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Re-booking history: Kane vs Rey Mysterio in 2008

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Hey blog-readers! Whelp, its another original edition of re-booking history and I'm totally excited for this topic! Today, the angle I'll be re-booking is Kane vs Rey Mysterio in 2008 which I thought had a lot of potential of being a big storyline for both Kane and Rey Mysterio but it just became another filler match for both wrestlers. Like always, I'll be putting my spin on things, going step by step with my ideas in a logical way. For any of you who forgot about the Kane/Rey Mysterio storyline in 2008 or just have no clue they even had a feud in 2008, here is a quick reminder:

What you see in this picture is Kane holding Rey Mysterio's mask. Well back in 2008 during the summer, Kane went ballistic, asking the commentators "Is he alive or dead?" and attacking both Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler if he didn't receive answers. Here is the clip:

Oh no, but Kane didn't stop there. He would even continue going on a rampage by attacking any WWE Superstar in site. had people thinking it could be The Undertaker he was referring to but Kane was referring to Rey Mysterio. Kane revealed to the fans that he had had beaten Rey Mysterio and tortured him beyond recognition, thus ripping his mask off. Kane would then cut some awesome promos, talking about how Rey Mysterio has to hide behind a mask because he is a coward and all that jazz. This was one of the most intriguing storylines the WWE had cooked up in 2008 but it sadly went nowhere. Rey Mysterio and Kane would have some decent matches but in the end, Rey Mysterio would win, ending a great storyline which come have been so much more. While I don't really blame WWE for not putting so much investment in this storyline since this was basically a filler feud until Wrestlemania season, I sparked an idea that IMO could have made this feud BIG. From step by step, here is how I would have booked Rey Mysterio in my own version:

Kane causing chaos on Raw:
Well now that Kane has revealed that he has destroyed Rey Mysterio and took his mask, I would had him keep going on a rampage every week on Raw with no one stopping him. Every week, he would randomly attack wrestlers and even backstage employees, making him feel like more of a monster than a human. Not only does this make Kane indestructible but it leaves you with that thought of which wrestler is going to stop Kane since Rey Mysterio is still injured from the attacks Kane game him.

Batista stands up to Kane:
With Kane attacking every wrestler in site and no one stopping him, Batista decides to put an end to Kane's destruction. Batista also wants to get payback on Kane for what Kane did to Rey Mysterio. Batista challenges Kane to a match at No Mercy with Kane gladly accepting.

Kane vs Batista at No Mercy 2008:
This is your standard match here with either man winning by pinfall, submission, or DQ. Batista tries everything in his power to put Kane down for the 3 count. Batista hits a spear but that doesn't put Kane down for the 3 count. Batista even gives Kane a spinebuster but that still isn't enough to put Kane down for the 3 count. Batista then tries to give Kane a Batista Bomb but Kane flips him over down on the canvas. Once Batista gets up, Kane gives Batista a chokeslam which gives him the 3 count. Giving Kane the victory here builds suspense as to who is going to stop Kane seeing as how he just beat The Animal Batista.

Batista demands a rematch:
After his win at No Mercy, Kane brags about him beating Batista, telling Batista hes fighting a battle he simply can't win. Kane goes on to say that if Batista was smart, he'll stay out of his way and stop trying to fight Rey Mysterio's battles. Batista goes to the ring with a mic and tells Kane that he wants a rematch. Kane says he already had his chance and failed. From out of nowhere, Batista gives Kane a spear and leaves the ring.

Kane gives Batista his rematch:
I would have Kane go to the ring with a mic and telling Batista that last week, Batista disrespected him by giving him a spear. I'd also have Kane say that he'll give Batista his rematch at Cyber Sunday and at Cyber Sunday, Kane will destroy Batista just like he did Rey Mysterio.

Tables/Last man standing/Falls count anywhere:
The Raw GM Stephanie Mcmahon has announced that the fans will vote on which stipulation Kane vs Batista will be at Cyber Sunday. Kane suddenly comes out to the ring with a mic and says it doesn't matter what the stipulation is because either way, hes going to put Batista in the hospital right with his buddy Rey Mysterio. Batista comes to the ring and starts to attack Kane which turns to a big brawl. WWE staff breaks the brawl up as the Raw show ends.

