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A Blog About Mike Tenay

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Many wrestling fans have found this man to be one of the worst in wrestling today. They say that he doesn't do a good enough job when it comes to his style of delivery. But what the fans actually don't realize, is that when this "Teacher" actually does his job right, he becomes one of the best that the business has ever had. His name, is Mike Tenay.

History Lesson:
Mike Tenay made his Announcing debut in 1994 for Word Championship Wrestling at an event titled: "When Worlds Collide." He was praised by the Wrestling Observance Newletter, and was made a backstage interviewer for WCW.
Before the Monday Night Wars began, His most notable Pay-Per-View call was the famous "Kollision In Korea" event alongside Eric Bischoff.
In 1996, "The Professor" was promoted and became a ring-side commentator for WCW Monday Nitro. He became highly respected for his extensive research and knowledge of the business, being dubbed by Eric Bischoff as "An Encyclopedia Of Knowledge." Overtime, (from a critics standpoint) he became one of the Top 5 best commentators/interviewers in the business. Yes, in the same league as Jim Ross and Joey Styles.
When WCW folded in 2001, Tenay, like most WCW regulars at the time, did not make the jump to (what was then known as) the WWF.
In 2002, he was contacted by the Jarretts to become the lead play-by-play announcer for (what would eventually become) TNA Wrestling, and has been at every event since.

Why People Don't Like Tenay Today:
When Mike Tenay made his debut in TNA, his broadcast colleague was Don West. As much as people bash Don West for his Cheeziness, he and Tenay actually had great chemistry together. One of my favorite match calls of their's was back at Turning Point 2005 between Sabu and Abyss.
When Don West accepted a position with, TNA signed Taz. When Tenay and Taz first started out, they were alright, but as the time progressed, it started to have a bad taste in the mouths of fans (which isn't all their fault.)

When Mike Tenay isn't being fed lines, and constantly being told how to do his job, he is a genius. The main difference between Mike Tenay and Michael Cole, is that Tenay Tends to focus more on actually calling the matches at hand! I place the blame for this problem on Mr. Eric Bischoff. If Bischoff, Prichard, and whomever else can stop feeding lines to Tenay, then he van reclaim his former glory. There is a reason that Mike Tenay has been named the Best Wrestling Announcer 5 times. Four of them being in consecutive years. I believe that if the new TNA can let Tenay be his old self, and fix up Taz's skills (or even replace Taz at the table!) then TNA's announce team problem can be fixed.

I'm a fan of Mike Tenay, and I really hope that he can go back to the way he was. We miss you Professor. Please come back!

That ends this entry. Follow me on Twitter @T_Hughes35

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  1. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    Enjoyed the history lesson as I didn't know much about Tenay . Anyway I agree the man is amazing its hard to decided who is better - Tenay or Jim Ross as I'm a huge Jim Ross fan .

    Also agree Taz should be let go , Tenay and West were great together they were the voice of TNA !
  2. The Hipster's Avatar
    Though I respect your opinion, Tenay is in the top three woest announcers ever. You may be correct in saying it is often because who he is paired with, but I'm just not a fan of his.
  3. The Hipster's Avatar
    Sorry, that should be worst.
  4. GreatMuta4life's Avatar
    Tennay is all steak and no sizzle, as JR might say. He does know his wrestling as well as anyone and has a lot of respect for the business. I just find him bland. The fact that he's been paired with two of the worst color commentators(Taz and Don West) doesn't help him any. He might actually be better with someone like Booker T to play off of but as it is, TNA's commentary is horrible.
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    Tenay is not worst as ppl are saying..but, he's not the best!!

    He's just okay announcer with loads of knowledge..
  6. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    . Honestly I like Tenay and Taz together. When Taz makes his off the wall comments, you can actually hear Tenay stumble. It reminds me of how Heenan used to do the same to Monsoon when he would rant on and on... Monsoon would finally lose track of his commentary to tell Heenan to stop and it was hilarious.

    I think Tenay gets harsh reviews from the IWC, much like Tony S. I think a lot of it is just people hating on him not being as good as Jim Ross, but I'd take a man who can tell me what holds the wrestlers are applying over a guy who is talking over matches like they are interrupting his own segment. I'm sorry if you like him, but I'd much rather see Tenay and Lawler or Booker, than Cole. My hope is in Josh Mathews or Striker to save me at this point.

    Ultimate pairing for Mike Tenay would be William Regal. Regal is a guy who can keep up hold for hold, but also re-direct him with witty color and vast knowledge of the backgrounds of wrestlers. I think Regals strengths could help hide the Professors weaknesses

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