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The Facts about John Cena - Good and Bad.

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Hello there EWN readers, it is very rare I decide to write a blog on here, and I have never made a blog directed towards one particular wrestler, but here goes.

As I am the EWN Facebook Admin who makes posts aside from the news feed (Frank being the other admin), I check into the Facebook page daily and keep you guys entertained with pictures, videos, reviews of shows, and even tournaments.
This means I often see the blogs that get posted, and I can admit to seeing many John Cena blogs, some being very Pro-Cena, others being pure hate speeches.

Cena's history

I have watched John Cena since his first match against Kurt Angle, and can admit to being a Cena fan at one point in time.
What did I like about him? Well I saw a guy with a lot of expression, his ruthless aggression gimmick was solid and I felt it suited his build and really got fans behind him.
I cut the guy some slack from the start, when he debuted it was clear that guys like Stone Cold, HBK, Hogan, The Rock and others were slowing down in their career, and the WWE needed to push some new young talent.
Every now and then I will watch the Kurt Angle invitational, I felt Cena did a very good job considering he was green, and Angle put him over like a pro.

I was still enjoying Cena when he was the United States Champion, I felt like Cena was really coming into his own, and had very good influences backstage(like Eddie Guerrero) who would keep pushing him to be the best.
Cena really grabbed my attention as the Doctor of Thuganomics, he would cut some pretty creative, epic raps on his opponents and humiliate them, he would generate good heat from the crowd as they just looked at him as a punk kid.
Cena had the look of a heel back then, its hard to picture him as a heel now, but I believe his run was some of his best work when it comes to mic work. However as a heel, you need to carry the matches, something which I have never seen him do well.
Throughout 2003, he was getting over with the fans, his raps and feuds with the likes of Brock Lesnar, put him right into the spotlight early in his career, and Vince saw this as a great opportunity to turn him face at the end of the year.

2004 was a turning point in his career, he would get his first Wrestlemania moment when he beat The Big Show for the U.S Title, only to have it stripped off him by Angle four months later. He would get the title back when he beat Booker T in a best of five series, but then would lose the title to a debuting Carlito Caribbean Cool. He would be sidelined for a month(when he was "stabbed" by Jesus") to film "The Marine", showing that Vince already had faith in Cena breaking into films.
He would get the US title back when he returned and debut the US Spinner belt.

The Cena era began when he defeated JBL for his first world title in 2005, many see this as the beginning of "Super Cena". He would still use the Doctor of Thuganomics and Chain-gang catchphrases, but they would soon be faded out in favour of the Cenation, and "You can't see me".

Many of you are aware of what happened after that, in the space of seven years, Cena would go on to win many world titles, he would hold the WWE title more times then anyone in history, and become the "Face of the WWE".

The Good

Now considering I am no longer a fan of Cena's work, I will give him credit where credit is due on some parts of his career.

Promo Ability - This seems to fluctuate, a lot of the time Cena can simply repeat what he has said before, but he has cut some really good promos in his time, some which had definite elements of truth, and garnered big reactions from the crowds and the fanbase. A lot of people would (even those who are not Cena fans) say Cena cut better promo's then The Rock leading up to Wrestlemania.


Feuds - There is no doubt that Cena has had memorable feuds.
He has had some great feuds against the likes of Edge, Shawn Michaels, Umaga, and CM Punk. It also looks like he may have another good feud with Brock Lesnar, we will see though. Some of his feuds have led to the next point.

Great matches - So people say Cena can't wrestle? Well that is partially true, because I have seen Cena wrestle before.

Cena vs Shawn Michaels - Raw 2007 in London, 52 minute matchup, nominated as Match of the Year.
Cena vs CM Punk - Money in the Bank 2011
Cena vs Edge - TLC and Backlash
Cena vs Umaga - Last Man Standing, Royal Rumble 07

Dedication - This is one thing that may annoy people, and it annoys me a little too(due to him reminding us often), but no one can deny that Cena is dedicated to be there for his fans, he works all year with barely any time off, and does a lot of things for charity. This makes him a good guy, so often no one questions his work load or attitude outside the ring.

Helping talent get over - In the past he has put in good words for the likes of Evan Bourne, and Zack Ryder, this would ulitmately be a factor in them getting more TV time. I reckon Cena should do this more often, and it looks like he is doing that right now with Brock Lesnar.
There's not many wrestlers in the WWE right now who could put someone over as much as Cena, as Cena is very well loved and hated at the same time.

