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Stereotypes in Wrestling

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Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. Today I wanna talk about stereotypes in wrestling being used on television. Is it a good thing? Is it a bad thing? Honestly, I don't know. That's why I wanna talk about it on here and see what you guys think.

Stereotypes: The Good
Stereotypical figures in the professional wrestling tend to connect well with the fans overall. Its a way to draw in people, mainly because of humor. If the majority of the audience can take a joke then its good stuff.

Stereotypes: The Bad
People do often get offended very easily. Especially when it comes to race. I know at this stage of the WWE, "Image Friendliness" seems to be the #1 focus and all with Linda's pointless Senate Campaign.All in all, stereotypical figures do work well in a WWE because the audience for the WWE is so widespread and diverse so basically you just gotta know how to take a joke.

Black Stereotypes - Thug Gimmick
Now many black wrestlers do get stuck with the thug gimmick which is cool but often gets played out. For me personally, I'm not a David Otunga fan but its a pleasure to see them book a black wrestler that isn't hit with the thug gimmick. Otunga is in a neat position because he might be a nice guy in real life but he's typically playing a real life gimmick with them playing on his Harvard Law degree and his Hollywood connection with Jennifer Hudson.

But in general, black wrestlers have been labeled with the thug gimmick. Almost every black wrestler in the past decade has come out to rap intro music. Nothing against it, just a pattern I wanted to point out. Some exceptions however would be Booker T, Ezekiel Jackson, Kofi Kingston (The Black Tarzan) & Shelton Benjamin as well.

The Black Community:
When it comes to black stereotypes in wrestling, I as a black person have to accept it. I carry myself well, I'm educated, I never smoked or drank alcohol and I might to Hip Hop as well but I keep it deep and with a message.

But in the typical black community, we give ourselves a bad name. You see it in Hip Hop with guys like Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka and all these other rappers that refer to women as bitches & hoes, talk about killing people, selling drugs and all right filth but the sad part is it sells.

Black women these days don't carry themselves like they should. Half naked pictures on FaceBook just to gain likes, using men for money. In the black community we have two female role models and that's Oprah & Michelle Obama but I guarantee you the typical black female can name every Bad Girls Club chick, Housewife of Atlanta and Basketball Wife and give you a biography on Nicki Minaj & Rihanna.

Look at how typical black comedians make us look. Kevin Hart, Paul Mooney, D.L. Hughley, Mike Epps and pretty much every black comedian makes blacks look even more ignorant but all they seem to wanna do is crack white jokes which is weird to me.

So when wrestling companies like the WWE play on black stereotypes, we have nothing to complain about because we put these negative stereotypes on ourselves. Society views us as how the majority of us act. Our ancestors fought for freedom, Dr. King as well and once we got out freedom, we decided to act a damn fool.

  • MVP - Hip Hop Theme (Self Recorded). "BALLIN" Gimmick, Gold Chains. Although, he was taken very serious.
  • Cryme Tyme - Huge Thug Gimmick, Hip Hop Theme, they stole from fellow wrestlers, actually took money from the audience in hats, very thug like attire (bandannas, sweat pants leg up, baggy jeans). Very ghetto mentality. This went over well because they were babyfaces. If they were heels doing this, it really wouldn't have been a good look.
  • Mark Henry - Lol Mark has the "Angry Black Man" gimmick. Hip Hop Theme as well. None the less, he's not booked as a thug.
  • R-Truth - Hip Hop Theme. Also for a while he seemed like he was being booked as a slave with the whole "I'm a Good R-Truth" thing when he was edging himself to a face again. Now he talks to imaginary friends but that's not stereotypical so I'm cool with it. Its better than him dancing to the ring.

Mexican Stereotypes - Lawnmowers & Lowriders
Now its weird because as a black guy, I can accept the black stereotypes but I personally hate the Mexican stereotypes. I think they need to book Mexican wrestlers as more than Lowrider drivers and such. Mexicans in my opinion are some of the best people I met.

