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Dear Murderer,

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A NOTE FROM R(ob): I am approving this blog as a counterpoint to the "Dear Chris Benoit," blog that was approved last night. This will be the last Chris Benoit blog approved for a while. Thank you. Keep this civil, I will be watching!

Dear Murderer,

Oh, you might be wondering why I started this letter out by writing "Murderer", but you see Chris Benoit, that is what you are. A ruthless murderer who ended the lives of his wife and son. You see sir, I was relatively indifferent to you as a competitor, I neither cared to boo you nor cheer you, but the fact remains that all these years later that a number of people still look favorably towards you makes me sick to my very core.

You may have been a great WWE and WCW superstar, but guess what, all of that is moot, you are or rather were a terrible human being because you took the life of not just one but two innocent people. Some people are trying to defend you by covering it up with Steroids, or your head injury, and honestly if it was a single murder, I would be more likely to buy into that, but two people, in completely different ways that from what the reports said was very cold and delibrete and not out of a fit of random rage?

You sir, no that's wrong, you -- pos are a scumbag of the highest degree.

I'm glad the WWE struck out all records of you where they could. I'm glad they no longer acknowledge your previous existence, and I'm glad that at least you had the decency to kill yourself so you didn't cost the taxpayers additional money to put you to trial. However, why did you wait what was it, 2 days to kill yourself? Some people say you were living with the guilt. Perhaps. However, I'm more likely to believe you were trying to scheme a way out and couldn't think of a solution. However, I'm just speculating, but screw it -- it's my letter.

If anyone were to read this letter, or rather if someone who is blinded by fandom were to read this letter and try to defend you, they might say I'm not being fair, that circumstances.... no, that's crap. Regardless of what the prior circumstances are, you killed two people in cold blood. Not in self defense, not on accident, but murdered them.

I will never honor your legacy, I will never say you should be a member of any hall of fame, and wish you were removed from the one that had already inducted you prior your suicide, and it doesn't matter to me in the slightest how good you were in the ring, because guess what? It doesn't matter any more. You shamed the wrestling industry, you shamed your family (what's left of it), you shamed your colleagues, you shamed your friends, and you shamed the dignity of all athletes, not to mention who else...

Your young son will never grow up, his mother no longer breathes on this earth. You took them away from the people who actually cared about them in what was no accident, and for that, you pos -- is the only thing that matters.

Being famous is not a defense for a poor excuse of a human being.

You're just a white OJ Simpson.

Rot in Hell,

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  1. dragonsrevenge's Avatar
    So you didn't actually read about the autopsy I take it.
  2. JSullivan's Avatar
    What a bitter person you are.

    You don't have to condone what he did, but ill wishes upon him make you no better a person.

    Think about that.
  3. Stihltygre's Avatar
    because i have to at this point... Murder by definition is Pre-meditated, a person who is clinically insane due to repetitive trauma to the brain is not capable of premeditation. your argument is invalid because those are the facts. a Person who has destroyed their mind for YOUR entertainment and snaps and kills people is a tragedy, it's stomach turning, it's horrific... it's NOT murder. Chris Benoit is not a White OJ, OJ is premeditated and free... Chris Benoit is dead... i Hope you never suffer a brain trauma, or get put into a situation where outside forces or injury take your ability to make sound judgments from you...
  4. knox's Avatar
    You were pretty harsh lol but none the less I agree with the gist of it. Like I said on the "Dear Chris Benoit" blog.

    Chris was literally my favorite ever. When he took his life i was 16 years old and was old enough to know what wrestling was all about and Benoit proved he had everything to be the man. Hell, my Dad can contest to how I was.

    I'll never forget when I went to the Smackdown taping in Baltimore. Benoit's music hits and I was speechless with my mouth open in pure aww, I was that much of a fan. Never has a wrestler made me do that. Sent a chill through my whole entire body. Only time I got chills is seeing the Undertaker and Cena's entrance in person because the crowd gets so loud.

    Unfortunately, like I said, when I try to remember Benoit, all I can think about is precious Daniel. A kid that was denied a fair shake at life. A kid that'll never goto his senior prom, graduate high school, party with his friends and everything else you do throughout your childhood leading into your adult life.

    We wanna worship this Benoit guy because of what he did in the ring but if he wasn't a wrestler and a normal person, we would ridicule the hell out of him for what he did. I for one don't care if he was a wrestler, president of the U.S., the Pope or whatever, his legacy means nothing to him.

    So here's a message to the guys that still worship this man and feels he did nothing wrong....while you worship the legacy of Chris Benoit, just think about the legacy that Daniel Benoit never got to experience or live due to his own freakin' father.

    Good blog sir.
  5. akbar's Avatar
    The fuck is the point of this? Your happy WWE don't mention him no more but yet you write a blog about it? How about we never mention of this either...and I've never seen someone on here that 'worship Benoit' so people here keep on saying this for you 'Benoit fan boys' kind of bugs me, everyone knows what he did was wrong.
    I'm disappointed this hate blog was put through by whoever...
  6. jbqsauce's Avatar
    You guys are crazy!! He was a murderer!! When was he diagnosed as being clinically insane? Trying to defend him is laughable.
  7. Muzza_H16's Avatar
    ((I'm posting my same comment from the other blog lol))

    The best example I've read that should put all Benoit praisers to shame is;

    What if he was a Primary School teacher then he did what he did?? Or a doctor?? Or a truck driver?? Do you think anyone that knew of him would say
    "Yes I know he killed his wife and child.... but by god was he one hell of a truck driver!! Please let's forget about what he did at the end... let's just remember him for the amazing truck driver that he was!!!"

    It doesn't matter what the hell he did during his life.... he disgraced it all.

    You cannot praise this murderer just because he was talented at performing a choreographed fight inside a ring!!
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