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Scott Steiner vs Hogan/Bischoff Twitter War.

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Dear EWN Readers.

Once again I decided to put my fingers to the keyboard, and write up a nice blog for you all. If you read my last blog, I explained all the good and bad facts about John Cena, in a completely non biased way. I got many compliments for that and I am grateful.

If you are a wrestling fan, you may have noticed Impact Wrestling has had a lot of negativity surrounding it for some time. You may see people criticize the fact that TNA is not the same anymore, and guys like Hogan, Bischoff, Russo(when he was still hired), Bruce Prichard and others are bringing the product down, and are not using the incredible talent we know that TNA has, properly.

This is where Scott Steiner comes in, we all know that Steiner did steroids, we all know he might be a couple of sandwich's short of a picnic, but we also know that Steiner is a legend in this business, and he was worked hard for the fans for many years, and still does.

Steiner, in the past, has been very vocal when he becomes upset. How many of you have seen the classic shoot promos on guys like Ric Flair? Scotty has always told us exactly what he thinks, and nine times out of ten, he is completely correct about the things that he says. He is one of those guys, who says things, that other people wouldn't dare to say, and this has happened again just recently over Twitter.

Steiner was contracted to TNA wrestling, and he had been apart of TNA for many years. He became one of TNA's most regular legends, and he was putting guys over, and being the heel we just love to hate.
He had stepped up his game lately in TNA's new project, Ring Ka King, he got over majorly as a heel there, so much that he was plastered across billboards all over the country.!/ScottSteiner/status/182618037545996288/photo/1

He was scheduled to have a match against James Storm on Impact, however this was cancelled, the reasons why are still unknown. He was let go of his contract after this.

Not long after, Steiner would begin his attack on Hogan, Bischoff and the TNA creative.
You can understand why he would be frustrated, but it seems after all these years, Steiner has finally lost all patience when it comes to Hulk Hogan and company. He is tired of them bringing TNA down and he has stated many facts, that the majority of fans, and even fellow wrestling personalities (like Jim Ross) have agreed with. Lets have a look at some.

Steiner's facts.

-That the details of Hogan's sex tape is an embarrassment, not only to himself, but TNA Wrestling.

-Steiner says he is not blasting TNA Wrestling, and that he will let us know when he does.

-Steiner wants to save the sinking ship which is TNA, because of Hogan and Bischoff doing the same BS they have before, and that he wants to be the voice for the guys in the back, as they cannot put their jobs at risk.

-That he is not bitter about not being in TNA wrestling anymore.

-Jerry Lawler's joke about Bruce Prichard's heart attack being an example of what the WWE thinks of him.

-When Hogan and company got control, they tried to takeover all the wrestler's twitter pages, and they would create Twitter pages for those who didn't have one and have someone pretend to be that wrestler. (He gives Sting as an example of someone who does not use Twitter).
Apparently all the wrestlers refused to sign over their twitters, and they would get emails every week asking them to use their twitter to promote Impact Wrestling, and most noticeably, Hulk Hogan and his new GM position.

-That many wrestlers, including Sting, was pissed off at Hogan for acting like a face during the Hogan vs Sting match, instead of playing the heel and trying to get booed.

-He believes Garrett Bischoff has been pushed way to much, and does not deserve the position he has.

-Steiner notes that Hulk Hogan turned from face to heel so many times, because they were producing the worst ratings ever.

-Eric Bischoff apparently praised Flair at a ringside meeting at a TV taping, and the guys were surprised and knew the Hall of Fame is just a work, so they would call Eric Bischoff a Mark.
Bischoff would promote WWE further by mentioning his Hall of Fame rings twice on Impact Wrestling.

-That the wrestlers do not respect Flair after reading the article displaying how much trouble Flair has been in over the years, and that he does not have much money on Espn.

-Steiner says that Bischoff and Hogan have disrespected and shit on everybody behind closed doors and in the media. They attacked AJ Styles, Roode, Angle and Jeremy Borash.

-Steiner says Brooke Hogan would be better off on a street corner, because she can't sing or dance.

-That Hogan and Bischoff screwed with AJ and buried him, when AJ Styles refused to bleach his hair like Ric Flair during the whole Fortune angle, when Flair was managing them.

-Apparently Hogan Bischoff and Prichard were pissed because Ring Ka King drew millions of viewers, and they had nothing to do with it, so it seemed strange how TNA had mentioned the project very little on their shows.

