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Top 5 biggest suprises of the year so far!

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Hi, everyone. I'm back with my second blog looking at how the years been going so far. This blog will focus on the 5 biggest suprises so far.

5. The Miz depush After last years Wrestlemania if you'd of predicted that The Miz would be jobbing to a dancing dinosaur then, I salute you. At the very least I'd expect The Miz to be involved in a feud over the Us championship vs Santino or maybe in a tag team. But I definitly did not envision him dancing. I reckon a Dance Battle will take place for the first ever 3 hour Raw.

4. The Rock wins clean
After a year of build up the match took place. It was actually a decent match but the suprise was that The Rock pinned Cena clean. I expected Rock to put over Cena similarly to Hogan putting The Rock over. If you'd of told most people The Rock would win cleanly before the match then I doubt they'd of believed you. Im expecting a rematch though as The Rock said he'd be back... eventually.

3. Sheamus wins the Royal rumble
Most of us thought that someone such as Jericho or Barrett would win the rumble but Sheamus winning came as a pleasant suprise. Im a big fan of Sheamus at the moment. As he can wrestle and cut a good promo and overall in my opinion he makes a good champion (his theme songs awesome which helps). Unfortunately we've got to put up with Alberto Del Rio until Wade Barrett.

2. Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman return
If you'd of said both Lesnar and Heyman would be returning this year then no one would of believed you. Unfortunately Lesnar's return was ruined slightly by the dirt sheets but that didn't stop it being great. On the other hand Heyman's return was completely unannounced
and it's great to have him back. He makes up for Lesnar's promo skills and then some imo.

1. 18 Seconds...
18 seconds changed Daniel Bryan's career. Those seconds and a single word changed his career for the better and as he said himself, got him his match vs Punk at Over the limit. Thankfully the chants carried on from show to show. It's hard not to think that had it not been for the Yes chant then Bryan might of started a feud with
Santino over the Us championship.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to the comments. Be sure to leave what you consider the biggest suprise so far below.

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  1. El T Draino 316's Avatar
    Great, fun blog Callum. I was curious as to what your top 5 would be, and I have no complaints about any of them whatsoever. Solid list.

    The Miz de-push hurts the most for me. Even today, if you check out videos during his championship run, that guy had a serious IT factor the WWE managed to turn into dust. Then they took that dust and swept it to the pre-show against Santino. Frustrating.

    I'd like to offer an honorable mention: The announcement of 3 Hour Raws. This was certainly a big surprise to me. I'm fine with it being left off the list though because your list is for 'the year so far', and this hasn't come into effect yet.
  2. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    1.Lesnar returning
    2.Rock winning
    3.18 seconds
    4.Santnios heroics
    5.Christian returning as a face and winning IC title
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good Blog. I'm not exactly excited over the Lesnar return, as his limited appearances aren't going to contribute much in my opinion. Just another excuse to bring someone from the past to main event and overshadow a deserving star of today.
  4. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    DK, that's the exact wrong attitude if you like making money. Brock Lesnar and The Rock are huge draws (the proof is in the numbers) and chances are a lot of people watched who would not normally watch and that not only brings in more money but it is also increased exposure for the other wrestlers some of which former fans may have never seen before like CM Punk and go that guy is awesome maybe I should watch WWE programming more often to see more of that guy.

    It'd be great if the "deserving stars of today" were living up to the legacy of the past but in reality there's a lack of top guys that people give a crap about and bringing back someone that they DO give a crap about only helps the current wrestlers.

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