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Ever since Vince retired and HHH took over, WWE has been incredibly addicting and so much fun to watch. I find myself counting the days until the next week to see what's going to happen next.

Slowly but surely it seems they are moving out of the PG era which is great.

I also like how the writers are making the story lines seem more real, I find myself wondering what's real and what's not sometimes, that's how good the stories are and the performances of the wrestlers.

It's exciting to think of the future of WWE when they hit the attitude era again.

One thing though that I feel is missing. New wrestlers that are the next big thing right now. What does that mean? lol, Well you know how popular Cena is right? he's just got something about him that tells everyone he is the champ and he is someone special. In the past we had HBK, HHH, 'Taker, Edge, Mysterio, Guerrero, and the list goes on. But when is the last time we've actually had that New Big WWE Star? We have Miz, Ziggler, Sheamus, Ryder, Del Rio but none of them are John Cena status, they don't have that "thing" about them that makes them one of the greatest wrestlers and stars of all time. No matter how hard WWE pushes them, they just don't have it completely. They have something but not "IT".

So, I think WWE needs that new Cena, the new HBK, someone who is the new big thing at WWE and is a legend before he even gets started because he's got that "IT" factor.

Other than that, it's all good.

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