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Dear Chris Benoit,

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Hello again. Many of you might be talking about the latest wrestling sensation or the return of the No Way Out pay-per-view. In the past three years that I have been on this website, no one has written a blog on Chris Benoit. I want to try something new, by writing numerous wrestler ( Died Or Alive) letters. I do not know if any of them go on this website, but here goes my first attempt. In my first letter format blog on this website, I am writing to Chris Benoit. Please adjust your seats, because it might be a long letter.

May 23, 2012
Dear Chris Benoit,

Let me just start by saying that it is a pleasure of writing to you. In 2007, you committed a crime that I will say is bad to all society. Through you might live in infamy for your actions, let me tell you me and other wrestling fans respect the legacy that you left us. I remember your match with Eddie at Extreme Rules 2005, it was an instant classic. Two legends putting it all out in the ring which was an amazing match. Your the reason that many fans enjoy Wwe, Ecw, and Wcw. Your matches are always top-notched and you always impress me when you wrestle.

What I remember most about you is your theme music. Your music is the best rocking jam that a wrestler could com out to. I always you to say... "OH MY HERE COMES THE RAPID WOLVERINE!!!" You would walk down that ramp not being intimidated of your opponent. Chris, you would kick but and superstars would be scared of you. Your rivalry with MVP was a classic that I enjoyed. Sitting at home, watching you lock in the cripple cross face was amazing. That's where John Cena modified his move to the STF. You were the one of the greatest wrestlers that steeped foot in the squared circle. Do you remember when you cut a promo with Paul Heyman and John Cena. It was hilarious, you had a lot of great moments in the Wwe.

The highlight of you career? Chris Benoit, you had a lot of highlights in Wwe, Wcw, and Ecw. All these moments qualified you as one of the best. Whenever your boss does not what to give you a break, just simply walk out of the door. Millions upon millions of companies would hire Chris Benoit.
Chris, you never had to impress the Wwe universe. Even through you hit rough patches, always continue to hit high good patches in your career.Chris, if you don't believe me check out some of you greatest rivalries, not matches because you perfected all of them and this list would go up to 1,004 just like Chris Jericho moves list.

[U][B]Chris Benoit Greatest Rivalries
1) Eddie Guerrero
2) Chris Jericho
3)Dean Milanko
4)Rey Rey
5) Nwo
6)Triple H and HBK
The List goes on.........

Chris Benoit. We continue to celebrate your greatness. It was wrong to take the best for granted.Well take it easy and don't beat Eddie up to bad. Remember Chris Benoit, the Wwe universe does not take you for granted.

[FONT=impact]Chris Benoit died on June 24, 2007. He was taken away from the whole Wwe universe and sent to wrestle in the higher leagues. Many may look at Chris Benoit as bad, but inside and outside the ring he was a regular person. He left behind a legacy that will be cherished forever.
[FONT=palatino linotype]In memory of...
[B][FONT=franklin gothic medium]Chris [/FONT][/B][FONT=franklin gothic medium][B]Benoit
[FONT=tahoma] May 21 1967-June 24,2007
Chris Benoit was the greatest wrestler that steeped foot inside in the squared circle. Let's remember him as a man that cherished our minds with memories. Chris Benoit, we salute you!!!!!


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  1. matmaxwwe's Avatar
    The best rivalry you could come up with was the one he had with MVP? Are you 12 or something? Benoit was boring as hell to begin with and personally i used to hate when he came out for a match because it was always the same old shit..To be honest the most entertaining or noticeable thing that he ever did was murder his family, and i mean that in a tragic sense not a humorous one, if you cant see that what he did means that he doesn't deserve to even be mentioned in blogs like this, never mind dedicating the whole thing to him,then your probably not right in the head,and thats probably why you can look past the fact that he murdered a woman and a child in a totally evil and cruel manner, so im not going to try and provoke a reaction from you because i dont think your conscious of what your actually saying here, you should delete it or atleast edit it to look less ignorant,you wont but you should.
  2. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    I also was a huge Benoit fan. But like brothers Knox & JohnnyV, i can't over look what he did. Besides killing his wife & son(most important) but he also ruined a few careeres. Randy Orton's, Chris Jericho's & Edge's dvds would have been so much better if their matches with Chris had been included.
  3. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Terrible, Terrible blog, You mention Chris Benoit's most forgettable moments and matches.
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