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A Very Different John Cena

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I always wondered what John Cena does outside of wrestling. There is not much that i know about his life outside of wrestling. That was until my brother introduced me to 4 songs.

I'm a fan of hip-hop. That music is every kind of feeling i enjoy about music smashed into one genre. And imagine my brother telling me "John Cena is really good at rapping." My response would be the widely agreed "Don't you remember the shit he put out in 2005, just so WWE could enforce the thug gimmick?" It is sarcasm because the album was decent. But anyways, it turns out John got into the studio a couple of times after that and made 4, unreleased, leaked songs that were actually really, really good.

My view of John changed a little bit. I saw what he really is like. This aggressive rapper who raps with his cousin. I don't think it is a gimmick because it sounds too different than something that WWE would force him to put out.

There are 4 songs:

Vocal Recess

My favorite out of the 4 songs. The beat is lively and John raps well to it. The beat reminds me of old school hip-hop where you would take a classical beat, add a drum beat, and put vocals over it, similar to Gang Starr. John has an aggressive voice, which makes his rapping good. And unlike You Can't See Me, Trademarc is actually good, which makes the song good as well.

Beats, Rhymes, and Life

It isn't the greatest song, but it shows how Cena can adjust to a beat that would be used in today's industry. A deep dark beat with Cena's agressive voice. The song primarily talks about how people doubt he has hip-hop in his blood and dismisses them.


Now, you put the song on and you hear Trademarc killing it. You are going to guess that he is going to out shadow Cena. But then John comes in and blasts us with this intense aggressive flow. My second favorite of the three. The beat is pretty good as well.

MC Roast

Lyrically, this is probably Cena's best song. He flows really good. His lyrics are very good and have a pretty wild message. If you notice the title, Cena is going to start trouble with other rappers. One of the lines in his songs says: "
I process rhymes at a mind-bending velocity// Fuck your TEC-9, I got nine times your technology!"
Tech-N9ne is a famous rapper, who Cena calls out in this song. Rappers today call eachother out on songs and start fights. Cena trys to get in on this (although I'm pretty sure Tech-N9ne doesn't care or even heard of this song)

Cena has some hip-hop blood inside of him. The WWE would rather have him as a child magnet "captain america" marine guy, which is fine in my eyes because we live in a society where business decisions are the best decisions He obviously makes them a lot of money. Maybe in the future, we might see this John come out again. He was supposed to have another album come out, but nothing came of it.

Have any of your views changed after hearing these songs? Leave a comment, I'd like to hear personal opinions.

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  1. kylos's Avatar
    And there was me, hoping that my John Cena blog would be the end of Cena blogs. Lol

    Its a shame that these songs ain't of relevance anymore, as they decided to take him away from Thug Life.
  2. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    Just proves WWE could of still made money with Cena using Cenas old " thug " gimmick anyway thanks for posting the songs .
  3. Gazman Savage's Avatar
    Sadly the WWE turned him into vanilla Ice rather then pushing Thug Life, so its of no surprise he has lost the support of adult fans.
    He has talent other wise he would not be were he is but while the WWE is poor at pushing the right talent in the right direction, be prepared for more of Cena's bad comedy.

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