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Hello guys! Every year,we are waiting for one of much awaited event in WWE history, the WWE Draft. And i wanna tell to anyone what's my dream draft for this year...

From RAW drafted to SmackDown

The Miz -
SD needs a top heel for midcard and i know he fits for this role

Kane -
since Lord Tensai is the monster of RAW Brand and Mark Henry is injured,let him bring the pain on SMACKDOWN and let him have a feud with the superstars like Mark Henry and Khali

Chris Jericho -
could you imagine this?? "SMACKDOWN is JERICHO"

John Cena
- He will help to gain more ratings to SMACKDOWN

For Divas Division: Kharma!

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts - I think, his voice fits for SMACKDOWN..

"also I prefer to Tony Chimel (if he's not on NXT)"

Supplemental Drafts:
Mason Ryan
Evan Bourne
Jack Swagger
Kofi Kingston

From SMACKDOWN drafted to RAW

Big Show -
Let him feud with John Laurinitisand i think this 500lbs giant will be awesome if he will be put in the ring with CM Punk

Cody Rhodes -
i think it's time to bring his "Dashing" character on RAW

Daniel Bryan -
Yes! Yes! Yes! Chants is awesome to hear on RAW Arena and having a feud with CM Punk will be perfect if he will be drafted

Randy Orton -
anyway,i don't know why but i don't really care about this guy but on my opinion, he's better on RAW

Divas: AJ and Natalya

Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia - RAW will never be awesome without ring announcer like her

Supplemental Drafts:

Tyson Kidd
The Usos
Ezekiel Jackson
Jinder Mahal
Hunico and Camacho


*A SURPRISE RETURN from KEVIN NASH and he will be work as Alberto Del Rio's personal bodyguard

*Vince Mcmahon show up before the WWE Draft ends and announces that RAW and SMACKDOWN will be managed by TWO different GMs once again. As usual, John Laurinitis will be the RAW GM and the SMACKDOWN GM will be...... PAUL HEYMAN!!!!!!! and Paul Heyman appears from the backstage with a DEVIL SMILE as Laurinitis and the SMACKDOWN draftees shocked (end of the show)

Just comment about this blog. You are all free to share your thoughts and Thank you


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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Very Interesting. I really hope Paul E is here just for Brock purposes and his visit will be very short.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I doubt Cena will ever head to SD until they find someone who can keep the ratings high on Raw.

    Stupid to have a draft anyway since you have a Super Raw featuring SD stars every week.

    Jericho isn't going to be staying during the summer because his band is doing some tour in a different country.
  3. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    A couple of things in here I'm not into. I like Kane on SD but to feud with other big guys? It's all been done, he is one of the few big guys that can really go in the ring so give him some legitimate competition. Also Kevin Nash isn't the bodyguard type anymore, he is his own man, if anything he would be the leader of a stable or something. Lastly is Miz. The guy is a main event worthy heel rather than a mid card guy. Still enjoyed the blog :
  4. The Notorious R.O.B's Avatar
    Yea don't really see the point in having a draft for the same reasons The Great One mentioned.

    I would like to see DB on Raw and I think we will see that.

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