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Is CM Punk The Biggest Hypocrite in Prowrestling?

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First off I like to say Iam a admire of CM Punks work, I Love his in ring ability's and I think his promos (Before becoming John Cena's mini me on the mic) were Stellar and some of the better prowrestling promos I have ever seen. But I really believe CM Punk is one of the most Hypocritical people in entertainment today.

Lets look at the whole Chris Brown Twitter war going on... CM Punk goes on a Twitter rampage on Chris Brown several years after Brown was convicted of beating his pop star Girlfriend. CM Punk continued to belittle Brown. Which is Understandable of CM Punk had did this I don't know been done "Like 4 years Ago!!" but he chooses to do it now. Not only Does CM Punk dissect Chris Brown on twitter and question his morals and his manhood but on that same Twitter account that he picks apart Chris Brown he Praises Steve Austin and talks about what a honor it be to work with him.... Now lets look at facts here. Chris Brown was convicted and admitted too abusing his then Girlfriend Rhianna, Chris Brown was no more than 17 or 18 years old at the time. So lets give Brown the benifit of the doubt, He was immature at the time and he made a mistake. Steve Austin was 40 years old when he abused his then Wife Debra Mcmichaels, What excuse could Austin use?. So its ok for Austin to do it and when he does it he is a man of all men but when Brown does it he is a Chicken shit who deserves to Die?

I'm about the Biggest Steve Austin Fan their is and I despise Chris Browns Music and I can honestly tell you I don't know 1 full Chris Brown song and even I cant agree with Punks double standard . CM Punk is such a Hypocrite, I don't know how he doesn't see how big of a Hypocrite he is.

Lets go on to CM Punk Twittering about Gay Marriage. He was openly stating his disgust with a states policy to not legalize gay marriage. When Some person on Twitter wrote "“Man was meant for woman, and even the thought of homo’s make me sick.” CM Punks response was "Kill Your Self". Then he told another person to "Drink Bleach". Then when someone told Punk to Be a S.T.A.R. his response was "Hey moron, don’t try to hide behind the be a star campaign. I am a star. I’m fighting bigots here. Zero tolerance.”.

Be a S.T.A.R. Campaign was created cause of teens and young children being bullied mostly online and taking their own life. Kids and teens being bullied for not looking a popular way or not having a popular opinion.... So lets get something straight, Not only is CM Punk bullying someone with a different opinion on the internet but he is bullying this person to take his own life? Is that the Be A S.T.A.R program is all about?. Fucking stupid in so many ways.... There is a man on here his name is Knox. Knox wrote a blog and someone commented on his blog using many, many disturbing racial slurs, Some I will not get in to. Talking about wanting Knoxs to die cause he is Black. Knox had every right to tell this person to kill them self and use vulgar language against him, I mean this man attacked Knox personally and didn't state a Opinion, he just vulgarly belittled Knox, Knox's family and Knox's Race. But Knox did not Tell this person to kill himself, threaten to kill him or use Vulgar language , No, He took a much higher road..... So a simple Blogger like Knox who had every right to say what ever he wanted to a ignorant man who went well over the line of stating a difference of opinion can take the high road why couldn't CM Punk? CM Punk likes to think he is this great humanitarian, Fighting for women and Gay Rights. Preaching tolerance and respect. CM Punk does the opposite of what he says.

Then CM Punk has the nerve to call out a man who says he disagrees with homosexuality. Tell this person to kill him self and drink Bleach but CM Punk says this to a fan at a WWE house show

CM Punk says that these men are not real men cause they have Vaginas and then says they are homos. So in CM Punks mind, He thinks all Gay men are not real men and they have vaginas? That's basically what he was saying. Why did CM Punk Call these fans a Homo? Not a mother Fucker, Not a son of a bitch, Not Ugly, Not Assholes. No cause in CM Punks mind the worst thing you could call a man is a homo and tell them they have no penis.... So its ok for Punk to do this but if someone writes they don't agree with Homosexual marriage they should drink Bleach? but he can mock homosexuals and be little them in arenas and he doesn't have to drink Bleach. Instead he considers himself a great humanitarian that should be looked up to.

Phony people like this get on my nerves. You know I get that people are phony and connivers, I understand that but if your gonna be a a lying phony conniver than atleast be good at it, Cause when you are so obvious like CM Punk its insulting, No one is that dumb to fall for it and if they are I really feel sorry for them.

Like I said, I'm no Angel, I have got in heated discussions on here and it got personal and I told people to kill them self as they told me. But I don't preach against it, I don't pretend to be this poster boy for Tolerance or rights.. I'm not a celeb with any kind of influence. If a Young man admires CM Punk and actually got hurt by his comments and went thru with the suicide or attempted to do so how would Punk feel?. He is admired by alot of people to the point that maybe someone would feel so low cause their idol told them to kill them self they might contemplate it.

On a Different note I look forward to Punks Match with the great Daniel Bryan at Over the Limit.... Please in the comment Section lets lay off the pro gay vs anti gay debate lets focus on CM Punk, The topics I wrote about, How my writing or paragraphing sucks and anything else to do with this blog.

Thank You

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  1. knox's Avatar
    Fabulous blog and you know I couldn't agree more. Cm Punk is what we call an "Attention Whore". You see during the Summer of 2011, Cm Punk changed the face of the wrestling world....FOR TWO MONTHS.

    Then the attention started shifting to the Rock & Cena. Meanwhile, Cm Punk is your WWE Champion but all his segments were tanking, he wasn't the big show anymore and was easily forgotten.

    Cm Punk thought quick on his feet, he had to do something. So he started to use Twitter to gain attention. Look at how he went at Chris Brown like 2 hours after Brown won his first Grammy. Punk was looking for attention.

    Thanks for the the blog.
  2. Keith Stone's Avatar
    He's not a hypocrite, he's just human everybody has flaws and double standards everybody. No one is perfect, see Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, John Cena, HHH The Rock, all of them are attention whores if they weren't they be normal people like everybody else. As far as the language he's from Chicago that's how people actually talk lol no yes sir yes mam, more like fuck off or fuck you. that's just the language when you are born there. If you went to Philly or Boston you would hear worse than what Punk put on twitter.
  3. bartish2's Avatar
    and the truth has been told
  4. YES! YES! YES!'s Avatar
    EXCELLENT. You hit the nail right on the head. I used to be a big CM Punk fan but i started to kind of not like him simply because he seems like an asshole. and when i heard his twitter threats to the anti-gay tweets he received i thought of the "homo" video. Its funny too because he used to always say how much he hated twitter and would never get it, now he has it. but of course that could be because of the WWE's social media movement. I never made the connection between his hatred for brown and love for Austin. this was a great write up, great job man!!
  5. JoePublic's Avatar
    I think you make valid points here but

    "So lets give Brown the benifit of the doubt"

    No, just, no. Sorry.
  6. akbar's Avatar
    Because of some lines and statemesnts amongst the thousands he said on twitter, you've labelled him 'the biggest hypocrite in Prowrestling'?
    I tend to let people do much more bigger things until I can give them such a strong label.

    Abit of over-analysing for your dislike towards a wrestler if you ask me...
  7. akbar's Avatar
    And while CM Punk was wrong to say 'go kill yourself', I find it shocking that people are giving him more bad press consider the other perpetrator made real homophobic that's the kind of people I find hypocritical
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