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A Blog Dedicated To: John Cena

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Hello readers. My name is CenationRulez1097 and I am here to entertain the vain that I proclaim the same fan as me. No, I am not trying to be a poet or anything, just here to make this site a little more entertaining. My first blog on this website will be a dedication blog, dedicated to John Cena. It's almost been ten years since the Wwe proclaimed one of their best artificial
( really valuable to the Wwe). Ever since Cena debuted, I have been watching every match he has participated in. Having the pleasure to see this man blow the roof of buildings is amazing. John Cena has had some of the best rivalries in the last ten years. Having to perform with Kurt Angle, Edge
( Cena best rival yet) and The Rock. Cena is the best performer to perform for a crowd. Don't want to make my blog to long, so here are John Cena best rivalries.

1) [U][B]John Cena Vs. Kurt Angle: Smackdown ( June 27 2002)
Yes this was John Cena debut match. This was one of Cena best matches because we were introduced to a mixture of a brawler and powerhouse.Even through his wrestling entire was not that great, his match was filled excellent techniques, and especially a future John Cena Vs. Kurt Angle rivalry. This match is rated in my book as[U][B] 4 out of 5 Stars![/B][/U]

2) [U][B]John Cena Vs. The Undertaker: Vengeance ( 2003)
John Cena was becoming a uprising superstar. Even through he did not defeat Taker, both superstars put on a phenomenal match-up! This was an excellent match for the Doctor of Thugnamoics. In my book, I will give this match a [U][B]4 Out of 5 Stars!
3) [U][B]John Cena Vs. JBL: Judgement Day ( 2005)
This was a hardcore match-up!!!! John Cena showed his extreme side and showed that he can take a beating. One of Cena best matches!!!!!!!! 5 Out of 5 stars

John Cena is a great wrestler!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheWarMachine
    As you no longer watch Raw surely this shouldn't be an issue for you now? You can skip his PPV matches.
    Needless to say...this has been my favorite post in this blog comments.

    As for the blogger, kudos on the blog bro. Keep it up. Always good seeing new blogs on here
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