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A Blog Dedicated To: John Cena

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Hello readers. My name is CenationRulez1097 and I am here to entertain the vain that I proclaim the same fan as me. No, I am not trying to be a poet or anything, just here to make this site a little more entertaining. My first blog on this website will be a dedication blog, dedicated to John Cena. It's almost been ten years since the Wwe proclaimed one of their best artificial
( really valuable to the Wwe). Ever since Cena debuted, I have been watching every match he has participated in. Having the pleasure to see this man blow the roof of buildings is amazing. John Cena has had some of the best rivalries in the last ten years. Having to perform with Kurt Angle, Edge
( Cena best rival yet) and The Rock. Cena is the best performer to perform for a crowd. Don't want to make my blog to long, so here are John Cena best rivalries.

1) [U][B]John Cena Vs. Kurt Angle: Smackdown ( June 27 2002)
Yes this was John Cena debut match. This was one of Cena best matches because we were introduced to a mixture of a brawler and powerhouse.Even through his wrestling entire was not that great, his match was filled excellent techniques, and especially a future John Cena Vs. Kurt Angle rivalry. This match is rated in my book as[U][B] 4 out of 5 Stars![/B][/U]

2) [U][B]John Cena Vs. The Undertaker: Vengeance ( 2003)
John Cena was becoming a uprising superstar. Even through he did not defeat Taker, both superstars put on a phenomenal match-up! This was an excellent match for the Doctor of Thugnamoics. In my book, I will give this match a [U][B]4 Out of 5 Stars!
3) [U][B]John Cena Vs. JBL: Judgement Day ( 2005)
This was a hardcore match-up!!!! John Cena showed his extreme side and showed that he can take a beating. One of Cena best matches!!!!!!!! 5 Out of 5 stars

John Cena is a great wrestler!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. bartish2's Avatar
    i can do 5 moves too and i got good durability am I good wrestler too?
  2. rhyno535's Avatar
    Im not going to bash your blog because this is your opinion, so im going to give mine. Imo Cena is the most boring superstar ever. I cant believe that you Cena fans can cheer for him and boo for guys that really can wrestle. I dont know but i think that guys who cheer for Cena are booing on Bryan, Ziggler, Rhodes and so on. Guys that really can wrestle and are imo more entertaining guys than Cena.
    And for the I quit match against JBL its not a 5star match maybe a 4star. Just so you know. But still this is my opinion.
  3. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    Honestly if you aren't going to contribute positively to this blog then stfu. Rhyno actually gave his opinion and comments based on the blog. If you just wanna bash on Cena rather than giving this person feedback on the blog, then do it somewhere else. I liked the blog. I'm not a fan of Cena in general but I know he really steps up on the big stages and does well. Not to mention a great mic worker when not being held back. Love his first match against Angle.
  4. Gazman Savage's Avatar
    I respect your opion to love Cena and the WWE has to provide wrestlers that reflect all the fans of the universe.(biased by merchandise sales.)
    You are right Cena can take a beating and his match against Brock really raised my respect at the pounding he took.
    Reading your reviews on the matches I would drop them all by 1 star but that is purely because of Cena having very poor set of wrestling moves.
    I saw him tag team with Zack Ryder in Nottingham and I was shocked at how much better that Zack was.
    I did enjoy his match with the taker the most out of all the matches you listed but I believe taker is so good at bringing the most out of any rival in a match.
    Well these are just my opions and even though he is not my cuppa team i did enjoy your read and I do wonder if Cena would be better if he was given more commercial freedom and took chances to be different in the ring.

    My son loves him and I had to buy him a T Shirt at the Raw show.LOL
  5. Avadon's Avatar
    I've been a reader on this site for a long time. I have also watched wrestling from before attitude era to now on and off. There been one massive criticism of john cena that I never understood. First off do not get me wrong, i prefer him more as the harder self and would love to see him go heel and hurt people. I think his size and str could easily let him pull that roll off however.

    People hate on the 5 moves of doom. While watching a Cena match i notice him do many more moves then just those 5. (I get he's been here awhile and the moves never really changed). I get how all his match's end pretty much with him doing his series of comebacks. However this is nothing new and other wrestlers are not taking the same heat. If you wanna talk about his personality or how he's acting on the mic that different.

    Look at how 80% of rocks matches end with the same series of moves. Infact it's one of the shitty things about being a Face. Your job is to lose and make a somewhat interesting come back and then pull off a set of moves at then end.

    Rock is one example
    Randy orton you know when he's rolling

    I will give and say CM punk partially different but a lot of that is fact they finish match with GTS or Anaconda vice which comes out of nowhere. I've seen Cena just hit an AA out of nowhere before too.. however CENA also always in storyline that the main event (another issue you can get mad at fine). So usually just hitting a finisher doesn't cut it, you need to roll out something or hit multiple.

    Really i never got the 5 moves of doom argument since it existed way before him and to other people you see the same people cheering for.
  6. Avadon's Avatar
    Another point I find funny is when people say you always know when the match is about to end when he rolls. So knowing the ending sucks, but then why watch the best match every year for the past 3-4 years. Undertaker at wrestlemania, you know he's going to win... you know the streak not going to end to shawn, HHH, etc... at this point in the careers you know only way it's ending is if they going to put over a new star they feel can carry the company. So you know how it's going to end basically... yet it's the best match every year. So saying you can see the ending already not a valid arguement.

    NO i'm not comparing Cena match quality to that match quality I'm comparing the fact you know exactly how the match is going to end before it starts or ends.. undertaker will get beat in to a pulp but somehow come out on top.
  7. pld459666's Avatar
    It's funny that some of the most limited actual wrestlers have historically been considered great.

    Hogan, Trips, Cena each of them very limited in terms of overall in wring skill, but each of them considered great.
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