Kane vs Batista in a last man standing match at Cyber Sunday 2008/Rey Mysterio returns:
Since the last man standing stipulation got more fan votes, than its going to be the stipulation of the Batista vs Kane match. This is a brutal match with a lot of blood, chairshots, and false finishers but Kane gives Batista a chokeslam right onto a chair which knocks Batista out-cold. Kane wins the last man standing match as a result. Batista gets stretchered out of the arena in an emotional moment. Kane having an evil grin on his face, picks up the mic and says that he warned Batista not to step in the ring with him.
Suddenly, Rey Mysterio's music hits as he comes out to a huge pop. Rey has a chair in his hand and bashes Kane with it and following it up with a 619. Rey leaves the arena but Kane barely gets back to his feet in-shock at what just happened.

Rey Mysterio returns to Raw:
So now that Rey Mysterio made his presence felt at Cyber Sunday, now its time for him to return to Raw. I would have him talk about the attack Kane gave him and thinking that it was almost the end of his career but now hes back and ready to take on Kane right now. An irate Kane comes
down to the ring to try and destroy Rey Mysterio again but Raw GM Stephanie Mcmahon comes out and says that Kane and Rey Mysterio will not fight on Raw but they will fight at Survivor Series.

Rey Mysterio vs Kane at Survivor Series 2008:
This match is all about Rey Mysterio getting revenge. Rey tries to out-speed Kane but Kane tries to ground him, stomping on every part of Rey's body. Kane dominates the match for the most, giving Rey Mysterio a chokeslam to score the win. After the match, Kane still attacks Rey Mysterio and tries to rip off Rey Mysterio's mask but the WWE staff runs in to the ring to stop him. Giving Kane the win leads to something big which i'll get to later.

Kane wants to destroy Rey again:
Although Kane beat Rey Mysterio at Survivor Series 2008, I will have Kane say he still wants to hurt Rey even more. Kane says that Rey's mask is a symbol of being timid and scared to show who he truly is. Kane says that he isn't a coward which is the reason why he unmasked back in 2003. Kane says that if he can unmask Rey Mysterio, than he will show Rey the light. Rey comes out to the ring and says that if Kane want to unmask him so bad, he'll have to beat him in a match at Armageddon. Rey goes on to say that if he beats Kane, than Kane has to mask on Kane says he accepts the challenge but the stipulation of their match will be a steel cage match. Kane also says that since Armageddon is held in San Diego, he'll destroy Rey in front of his family.

Rey Mysterio vs Kane inside a steel cage at Armageddon 2008:
If Rey Mysterio wins, Kane will have to mask on but if Kane wins, Rey Mysterio has to unmask. Armageddon is in San Diego which means Rey's family and friends are watching in the crowd. Kane dominates the match, throwing Rey Mysterio around the cage like a rag doll. After beating the tar out of each other, Kane finally goes for a chokeslam but Rey Mysterio reverses it and takes Kane off his feet with a swift kick to the back. Rey Mysterio climbs the cage with Kane down but suddenly, Rey Mysterio does a frog slash on top of the cage onto Kane which gives him the 3 count. After the match, Rey Mysterio celebrates with his family and friends in a great moment. Kane is shocked that he lost which means he has to put a mask on.

The future:
Since Kane had to mask on, he would have masked on like how he currently looks:

We can also have him go into a feud with Batista seeing as how they have unfinished business. Either way, I thought this storyline was a great opportunity to put a mask on Kane and book him as the masked monster he is today. Thanks for reading guys! Let me know what you think!

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  1. blink's Avatar
    I like your story but I think I prefer why Kane has his mask back on now. But I do agree that they could've built Kane up as a big time monster with this. Hell they've missed several opportunities to make Kane a monster.
  2. Broc's Avatar
    Love it DUBS. I see you still have your booking mind from JBW

    That would have been MILES better than what the 'E actually had.
  3. darkmind88's Avatar
    nice but i dont get how kane would beat the animal batista 2 ppvs in a row then go and lose to some1 like rey mysterio
  4. Dubs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by darkmind88
    nice but i dont get how kane would beat the animal batista 2 ppvs in a row then go and lose to some1 like rey mysterio
    Its simple. Rey Mysterio can easily escape from a steel cage match against bigger opponents so that's why that stipulation would give him the win.
  5. Dubs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Broc
    Love it DUBS. I see you still have your booking mind from JBW

    That would have been MILES better than what the 'E actually had.
    Hey, got to put it to good use.

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