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The Singles Champions: CM Punk, Sheamus, Santino Marella

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Hey everyone. As usual, thanks for reading and comments are welcome. These are just the thoughts I've been having on the title picture in WWE. I'm not going to go into the Diva's or Tag Team Championships. Maybe I would if these girls could actually wrestle and it was the Women's Championship. And as for the Tag Team Titles... let's just not talk about it.

And this isn't a super-serious "In my professional opinion..." blog. I'm just sharing my thoughts and I haven't even planned this blog out. I'm just writing as it pops into my head.

WWE Champion - CM Punk
Punk is definitely a good champion. He always performs well in the ring and on the mic, as we all know. The main thing I like about Punk as our current WWE Champion is the long title reign. He's successfully defended it in a TLC match, the Elimination Chamber match, and at 'Mania to name just a few. What I'm really trying to say is that it's going to be a big fucking deal when he finally loses. The only downside to Punk being champ is that his character has gotten pretty stale, as I mentioned in an earlier blog. He's really not that interesting anymore, which is unfortunate because he has all the talent in the world. I don't really know what to do about it, perhaps a heel turn because Punk is a great heel. In a perfect world, Bryan will win tonight. YES! YES! YES!

World Heavyweight Champion - Sheamus
Sheamus is making the best of what creative is giving him. Since he's so over I feel like he's marketed towards the younger audience, which I can't blame WWE for, it's a good move for business. I mean, the guy went from "The Celtic Warrior" to... "The Great White." Awesome. Anyway I like him as the World Champ, but his character isn't all too interesting. Like the writers aren't really giving me a reason to CARE about Sheamus, but most of us at least like him. It was nice for him to finally win the title after just sort of floating around Smackdown beating everyone in matches. (Of course I wish we had gotten an actual MATCH at Wrestlemania). I honestly expect him to retain at Over the Limit, even though the WWE is so high on Del Rio for some fucking reason.

United States Champion - Santino Marella
*sigh* ...This wasn't so bad at first. But now it's gotten old. I mean I like Santino, I like his comical character. But it's gone so far that I don't buy him as a champion. He's always getting bailed out in matches, except for his Youtube match against The Miz that nobody even watched. I honestly don't know EXACTLY how to put what I'm trying to say into words, but most of you probably feel the same way and can kind of get what I'm trying to get across. Just sort of a "Meh..." feeling. I think Ziggler needs to ditch Vickie and Swagger and win this belt back clean on his own, and have a nice long title run with it. Or they should put it on David Otunga. (Yes, I actually like him. His whole coffee and constant-flexing thing makes me laugh).

Intercontinental Champion - Cody Rhodes
Rhodes deserves this title. He brought some prestige back to this belt, winning it from "Big Zeke" and defending it a good few times. He's good in the ring and is one of the guys who will be around for a long time. He brought back the nifty white-strap belt too. I don't even know why they made him lose the belt at 'Mania just to win it right back, I guess it was just to give Big Show his "Wrestlemania moment." Put Cody in a fued with a guy his size and he'll put on great matches. I don't really know exactly who should challenge him for it, maybe somebody new like Damien Sandow now that he actually does stuff.

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  1. deadly56's Avatar
    OK, blog but you missed the Tag Team Champions, and you forgot to mention Cody in you're Title.
  2. Jason McQuitty's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by deadly56
    OK, blog but you missed the Tag Team Champions, and you forgot to mention Cody in you're Title.
    He said he wasn't going to cover the tag team or diva's belt.

    I enjoyed the read...nice .
  3. Viperfish's Avatar
    I think the biggest problem with Punk being stale right now is that the authority is busy with someone else. A character bucking authority has always made for incredible ratings. NWO did it and Steve Austin did it. Cena and Lesnar's got the authority on them(Johnny Ace and Triple H), so that leaves Punk with nobody but other wrestlers to feud with. I'd prefer that Punk wrestles actual wrestlers than to get into gimmick matches like one against Johnny Ace, but the whole reason why Punk got a massive push was because he bucked authority with the promo and the few weeks right after it.
  4. sonicwolfen's Avatar
    Yeah Deadly when i posted it the title was just "the singles champions" but i guess whoever approves the blogs decided to add those names and leave out Cody Rhodes, making me look silly.
  5. VincemcMahon's Avatar
    [IMG][/IMG]I preferred Sheamus as the celtic warrior, as i am from Cabra 5 minutes from his Ma's house,
    i also found it funny when Michael Cole referenced our real celtic warrior cuchullain (pronounced coo chullan) MC called him cuckoo lane lol


    This is cuchullain killing a wolf with a sliotar (irish hockey puck)

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