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Dear Murderer,

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A NOTE FROM R(ob): I am approving this blog as a counterpoint to the "Dear Chris Benoit," blog that was approved last night. This will be the last Chris Benoit blog approved for a while. Thank you. Keep this civil, I will be watching!

Dear Murderer,

Oh, you might be wondering why I started this letter out by writing "Murderer", but you see Chris Benoit, that is what you are. A ruthless murderer who ended the lives of his wife and son. You see sir, I was relatively indifferent to you as a competitor, I neither cared to boo you nor cheer you, but the fact remains that all these years later that a number of people still look favorably towards you makes me sick to my very core.

You may have been a great WWE and WCW superstar, but guess what, all of that is moot, you are or rather were a terrible human being because you took the life of not just one but two innocent people. Some people are trying to defend you by covering it up with Steroids, or your head injury, and honestly if it was a single murder, I would be more likely to buy into that, but two people, in completely different ways that from what the reports said was very cold and delibrete and not out of a fit of random rage?

You sir, no that's wrong, you -- pos are a scumbag of the highest degree.

I'm glad the WWE struck out all records of you where they could. I'm glad they no longer acknowledge your previous existence, and I'm glad that at least you had the decency to kill yourself so you didn't cost the taxpayers additional money to put you to trial. However, why did you wait what was it, 2 days to kill yourself? Some people say you were living with the guilt. Perhaps. However, I'm more likely to believe you were trying to scheme a way out and couldn't think of a solution. However, I'm just speculating, but screw it -- it's my letter.

If anyone were to read this letter, or rather if someone who is blinded by fandom were to read this letter and try to defend you, they might say I'm not being fair, that circumstances.... no, that's crap. Regardless of what the prior circumstances are, you killed two people in cold blood. Not in self defense, not on accident, but murdered them.

I will never honor your legacy, I will never say you should be a member of any hall of fame, and wish you were removed from the one that had already inducted you prior your suicide, and it doesn't matter to me in the slightest how good you were in the ring, because guess what? It doesn't matter any more. You shamed the wrestling industry, you shamed your family (what's left of it), you shamed your colleagues, you shamed your friends, and you shamed the dignity of all athletes, not to mention who else...

Your young son will never grow up, his mother no longer breathes on this earth. You took them away from the people who actually cared about them in what was no accident, and for that, you pos -- is the only thing that matters.

Being famous is not a defense for a poor excuse of a human being.

You're just a white OJ Simpson.

Rot in Hell,

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  1. Dr. Death's Avatar
    It's nice to see that biased media has brainwashed most of the people in the world. You guys will believe everything you hear from the "media" and pointless gossip. This blog was terrible, and should have never been approved do to the lack of anything resembling thought. The same goes for all the other pointless blogs that post "gossip" as truth and vice versa.

    It was also a terrible choice of a topic as it leads to very heated debates and arguments. Here's some advice for all; stop trying to brow-beat or convince everyone else into believing that your own opinion is the only opinion that matters, or that it is absolute fact, as there are alot of variables that neither the media, nor anyone else was aware of, nor released.

    Believe what you all want to believe about Benoit and I'll do the same. The point is that these type of blogs shouldn't be approved of anymore and it's in bad taste that any touchy subject such as this is even brought up. This is a WRESTLING forum and site, as such only wrestling, (and other topics in the correct threads/forums), should be discussed and not the death of anyone. Nobody seems to want to talk about Owen Harts death. Hell, Vince McMahon murdered Owen, but there is no topic about that as it was unjustifiably ruled an accident, although it was set up. This was just an example of how popular opinion and gossip can change the outlook/opinion of many good people. Don't be a sheep and follow popularity just to belong, be unique - form your own opinion - and blog about topics with better taste.
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