-Matt Morgan was being buried because of his good work in Ring Ka King, and that they had sent Magnus home when Hogan and co. came into TNA, for about a year, and they only started to use him for Ring Ka King.

-He states that Garrett has ten matches, can barely deliver a clothesline, but they bury a guy like Abyss, by having him walk around saying he is Abyss' brother, like the fans don't know what Abyss looks like under the mask.

-That as soon as they took over, a barrier was put in place so you could no longer talk to Dixie directly, you had to talk to Bruce Prichard. All the guys thought that Bruce is a prick, and didnt want to talk to him, but those who contacted Dixie either got ignored, or reprimanded. Steiner is not sure how Hogan/Bischoff/Prichard convinced Dixie to turn her back on the people who built TNA.

-Since Hogan and co have come into TNA, costs are up, and the ratings have not improved at all.

-Bobby Roode told Steiner that Hogan had changed the outcome to the Bound For Glory match, as Hogan felt he was not ready. Roode was ready to call Hogan out, but Prichard begged him not too. Steiner would say that's what Hogan has done since WCW, he has creative control in his contract so he can decide the outcomes of matches.

-That creative control is like a circus, because creative change storylines all the time, and they end up being stupid and not making sense. Then when asked questions they have no good reason for the storyline.

-Apparently Jason Hervey is Hogan and Co's clown/midget, and that he has no reason to be around in TNA except to be with Bischoff, as they are business partners.

-Hogan went on ESPN to promote the PPV, but instead embarrasses himself by revealing the moment where he shit himself during an Andre the Giant match, and finishes the interview by saying, "Be Cool eat fruit", and fails to promote the PPV.

-That since Hogan announced Garrett Bischoff as the future of wrestling(then got booed notoriously by the English crowd), TNA made someone come out with Garrett to avoid the crowd booing him. Guys like Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, RVD and Mr Anderson.

-Steiner says that if TNA had the match, Garrett vs Eric at Lockdown, without the rest of the wrestlers there, the fans would have shit all over it.

-After Hogan had told the world that Angle has "Two left feet", Hogan came to the locker room, and asked Kurt if he was alright, and his hands were shaking, as he repeatedly asked Kurt Angle if they are ok.

-Steiner states that he is not being negative, he is trying to save TNA, as it does not deserve to go down like WCW did.

-He believes that Gut Check is just another waste of time, as the judges do not really decide who gets a contract or not, and it takes away air time from the talent TNA already have.

-He states that TNA was much better under the ruling of Jeff Jarrett, even if Jarrett was not perfect, TNA was a lot better off. He also says that they tried to bury Jarrett through character assassination, and when Jarrett refused to quit, they got him sent home.

-Steiner says they wont put Garrett Bischoff in singles matches anymore, because they are afraid he will get booed or get no reaction at all. Also he says that Garrett stumbled through his interview, and no one cared what he had to say.

-Thinks it was wrong how they wrote Bischoff out of the storylines, but continued to show segments of Bischoff the following week, despite the fact he had backstage heat. Also states the port o john segment looked incredibly fake and was brutal to watch, and gave a shit ending to a shit show.

-That TNA, instead of getting rid of the problem guys to save money, they save money elsewhere, he gives an example that they don't fly Taz and Tenay in for tv tapings anymore. Also he says that lots of wrestlers came to Jeremy Borash's defense when Bischoff ripped on him. Then TNA decided to do a segment where Borash would be attacked by Eric, only to have Garrett come down and save the day at the end of the show.

-He claims that the brand change was nothing but smoke and a fraud, as the company was beginning to say "Wrestling Matters", but nothing really changed.

-Tells us that Hogan brought in Orlando Jordan, and how the families with kids were disgusted on Orlando Jordan's debut entrance, and other segments. They would soon take the segments backstage to avoid crowd reactions.

-Steiner states that at one time, Hogan was claiming he could be the World Champion of TNA.

-Hogans idea to have fans video tape wrestlers at anytime of day, and have them send in the footage, was received with a strong dislike by the TNA wrestlers, as it invaded their privacy.

-He calls Garrett a drug user, and he reveals that 609, is the docket number for Eric Bischoff when he testified under oath in the Atlanta's Gold Club trial where Bischoff had allegedly not paid a girl enough money for using her services with his wife, for a threesome.

-Steiner says all he has ever done in TNA, is try to elevate guys and pass the torch, and that you could ask any wrestler whether its true, and they will agree.

-He is confused as to why Hogan, Flair, Bischoff and Prichard get so much air time, compared to wrestlers who do the house shows, tv shows or PPV.

