos would be amazing for this website. Interviews from recent Bloggers would do wonders and more people would tune into videos. I know theirs videos but let's boost them up.Tag team rivalries on this website would be amazing. This all leading up to Blogmania: An event for Bloggers that are at the top of rankings. Like Wwe, we should have the power 25. I know there's lots of bloggers so we can make it to a Power 100!!!
I hope everyone feels that this idea is good. Maybe in a week or two this could be a breakthrough for Ewrestling. If this idea is good enough, please put it up. This website is already better than Wwe.Com, let's boost it up a little more. Thanks and have a good day!!!!

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  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Love the concept. Hell I'm actually surprised that I'm the first to comment on this. I agree fully with you when you said that the Blog Wars themes are slightly boring and the ideas are stale. We (as in the bloggers) all enjoy a decent read. Yet in the same run, week in and week out, I'm left asking myself "who won?!?" I won't go on a rant, nor am I saying that this site needs any changes, but if the pro wrestling world tends to move with the times, and changes on a consistent basis, than maybe the EWN should as well. Hell if the E is all about people power, than maybe this site should too.

    I'd like to say that your idea is awesome. It would definitely give new meaning to "The Blog Wars", and maybe a new retrospect on things in general. Hell, you may get heat for all of this... But you truly aren't criticizing in any way whatsoever. You're simply stating ways to better the site, and make things slightly a little more exciting.

    Side Note; Your last blog concept (Dear Chris Benoit), was an awesome idea. Keep up with the great ideas, as you slowly are building a fan base here.

    I'll be looking forward to hearing more from you bud
  2. miraistreak's Avatar
    I obviously feel the need to comment... because after all "Friendship is Magic" and you mentioned my name. (In bold no less)

    Seriously though, I've got no ill will towards you, and I agree with PhEonYx here that the "Dear Wrestler XYZ," is an interesting concept. It's unfortunate that Chris Benoit happened to be the first wrestler as that topic obviously set me off, but there aren't many in wrestling that would set me off like that. I'm not sure personally if I would participate in such a competition/war etc. simply because I post blogs rather inconsistently and I'm not sure if I could be counted on to post one in a certain time frame. I'd like to think I would, but I know myself, I tend to be rather lazy unless there's a topic or reaction I'd want to go with.

    However saying that though, I love the idea of a Power Ranking System. I am an egotistical bastard and I would love to keep myself up in rankings. So I guess I would be interested in competing. I'm not a Top 10 blogger by any means, but normally I write fairly well recieved blogs... they're boring, but staying logical is rather boring, at least that's normally how I write... See my Dear Murderer for the exact opposite approach, which still makes me laugh... heh, 50 responses...

    Seriously though, keep up your Dear Wrestler XYZ, series, it is an interesting concept that's better than the "Oh hey, the Attitude Era was awesome, but golly gee wilkers I can't move on because I'm an old man." posts that I see every few days.

    As for what kind of "superstar blogger", I'd be... well I'd obviously be a heel thanks to my last blog.

    Rot in Hell.... ok not really... take care,
  3. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Concept is awesome. I like the idea of posting a "Mini-Belt" or trophy next to your name as a reward for a job well done. A trophy adds the motivation to improve your blogs. I compare it to what Xbox does with achievements. I found that once I finished Arkum Asylum, I didn't stop until I got 100% due to the achievements that were offered.

    As for the blog wars PPVs you are presenting, I feel that it is a mixed concept. Number 1, the idea of having a monthly "Blog-off" between the best of the bloggers on this site would be quite interesting. The reads would be epic, but I find that some of my favorite bloggers are the ones who write on topics of their own creation... Not an assignment. However, a generalized direction could keep the idea fresh.

    The problem would lie in the actual moderation and application of this. I know that Ryan Clark and the others who run this site spend many, MANY, hours dedicated to its upkeep. Adding a concept like this would require a full week of dedication to decide upon whom to be in the said tourney, who would build the ranking system, who would design the achievements, who would be assigned to code the achievements, who would be the judges of the blogs, who would moderate their approvals... The process is much more in depth than the theory presented. Yes it would be great, but it would take a LOT of dedication on the sites moderators to pull off.

    Good theory though, and if they decided to implement it, I'd be all for it.

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