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Over The Limit "theunderdog review"

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(I'm not going to go into too much detail about the matches, more so on the story lines)

Match One: Zack Ryder v's Kane

I'm sure i wasn't the only one who didn't care for this at all. Ill admit i didn't even watch it live due to the fact it involved Ryder. I mean he had his 15 mins of fame and slowly but surely everyone is coming round to the truth that he's not funny, poor on the mic and cant wrestle very well. You want to be the internet champion? well get use to that because that's the only place you will be seen from now, that's if your lucky enough to keep your job.
Kane wins Blah Blah Blah (not worth talking about) Star rating: no rating for this one

Match Two: The Battle Royal

OK first of all out of all the competitors it was very easy to see who would be in the last 3 from the outset. Note to WWE throw in a curve ball here or there to make it more exciting for the fans ie. Santino almost winning the Royal Rumble. Anyway for whats it was worth it was entertaining, myself i would have liked to see Otunga get the win. He has great mic skills and is developing very nicely. Crowd were happy with Christian though, and although i do like him i predict a short reign as Vince always seems to get fed up with pushing Christian. One last thing on this one, Regal is so over and it will be a damn shame if he doesn't get one last big push before he hangs up the boots. Star rating: **

Match Three:
WWE Tag Team Championship Match
-Kofi and Truth vs Swagger and Ziggler

This in my opinion was the second best match of the night and well done to the WWE for getting a Tag match correct for the first time in 2 years. Both teams were excellent, sold moves well, moved fast and had lots of near moments that make you wonder 'hmmmmm actually not sure who will win this one?' Id like to see this rivalry continue and maybe for fun add another team to the mix. Build it for a few months and then lets have TLC moment again and bring back the good times. I like Reks and Hawkins, was happy to see them get some air time last night and i think they would slot into this nicely if written well. Star Rating ***1/2

Match Four: Divas Championship Match -Beth v's Layla

I'm going to be nice about this one. Not a fan of the division but for what it was worth it was one of the better women's matches for a while. Dont know how the will get Kharma into story-lines i mean nothing makes sense really. I can see a Beth face turn so that when Kharma returns and dominates, Beth will be the last hope or something along these lines, whatever i don't really care..... best diva they have is Vicki and she doesn't even wrestle.enough said.
Star Rating:* (got a star for the sick neck breaker at the end)

Match Five: Fatal 4 Way match for WHC
-Sheamus v Randy v Alberto v Jericho

It was always going to be Sheamus or Randy who won this one. Think only someone with the brain power of a child would think otherwise. I got to say i enjoyed the hell out of it though. Some great wrestling and well timed match. Jericho does all the right things as does Alberto and the should be applauded for their performances to help grow the Sheamus/Randy story-line. All in all it was the right decision to let Sheamus retain. A good champion, proved how good he was versus Bryan last ppv. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. Id imagine a Sheamus heel turn in the pipeline to keep him interesting as a champion.
Star Rating:***

Match Six: Miz v Brodus

I refuse to write anything got to do with Brodus Clay's gimmick. Worse than the Diva's division (yep i mean that). Also Miz deserves better that this. Why? cause he's AWWWWWSSOOME

Match Seven: Intercontinental Championship- Christian v Cody

I can only a imagine Cody will be jumping ship to Raw soon and going on to bigger and better. Its the only explanation that makes sense. More of a down grade for Christian and a push for Cody. I'm happy with this as Cody is the future and giving the IC to christian made the kids happy. Well played on this one WWE.
Star Rating:**

Match Eight: WWE Championship match- Punk v Bryan

Best match of the night and for this reason im going to write the least on it. Not much needed to say here except well done, to both guys. Flawless. More of this please. oh and also YES YES YES!
Star rating:****1/2 (why not 5 stars? because they have to fight again sometime that's why)

I'm not going to call the Ryback thing a match, god i hate this gimmick. I cant express how much i hate it without using inappropriate language so moving on....

Final Match: Cena v Big Johnny

Ill start by saying I'm a fan of both guys. i don't care if u disagree with me but Cena is the hardest working guy in wrestling and Big Johnny is entertaining to watch and a super heel (which is his job so if u hate him well then he must be doing something right). All in all good match but had the most predictable ending ever. I mean my unborn child saw this coming and i haven't even gotten anyone pregnant yet. But if it keeps Big Johnny as the boss well then I'm a happy boy
Star rating:***


I'm always scared to watch raw after ppv's because its usually a big let down. Then again the quality of Raw usually depends on the quality of the crowd so here's hoping its a loud and wild one.

Hoping for:

-Big Show and Big Johnny to start off Raw. Big Show to be installed as Johnny's new body guard and to return as a force instead of a crying bubbling little baby we've seen the last few weeks. Also for Johnny to tell us his role and give us a bit of people power (does anyone else love his music ha)

-Danial Bryan and Punk rivalry to continue. This could be epic. Lets continue it WWE, don't let me and everyone else down please don't ......cue Lord Tensai

-Lots of YES chants

-A Sheamus heel turn, or at least another twist in the Randy/Sheamus story-line.

-A Miz or a Jericho win, getting sick of seeing them lose, although i can understand with Jericho as he will be leaving soon.

-No Ryback or FunkyAssFace or whatever he is called

-More great tag team action (now is the time to capitalize on this)


Thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed it. This was my first blog and look forward to hearing your comments be it good or bad, ill take them all on board.
Till next time, I've been your Underdog.

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  1. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    There was never really a Randy/Sheamus storyline going. It was all part of the build up for a fatal four way. I could see the Randy/Jericho thing coming though. It was the only smart thing to do seeing as Randy kicked him in the head, lol. Good review.
  2. ewantu2's Avatar
    Well Randy was stareing at Sheamus at the end of the match and i hope they do more with it because i was just getting into to it.

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