-Bischoff claims that Steiner needs to step aside and let the younger generation through, and Steiner replies with the fact that Hogan, Bischoff and Flair get booked on the shows and they are 10 years older then him.

-In response to Hogan saying that Steiner must be going through a mid life crisis, Steiner points out the fact that Hogan went on to Larry King crying like a bitch, and saying that he put a gun to his mouth and was going to pull the trigger.

-Hogan and Bischoff had lawyers send him a letter telling him they take Steiners tweets seriously, and if threats continue there will be legal action taken.

Scott Steiner has said a lot, these points are just a summary on the topics he has touched on. Now lets see what the Hogan's and the Bischoff's have had to say in their defense.

Hogan/Bischoff reactions.

Hulk Hogan - Hogan claimed to be surprised about the release of Steiner, and says that Steiner was his friend, and is confused as to why Steiner is saying the things he is. Hogan claims that he was lobbying to have him return after Ring Ka King.
Hogan would carry on saying that Steiner had a great future ahead of him, but he has ruined it for himself.
Hogan revealed in an interview that Steiner has turned nuts, and that he can't be happy in his life. He claims that Steiner has done this to himself and should take responsibility for his decisions and his future.
Hogan reveals that he still likes Scott Steiner, but it was Steiner who decided he did not want to do business for the James Storm match, and thats why he was sent home.
When Steiner tweeted that he had received a letter fromtheir lawyers, Hogan claimed they are TNA lawyers, not his own. He also says he hopes Steiner saved his money for the courts, and that sadly you can't tell an idiot they are an idiot.

Garrett Bischoff - Garrett only responded once, basically saying, that he will not allow negative people to stop him from achieving his goals in wrestling. He also failed to quote The Rock's catchphrase properly, "boots to ass".

Eric Bischoff - Took him over a month to reply to Steiners tweets, but when he did, he insulted Steiner a lot.
#He told Steiner that he refused to move over for the younger guys.
#Steiner is bitter and would be back in TNA if given the chance.
#His promos make no sense, he is an old babbling drug abusing fool.
#Steiner sounds like a disgruntled ex girlfriend.
#Told a fan to not listen to the dabbling jealous wreck, and that Steiner should go to WWE wellness rehab.
#Steiner has his head in ass, as well as a needle.

In an interview he would reveal that he has not read Steiners tweets, but he has seen a couple of them. Apparently fans had forwarded them, but he didnt care for them. Bischoff tells us that Steiner must be going through a mid life crisis, and that he is hypocritical for not moving aside and retiring from the ring.

Brooke Hogan - She responded once, insulting Steiners "mesh hat", that he was a "little" problem, that he should be a gentleman, and that she could make more money on her back, then he could in his whole career(Yes she said that). She says he is just trying to get noticed and must be desperate.


It is true that Steiner has been tweeting for months now, he has made it a mission to expose the actions of Hogan and company. He has stated many facts, and had many fellow wrestlers and fans agree with his statements.
Hogan and Bischoff have failed to deny any of the statements he has put forward.

They have not defended themselves in a professional manner, and have only made the situation worse by responding in an attacking manner, which only gives Steiner more ammo to fire back at them.
It is true that Steiner is not the smartest guy out there, but he is a legend, and he has been around Hogan and Bischoff for a long time, if anyone would know what they are like, it would be him.

Speaking as a TNA fan, since 2007, the years prior to the arrival of Hogan and Bischoff were awesome to me, I would overhear people talking about TNA, and guys like AJ Styles, but now it seems that TNA is another company which people are embarrassed to talk about, and this is down to the changes made since Hogan and Bischoff came in. There is a lack of honour in TNA, TNA was about "Total Nonstop Action", the X Division was "No Limits" and the six sided ring made TNA stand out, and also made the matches more exciting for the X Division wrestlers.
Since Hogan and Bischoff came in, they have buried the X Division, and only Austin Aries really keeps it alive, they changed what TNA Wrestling was all about, and guys like Steiner, Sting and Kurt Angle had to step back and just watch it all unfold.
This war will continue, so long as Hogan and the Bischoffs continue to book themselves over the talent who deserves airtime, Steiner will continue to be the voice for the guys in the back. I can't wait to hear more from him.

What do you think? Is Steiner going through a mid life crisis? Or is it just damage control by Hogan? Will this effect TNA in the future? Does anyone think Dixie Carter might take notice and take action? Only time will tell, lets hope its sooner rather then later.