Money - Read this article >>>

Now when a wrestler is responsible for almost a quarter of your profits in one year, it is very difficult as a business man, to want to change a winning formula. Cena sells like an icecream man on the hottest day of the year, whether you like it or not.
His merchandise may not suit a lot of people, but they get sold very well to his demograph, which is mostly children.
Imagine how many children out there have a John Cena bag? Or a Cena lunch box? Cena wristbands? Cena everything!? They look up to him like children did to Hulk Hogan in the 80's, so their parents are forced to buy this merchandise whether they like Cena or not.

The Bad

Vince McMahon - Many people can blame Cena himself for the hatred he gets, but the main culprit amongst anyone who should be blamed, is Vince McMahon himself. At the end of the day, Cena is an employee of Vince, he has no say in the booking of a show, and to some degree, his own wrestling.

His moveset - Vince knows what sells, and having been in the business as long as he has, and seeing the likes of Hogan(who also had a very limited moveset) be extremely marketable, he decided to do that with Cena.
When your a child, you don't appreciate the art of pure wrestling, the only thing you really take notice of, is the very moment when Cena becomes Superman, and gets his Five moves of Doom out.
Can you imagine their little eyes glued to the TV as he drops that 5-Knuckle Shuffle?? It's like children back in the 80's watching Hogan do the Big Boot, followed up by the Leg Drop. Cena is forced to do this moveset, and sometimes you can tell when he is very tired of it. Much to the dismay of the adults in the audience, we have to endure this, and this is Vince's fault.

The fact he rarely ever gets angry - How many times have we seen Cena get jumped, or get humiliated, and he just stands there with that cheesy grin? This is Vince's fault again, he does not want the children to see Cena go into a rage, (I mean a proper rage, not the kind where he "Embraces the hate") as that will kill their perception of him as their hero. Vince is afraid to ever show Cena in a negative light, as that is bad for business.

His Wrestling ability - I have said for years that Cena can't wrestle. And in a way I'm right. He does show glimpses of pure wrestling skill, like in the matches above, however he is usually always carried in those matches. If Cena was a heel, he would struggle to make a match entertaining, it would be like watching Cena vs Otunga every single time we saw him.

Another factor in this, is that Cena has had injuries in the past, and this kills merchandising for Vince. Vince knows that if Cena is out of the picture for more then a few months, his merchandise will fall, therefore he enforces strict rules to what Cena can and cannot do in a match, as well as what other wrestler's can and cannot do to him.

This is why we see the same old shit, part of me believes that sometimes Cena is just lazy, other times I believe it's because of Vince, other times I believe its to do with chemistry with whoever hes fighting. Then I realize its most likely a combination of all these together.

Cena does have poor technique though. His STF is cringing to see, as he never locks it in properly, I have never seen him do a proper dropkick, and his suplex is always done with a spring.. and he somehow makes a suplex look bad? Also his Attitude Adjustment is a weak finisher, Tommy Dreamer has the exact same finisher and he does the Death Valley Driver properly, where you land them more on their shoulders, and not flat on their back.

No selling - This is one big pet peeve that I have about Cena. He is very bad at selling during a match, he can go for 20-30 minutes, having his butt kicked, then out of nowhere he starts running around like he just drank ten cans of Red Bull!
I seen it many times where Cena will get kicked in the face, or hit with a chair, and he won't go down, or he gets up in 10 seconds.
Cena does not like to put people over when he does this, and it usually hurts the wrestler he is against a lot, and makes them look weak.

Something that annoys me more.. is that he can win ten WWE titles, but Brock Lesnar can come back and F-5 him straight away? Without a single punch or anything? I guess that's more Vinces fault though, he makes Cena look like Superman, but as soon as The Rock and Brock Lesnar come back, Cena suddenly loses all his powers??

Overhyping - This is not Cena's fault. This is purely Vince's fault once again. Its Vince who gives everything the green light, he has constantly put Cena in the main event since 2005 and had Cena destroy everybody year after year. He hypes a main event for Wrestlemania one year in advance, and then Cena botches the Rock Bottom? It just makes the more hardcore wrestling fans cringe when they have to wait a full year to see a match like that, a match that was nowhere near the drama and chaos of the Taker vs HHH match. It should not have been the main event, but that's Vinces fault, not Cena's.

