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Yes? Yes? Yes? The Raw Review

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It’s becoming a scary coincidence that whenever a storyline involving John Cena is the main event of a pay-per-view that the next few weeks on Raw are a major disappointment. With The Rock we never got a backlash from Cena. With Lesnar we got the same old Super Cena crap we always do. And this time we’re being force fed this myth that the Big Show is actually a force to be reckoned with.

Once again Raw was a fifty/fifty affair, and it is largely due to the lack of interesting content in the first hour. We don’t need to know Big Show’s reasons for KO-ing Cena on three consecutive shows (Raw last week, SmackDown, and last night). I’d personally like to see Cena get some form of revenge before No Way Out, now that we’re forced to suffer a Steel Cage match in which we’ll likely suffer some more Super Cena antics. It just makes sense to make it an even playing field going into a Steel Cage match if you ask me.

Did the WWE Universe sell out Big Show?

Predictably, Raw opened with the Big Show explaining his reasons for knocking out Cena at OTL. The only real surprise here was that Show didn’t go with the fact that pretty much every fan who saw Show’s eighteen-plus year career (it might be fifteen?), in which he’s placing his reasoning, wants to see Cena laid out on a weekly basis. It’s the classic scenario of the former face not being ‘respected’ by the fans, and it is for this reason that I understand the lack of input from Cena in this rivalry – every point Show is making has an element of truth to it. Playing the fickle fans card is something which turns a story into a one-sided affair, and Show knows it. This whole month is about simply putting Show over as a heel, and I for one think it is working in that respect. Some kind of retaliation from Cena would be nice though.

An angry Dolph is an interesting Dolph

The Tag Team Championships were defended on Raw this week, and since it was Raw and not a PPV they were retained. The match itself was good, other than the fact that Swagger was a part of it – I’m not sure what it is, but he just looks like he lumbers around the ring with no real coordination. Why he’s still a part of Raw is beyond me.

The interesting part of this was that it looks like Dolph might be finally getting the push away from Vickie Guerrero’s midcard clutches, or at least Swagger. After their loss to R-Truth & Kofi Kingston, Ziggler seemed angry and proclaimed that he was “better than this!” I just hope WWE doesn’t mess this up and use it to get Team Vickie a run with the Tag Team titles. I, like many others, think Dolph should have been a serious contender for a World title months ago.

WWE ‘13 looks awesome!

Having played every WWE game since Warzone, I took a natural interest in who the cover star is for WWE ‘13. It was no surprise that it was Punk (since I’d seen the trailer a few days earlier), but the WWE Attitude logo appearing on the cover was something which turned Raw around for me this week. I went from half asleep to wide awake and checking Twitter once it hit me that THQ is doing something nostalgic with its next WWE game.

Although it was just a segway into what was a much better second hour of Raw, this was a big moment for me as a fan of what used to make me mark out. I’ll get back to the review now.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan put on another clinic

I can honestly say that I will never get tired of seeing Punk and Bryan step into the ring together. It is matches like this which makes Punk the ideal WWE Champion right now, and although they seem to be wasting some great PPV matches on Monday nights, my confidence that I’ll still buy PPVs for their matches is not floundering.

A great match and the ending made for simple but effective storytelling. I might actually get on board with the AJ/Punk twist if she keeps handing Punk steel chairs whilst looking that hot. This is easily ‘the’ feud going into No Way Out, as much as they want to shove another boring Cena feud down our throats.

22-1 for Brodus?

Going into this week’s main event of Big Show versus Brodus Clay I wasn’t expecting a master class of any kind, but it turns out Big Show did to Clay exactly what I’ve wanted to see happen to him over the past month. The fact that Clay has been going over against the likes of Ziggler and The Miz has simply made me dislike him, and Big Show made me smile with the assault he put on the Funkasaurus, Truth and Kingston. It was a simple showing of pure power and strength, and it helps Big Show go over as the giant rather than the businessman he claimed he had been earlier in the show.

My only hope is that he destroys Cena on June 17th with similar disregard for the steel cage. The only negative here is that the match never started and Clay is still undefeated.

In other news…

Alberto Del Rio def. Santino in a squash; only two things to say about this – why is Del Rio being given a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship? He brings nothing interesting to the table and is quite frankly the most boring superstar of the last two years. And what happened to Santino’s mega push? Since WrestleMania he has very quickly transitioned into the comedy relief with no cause that I was happy to see him escape from (in a way).

Alex Riley gets attacked by Big Show backstage; does anybody really care what happens to Riley these days? Since his terrible push against The Miz he has done nothing and doesn’t even get matches on NXT these days.

Intercontinental Champion Christian def. The Miz; For once Miz was put into a respectable match, and even though he lost it seemed like a ray of hope for the Awesome One’s dwindling career. It was back and forth, and at times Miz looked like he would win. It’s just a shame this was undone after the match when Randy Orton showed up and RKO’d him.

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus def. David Otunga; this match went exactly as I expected it to, as Carlton was squashed after a Brogue Kick very early on. This match never had anything to offer, and I took a short nap whilst it was on. True story.

I said this week’s Raw was a fifty/fifty affair, and it was. The first hour was almost a complete waste of time which sent me very nearly to sleep, and once again Punk and Bryan had to save the second hour by putting on a clinic.

As much as I like seeing Bryan and Punk, WWE needs to start building a few more storylines heading into No Way Out or risk low buy rates for a match they’re offering on a weekly basis for free. Punk/Bryan/AJ is the only interesting thing Raw has had since they delivered a promising PPV in OTL, and it has left me disappointed. Regardless, this week seemed to serve its purpose of putting Show over as a heel once again, and for that reason it was a success. It still isn’t good enough for me though.

When Raw starts sending you to sleep in the first hour, something is very wrong.

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  1. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    I got soooooo bored with Show's opening promo. I was hoping the crowd would start chanting "boring". Just not that interesting and went on way too long. I'm not sure why everyone on here hates Del Rio. Maybe he's doing his job just that well? I actually enjoy his in ring work and gimmick. I love me some Ricardo Rodriguez. And the most boring wrestler in the WWE is Randy Boreton. Horrible promos, boring entrance, stale in ring style. He was only interesting the 1 month he first held the title and when he used to give the RKO reports on his shoulder. Outside of that, he's fast forwarded weekly.
    Updated 05-29-2012 at 11:13 AM by ToiletBowl
  2. VoiceOfTheSilentMajority's Avatar
    RAW was a show of three parts;

    Part 1; Big show says lots without actually saying anything new. 20 mins of the show wasted.

    Part 2; WWE 13 (the game) takes over, and all wrestling is put to one side in order for them to promote a game that will be exactly the same as last years.

    Then a brief interlude of stuff worth watching as Bryan and Punk do what they do, and they do it well.

    Part 3; Big show destroys everything he can, just very slowly. The show was running ahead of time and this led to Big Show just wandering around the ring trying to think of things to do.

    Bryan and Punk did their best to try and save the show, but unfortunately this was in vain. Thank god Ziggler is going to be getting a singles push but RAW was dull, very dull, in fact it was very very dull. On to next week when I'm sure we will be seeing Big Show again......

    (I do however give big props to the crowd who managed to stay involved throughout the show, kudos.)

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