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T-Hughes35 Presents: My Vision Of The 2012 WWE Draft

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Greetings fellow bloggers and viewers,
Before I begin this entry, I would like to say one thing: “Searle, apology accepted. If we can’t take constructive criticism with what we write, then we shouldn’t be doing this. We all take pride in what we write, some like it and some don’t. You voiced your opinion. It’s what we do in the IWC.”
Many wrestling fans, including yours truly, thought this past Monday was the most pointless 3 Hour RAW of all-time. I felt that this past show was so bad, that I actually thought that Dixie Carter and Bruce Prichard created and booked that garbage. For many reasons that I’m not going to get into right now, this was the worst RAW that I’ve seen in the past several months.
Jeff Schlegel (The Schlegdaddy from OTRS), stated that since this RAW was three hours, why didn’t they (meaning WWE) just have the annual Draft ? I agree with that. The Draft needs to happen sometime within the next couple of months. They’ll most likely wait until the summer to do it now. The question though is, how are they going to do it?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you T-Hughes35’s ideal layout of the 2012 WWE Draft.
My plan would be to make this a three hour WWE television special on a Monday night on the USA Network. Every matchup would be a “Battle of the Brands” with a draft pick on the line. I would plan on making this one of the best if not the best WWE Draft in history. That would all depend on how the fans saw it.
“and now, WWE, RAW, and SmackDown Present, the 2012 edition, of the Draft!”
Pyro goes off, and here we go!
Theme Song: “Victim Of Changes” – Gamma Ray
Ring Announcers:
- (Representing RAW): Justin Roberts
- (Representing SmackDown): Tony Chimel
Ringside Commentators:
- Team A (Representing RAW): Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler
- Team B (Representing SmackDown): Josh Matthews and Scott Stanford
Backstage Interviewer:
- Theodore R. Long
Match Card:
01: Representing RAW: WWE Champion CM Punk
Representing SmackDown: Cody Rhodes

Winner: WWE Champion CM Punk. RAW gets the First Draft Pick.
Pick Is: AJ
(CM Punk is happy and so is the crowd. However, D-Bryan then comes out and says that AJ is not going to RAW, and is going to stay on SmackDown. “Because she loves me.” She would then walk slowly up to Daniel Bryan, and then give him a kick in ‘a place where it hurts.’ CM Punk gives his approval and would shout “Welcome to RAW AJ!”)

02: Representing RAW: Kofi Kingston
Representing SmackDown: Heath Slater

Winner: Kofi Kingston. RAW gets the Second Draft Pick.
Pick Is: Christian

Representing RAW:
Primo and Epico (w/Rosa Mendes)
Representing SmackDown: Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso

(Before the bell rings, John Lauriniatis would come out and say that the night is a night full of “shaking things up.” As an effort to do that, he announces that the next draft pick would be fighting Sheamus on that Friday’s episode of SmackDown for the World Heavyweight Championship!)
Winners and NEW Tag-Team Champions: Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso. SmackDown gets the Third Draft Pick.
Pick Is: Zack Ryder

04: Announcer Draft Pick Special: (In this match, the announcers are the only WWE employees that are eligible)
Representing RAW: R-Truth
Representing SmackDown: Jinder Mahal

Result: Double Disqualification. (As a result, both shows get a Draft Pick.)
SmackDown’s Pick: Jerry “The King” Lawler
RAW’s Pick: Josh Matthews

05: Representing RAW: Kelly Kelly
Representing SmackDown: Tamina Snuka

Winner: Tamina Snuka. SmackDown gets the Sixth Pick.
Pick Is: Eve

06: NXT Call-Up Match: (The result of this match will result in one NXT star being called up to one of the two major WWE shows.)
Representing RAW: Michael McGillicutty
Representing SmackDown: Darren Young

Winner: Michael McGillicutty. RAW gets the Seventh Pick.
Pick Is: Derrick Bateman

07: Representing RAW: The Miz
Representing SmackDown: Ryback

Winner: Ryback. SmackDown gets the Eighth Draft Pick.
Pick Is: United States Champion Santino Marella

Representing RAW:
Brie Bella
Representing SmackDown: Natalya

Winner and STILL WWE Diva’s Champion: Brie Bella. RAW gets Ninth Pick.
Pick Is: Kaitlyn

In a new segment that brings back some of the concepts of the first few years of the WWE Draft, John Lauriniatis, David Otunga, and Eve are all called to the ring. On the titantron, would appear the Helmsleys. They announce that they decided, FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY, to bring back the boss to make as many picks as he wants, at random. Mr. McMahon would then sits down at his desk and uses to make his selections. He decides to make four picks all together. Two for RAW, and two for SmackDown. For RAW, he decides to pick Ezekiel Jackson, and Justin Gabriel. For SmackDown, he decides to pick Alex Riley. He then pauses for asecond as he looks at his monitor. He then whispers into Triple H’s ear. With a smile on his face, Triple H would say: “Do It!” Mr. McMahon would then announce that for his final SmackDown pick, he chooses: DAVID OTUNGA! (Much to Mr. Lauriniatis’ disapproval.) Plus, by the orders of Vince, Stephanie, and Triple H, both David Otunga and Eve would have to stay on SmackDown as a result, “Or I’ll fire you so fast, that you won’t even know it.”

Representing RAW:
Chris Jericho
Representing SmackDown: Booker T

Winner: Chris Jericho. RAW gets the fourteenth pick.
Pick Is: WWE Intercontinental Champion The Big Show
(This is much to Jericho’s delight as it reminisces on when Ric Flair was drafted to SmackDown back in 2007. Jericho would act just like Batista did almost.)

Main Event Time as both of the brands cheer their teams on as they make their way out of their respectable locker rooms.

10: Tri-Branded Battle Royal: (The Winning Team would receive the Grand Prize of the night: Two Draft Picks)
Representing RAW: John Cena, Brock Lesner, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger (W/Vickie Guerrero), Brodus Clay (W/Naomi and Cameron), Lord Tensai (W/Sakamoto), Kane, and WWE Champion CM Punk
Representing SmackDown: Randy Orton, World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, Alberto Del Rio (W/Ricardo Rodriguez), United States Champion Santino Marella, Mark Henry, WWE Tag-Team Champions Jimmy and Jey Uso, Ted DiBiase, and Wade Barrett (or William Regal depending on Barrett’s injury).
Winning Team: SMACKDOWN! Friday Night SmackDown gets the evening’s GRAND PRIZE!
Draft Pick Fifteen: Michael Cole! (He is as shocked as ever)
Draft Pick Sixteen and the Final Pick Of The Evening Is:
JOHN CENA!!! (This Time, It’s For Real)

John Cena would then put on a SmackDown t-shirt, and he celebrates as the 2012 WWE Draft goes off the air.

Well, fans, that is how I would book the 2012 WWE Draft. Let me know your thoughts and I’d like to know how you would book the WWE Draft this year. Follow me on Twitter @T_Hughes35.

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  1. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    i like almost all of it next to not everything is unrealistic but i like your creativity alot good knowing that fantasy still has a place without being bitched at at the IWC
  2. B-ri's Avatar
    Good creativity, beyond fantasy and if this ever happens I'll give you everything I own but at least this is something different!

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