ECW One Night Stand 2006 - Cena was already getting boo's leading up to this, but this PPV proved that the majority of the main wrestling audience (Males 15+) were already completely sick of Cena. ECW was an alternative brand, and to see this overhyped, overplugged, five moves of doom, superman/thug/rapper/army patriot WWE Champion in the main event of their last real PPV, and facing the one and only Rob Van Dam? I really think Vince had lost his marbles on this one, and it started a huge chain reaction that we see today.
This was the catalyst that sparked the "Let's go Cena, Cena Sucks" chants, and it should never have happened. "If Cena wins, We Riot" sign at that PPV is still very clear in my mind, I think if they booked Cena to win that night, the ECW audience would have shown Vince why ECW was hardcore, and not just a third rated, generic show like it ended up being.

Acknowledging all the negatives - Cena and the WWE have openly admitted to all the bad comments that fans say about him. They even had fans outside Wrestlemania share their thoughts on Live TV. What annoys fans even more, is that they actually know why the fans hate him, and they still don't do anything about it. This is Vince all over...

Fans wanting him to be Heel - As much as many fans want to see Cena turn, it won't happen, simply because Vince is scared to take that risk, and also realizes that Cena draws in lots of money. If your a chairman of a company, would you take that risk? Then again its not like Vince has a lot to lose? Then again, the majority of the world's economies are in recession, and do you blame him for trying to earn as much as he possibly can in these times?

Bad feuds - Cena has had his share of bad feuds. Feuds that became ultimately boring and didn't produce memorable matches, or he simply buried his opponents.

Cena vs The Miz
Cena vs R Truth
Cena vs Randy Orton
Cena vs The Great Khali


There's maybe more I could say about Cena, about his good and bad points, but overall I will say that sometimes he can impress me, whereas most of the time he bores me to death.
The most enjoyable thing I have seen lately, is that Cena has lost his super powers to The Rock, and Brock Lesnar, and I find it really good to see, as I am tired of seeing "The Champ" (although he isn't) triumph over all evil like a protagonist in a fantasy novel.
I would be happy if Cena never wins another world title, and spends the rest of his career putting over younger stars, he will still sell merchandise and could not be anymore over then he already is.
I respect the man, but I hate Vince McMahon for using him in this way, and turning the WWE into more of a circus where celebrities can guest host and plug their latest movies, this is why I would rather watch some old school wrestling, or tune into TNA when Hogan/Bischoff ain't hogging the spotlight, and I can watch some quality wrestlers (Male and Female) go at it and actually "Wrestle".

Cena defines "Sports Entertainment", and so long as he enjoys working there and picking up the cheques, Vince will keep plugging him away.
So yes, love Cena if you want, hate Cena if you want, but if your going to hate Cena, realize that you hate him, not just because he ain't that good of a wrestler, its also because of Vince McMahon.


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  1. thisiswrestling's Avatar
    Love the blog and I agree with you on many points. But no matter what, I'll always be a Cena fan.
  2. Muzza_H16's Avatar
    A much better John Cena blog than 'Why John Cena is killing the WWE' that some knobhead wrote the other day. That one seemed kind of personal lol. I'm thinking John Cena stole that guy's girlfriend back in High School.
  3. jai's Avatar
    I completely agree with this. Its factual, not an angry turd sandwich who is angry at Cena. But still, to me it seems like another Cena blog which still says more of what I already know or heard about, but at least this is structured alright.
  4. Bennyladd1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Muzza_H16
    A much better John Cena blog than 'Why John Cena is killing the WWE' that some knobhead wrote the other day. That one seemed kind of personal lol. I'm thinking John Cena stole that guy's girlfriend back in High School.
    Haha Wow, just wow, your butt hurt because of a blog that bashes Cena, stay off the internet moron.
  5. Pumpkinhead's Avatar
    Cena is Superman, Brock is Doomsday LOL
  6. Sydnister's Avatar
    Excellent blog!! Credit where credit is due and calling him out on what is wrong. Also acknowledging the fact of the matter that Vince is pulling the strings. There is one man making Cena what he is and it ain't John...

    I agree with you completely about Cena. I am not a fan of Cena and find most of his matches to be boring. There are times when something happens that I really enjoy and I respect the man and his work ethic/charity work. His promos leading up to Mania were much better than average and many were better than the Rock's.

    Bottom line: As long as he is selling shirts and wrist bands to the kids Vince will ride that pony til it drops.
  7. B-ri's Avatar
    Well written blog and everything is 100% correct, the ONLY thing I have a slight difference in opinion over is where you put his feud with Orton down as being bad, as I actually enjoyed that particular feud but I guess that's a very minor thing, good job man!
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