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Vince should bring back........

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This is my first blog. I've been reading these blogs for a while and thought i'd try my hand at one. Let me know what you think.

Vince should bring back...........

Shane Douglas. Yeah I said it. Shane "The Franchise" Douglas.

Now before you crucify me with your comments, hear me out.

Now, I'm not talking about bringing him back as a wrestler, i want him back as a manager in sort of a Rick Flair in Evolution role. A role he could use to bring back his stable, THE Triple Threat. For those who don't know, The Triple Threat was a stable made up of Douglas and the late greats, Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Candido.

Douglas was the first ever ECW champion. He was also one of the best, if not THE best, talkers in ECW. The promo where he threw down the ECW belt is still one of the best after match promos i've ever seen.

He could draw heat like it was no ones business. His feud with Tazz my have been the second best feud of the ECW days. (Right behind Tommy Dreamer and Raven). He had great matches with almost everyone he got in the ring with. He had two classic three way dances with Terry Funk and Sabu. The match from Hardcore Heaven '97 was on WWE Classics this month and still to this day it had me on the edge of my seat.

Recently he was throw out of a WWE show for promoting his recent show. I would use that as an angle for him. he could run in the ring during matches attacking. mid-card to low main event faces on both Raw and Smackdown. Through out the weeks he has destroyed the likes of Kofi Kingston, R- Truth, and Zack Ryder.

He finally gets and interview with Micheal Cole and lets the world in on his plan. he tells everyone that wrestling has gotten soft. Every week the product suffers because Vince is to worried about the fans and "being a star". He says its time for the WWE to get a little more "extreme". He announces that he will seek out three wrestlers, not "superstars", but wrestlers that will bring back the extreme factor into wrestling. Three who best embody what his Triple Threat had, A face( Douglas), a beast (Bigelow), and a superstar who needs no gimmicks (candido).

Through out the weeks we would see him in the back talking to different talent looking for the right mix of talent for his new incarnation of the Triple Threat. I would first have him chose his face of the group and who would be good for that? Dolph Ziggler.

After another match on Raw where Zigzag gets squashed gets squashed by the Brodus clay, i would have him and Vickie in the ring arguing. Along comes Douglas and tells Zig to lose the old lady and become a man. Zig leaves Vickie in the ring as she shrieks and cries.

On the following Smackdown i would have Douglas and Zig approach Mason Ryan and ask him why he still doesn't have a match, why he hasn't held a tittle. Douglas tells him to join them he he could become the beast that he was meant to become. Ryan thinks for a minute and decides to join them.

The next couple of weeks i would have Douglas, Ryan, and Ziggler running wild on both Raw and Smackdown, Defeating people with both clean and dirty wins. After each match i would have Douglas get the mic and use his pipe bomb gift.

Ziggler's win streak would gain him a world tittle match against Sheamus. Sheamus has seen how Ziggler has won his past matches and demands that Ryan and Douglas are barred from ringside which Ziggler reluctantly agrees to. During the course of the match Sheamus brogue kicks Ziggler into the ref and knocks him out. While the checking on the ref a hooded figure jumps out the crowd and grabs Sheamus by the head. he takes his hood and and its Cody Rhodes who hits Sheamus with a Cross Rhodes. Zigzag pins Sheamus for the three count. The PPV ends with Douglas, Ziggler, Ryan, and Rhodes throwing up the Triple Threat hand sign.

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  1. Keith Stone's Avatar
    I don't have anything against Shane Douglas but he has a Ric Flair complex, he'll akways push for himself to be a wrestler no matter how past his prime he now is
  2. knox's Avatar
    What a great first blog, welcome to the club bro.

    I'm a huge Shane Douglass fan and I will always consider him as one of the greatest heels and heat seakers of all time without a doubt. I love your idea, he would do well as a manager, maybe managing a new guy like Dean Ambrose.

    I respect the hell out of Shane for trying to keep ECW alive so matter what. That's what he's attempting to do with these shows he puts together. Justin Credible and Sabu found a way to ruin that but none the less Shane did a great job.

    His wrestling career should've been far more successful than it was. I wish he would've gotten a bigger chance in WCW. Basically, he had to work at Walmart. That's a low point for a wrestler but he still maintained through hardship.

    I feel at this stage of his career and for him to have so much ambition, it would be a dream come true to see him in the WWE in some form or fashion. It would be a true classy move. You got other jokers like Ultimate Warrior and other has beens that strive off negativity, meanwhile you got Shane to this day busting his ass for the better of the business.

    What better way to solidify his career than to bring him in to the WWE as a manager or a road agent. And ofcourse a Hall of Fame induction.

    Truly a great blog man, continue blogging. Didn't think there were too many people besides myself that actually thought highly of Shane Douglass. Good stuff my bro.
  3. y2jray's Avatar
    good blog it was a fresh read, something different. i like ziggler and ryan with him but not rhodes I think cody is too good on his own to be put back in a stable. I would rather see a young guy like what knox said about dean ambrose, him ziggler and ryan would be a good group or even justin gabriel.
  4. jalambert's Avatar
    I think the Franchise and Ziggler would work brilliantly together
  5. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    I say take out Rhodes, add in Seth Rollins, and you got a good stable to bring back the Threat. Loved them back in the day, but honestly trying to replace Candido and Bam Bam is pretty hard. The Horsemen got lucky with Windham, but how many other failures did they go through before we got Benoit and Malenko? Paul Roma, remember that.

    I loved the idea but I would be much more accepting of Douglas having a new group name. Much like Fortune were the "TNA Horsemen", I think Shane should have a "WWE Triple Threat" with a new name to match. Good blog though my man and an VERY interesting point of view.
  6. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    i'd love to have a four horsemen against triple threat feud but who should be faceXD it'd be tricky too bad the corre and nexus didn't feud bastards:O
  7. JoePublic's Avatar
    Always thought Shane would make a world class heel colour man.
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