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  1. knox's Avatar
    I gotta give you props for this blog man you really educated me on a subject I paid no attention to. I remember Clark posted the first post about Steiner's ranting and I read that one post. Then I started to see Clark post a new Steiner rant like 3 times a day and I never bothered to read any of them.

    I seen the post about Hogan getting the law involved and I immediately took his side. Then I read your entire blog word for word and seen the things Steiner actually said and dude was 100% right about everything he said and it seems genuine.

    Steiner says he was all about the young guys getting a push. Everything he say's makes sense especially the part about them telling RVD & Hardy to go to the ring with Garrett so he doesn't get booed.

    And dude, I gotta say we see completely 100% eye to eye in every single word you said in the conclusion. Hats off to you. The 6 sided ring was a selling point, you don't get rid of that and make yourself just like the competition.

    I was damn proud to be a fan and talk about TNA from 2005-2009. It was great stuff. When Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle and AJ Styles were the three top guys in TNA, it was great compelling television and ratings might have not been high but it was great television. Also, I loved when Jeff Jarrett was running things.

    But when Hogan & Bischoff came in, the cancer effect took place. They ran a company that I used to love straight to the ground and to be honest it makes me wanna slap the shit out of Hogan. LEAVE THE DAMN SPORT ALONE HOGAN. Please stay the hell away from ROH but I know Jim Cornette is smart enough to not let Hogan dab his hands in that.

    Once again thanks for educating me on this subject. All this time I thought Steiner was being a prick until I read this. Thanks and keep blogging my friend.
  2. Dubs's Avatar
    I'm with knox. I didn't take Steiner's rants seriously but now, you showed me that what Steiner has been saying is pretty much accurate. When Steiner stated that AJ Styles got buried by Hogan & Eric because he didn't want to dye his hair blond, I knew it was true because when you think about it, that was right around the time AJ Styles lost his TNA World title to RVD on free TV and fell in the mid-card division ever since. Great blog again kylos!
  3. bigez1120's Avatar
    You are absolutely correct in your assessment. I am a huge TNA fan but the shows themselves are almost unwatchable anymore. TNA has alot of major talent and I would even put their roster against the E' anytime. I get so dissapointed when I watch the show and out comes Hogan, Flair, Dbag Eric, and even Garrett. Although Jarrett would wrestle and run the company he could still WRESTLE. The old guys have got to go and give the air time back to the talent.

    You look at the roster and see Samoa Joe and AJ Styles working mid card matches and I am embarrassed for the company. RVD, Hardy, Mr. Anderson, and any more WWE retreads should have catapulted this company but they just replaced the guys that TNA had established. I really think they need to bring back Petey Williams, Jay Lethal, 6 sided ring, real X division, and even Jarrett!

    About the best thing that TNA has going for it is the Knockouts division. Not only are these woman gorgeous but they can actually wrestle and are allowed to wrestle. It is nowhere near the bimbos that the E trots out there to work the 3 minute match. This would be the one thing that TNA has done right IMO.

    As far as Steiner ranting on twitter he is completely and utterly right. Hogan and Bichoff have ruined TNA and the guys in the back do not want to step on them. Neither had any legitimate arguments to Steiner.
  4. alcrissam's Avatar
    Now i understand why Bruno Samartino makes fun of Hogan, Bishoff, and Flair. Becuase they are idiots who wont leave wrestling alone because they need money for divorces. Hopefully something good comes put of these rants.
  5. Phani "THE ROCK" kaushik's Avatar
    lol @ alcrissam, that's a funny but true post there...

    Nice blog, and I totally agree with you and Knox on this. I must've read like first 2-3 posts of Steiner when Ryan posted them here and after that I stopped paying attention, though I knew he must be talking facts, whatever they are, about Hogan and Bitchoff. I used to watch TNA regularly until these buffoons have joined in. I actually tuned in the night they joined TNA but then I saw Hogan coming down and holding a sign from a fan which read "Vince fears Hogan" and smiling at it. I get it, he's in a company now that is a competitor to 'E and had issues with Vince in the past, but here he had a chance to take the co. to a further level with his charisma that transcends wrestling industry with professionalism and instead he did the opposite. Since the day the cancer has entered TNA, I stopped to care about the co. anymore. Predictable or not, crappy or not, WWE atleast has one guy that runs the show and he's the boss who might have his head up his ass at times, but atleast doesn't let others to shove his head up theirs by giving them total creative control!

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