Mexicans used to have this lazy stereotype throughout the world but today that's the complete opposite but they still get a bad rep and that bugs me. Mexicans are some of the hardest working people you'll find that works their ass off for a buck and I commend the hell out of them.

Some of my good friends are Mexican and they tell me alot about their troubles. Some of their parents clean up in hotels after people and that's pretty much the top job that you see most Mexican women in the United States with. Usually housekeeping and cleaning up after people. Typical jobs that most of us would turn down. I commend the hell out of Mexicans for doing whatever it takes and still maintaining this hardworking mentality.

  • The Mexicools - Pure filth. Three guys whom I grew up idolizing. These guys are WCW legends and found success all over the world in wrestling just to come to the WWE and be handed that stupid ass stereotypical gimmick. I hated it. Juventud is a legend as well as Super Crazy, they shouldn't have been coming out on lawnmowers.
  • Alberto Del Rio - He has a better gimmick, the rich guy and I love this gimmick because its a change. I'm not a Del Rio fan but I love the gimmick. He does however come out in a vehicle and I like that because they are high quality vehicles.
  • Eddie Guerrero - He came out in a lowrider but they kept his image up well as a babyface. He's a guy the Mexican community should be proud of. Rest In Paradise my friend.
  • Hunico - Typical stereotypes right here. That glossy ass bike, the beater and tight khakis on. He has the typical "Compton Mexican" gimmick. If anyone has ever seen the movie "Next Friday" with Ice Cube & Mike Epps you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. I really do like Hunico and wish he was taken serious.
  • Rey Mysterio - I think the mask saved him. They play on the mask well so he's never had to worry about the thug gimmicks and such.
  • L.A.X. - who remembers them in TNA? Konnan, Homicide and Hernandez. They gave them the whole "MS-13" gimmick. That had to be upsetting to go through. They basically looked like bloods, had gunshots in their community and all that other jazz.

Pretty much in the Mexican community, they go through enough pain and hatred from typical Americans that label them as "Immigrants". Why hate a group of people for coming here in search of a better life and a slice of American Pie? We're a free nation but are the quickest to judge. I just want more promotions to start booking Mexican wrestlers with more prestige.

United Kingdom Stereotypes: Angry People
Ok this one is for fun but I get a kick out of wrestling organization booking guys from the U.K. as the most angry people you'd ever wanna meet. If you don't believe me, look at Drew McCintyre, Sheamus, William Regal and Wade Barrett. The list goes on.

Hope you all enjoyed this, thanks for taking the time to read. Let me know what you all think. I had fun writing this. As always, check out the track below and be safe. See you guys later. Until then.

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  1. Glamour Girl's Avatar
    Your blog was very unusual, but well organized and a good read. I agree with everything you said .
  2. B-ri's Avatar
    Very good blog. But Sheamus isn't from the UK. Apart from that well said!
  3. ChosenOne's Avatar
    Good read, but Sheamus isn't British, he's Irish.
  4. Beast's Avatar
    Nothing new in this blog. Stereotypes are everywhere why wouldn't they be in wrestling and or sports entertainment. Think before you randomly write blogs next time. It seems lately you write blogs just to write them. BORING!!!
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Very enjoyable blog. I love fresh blogs like this. Instead of 40 "how to fix" blogs, and 30 "prediction" blogs.

    Well done.
  6. knox's Avatar
    Thanks guys for the comments

    @GlamourGirl, appreciate that, I've been trying to find new topics to talk about.

    @B-ri & @ChosenOne, lol your right I got confused because on WWE 12' Sheamus is apart of the United Kingdom stable.

    @Beast, No one put a gun to your head and forced you to read this. None the less, I appreciate the feedback.

    @DK Wrestling Savior, thanks alot bro, that means alot, I know me & you haven't seen eye to eye lately, keep up the good work on your blogs.
  7. akbar's Avatar
    Great blog and I don't know if that mention of Waka Flocka meant your a fan but that is my guy right now ...kool blog as always
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