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10 Guys I'd like to see return to the WWE

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Hey guys Knox here, hoping all is well. I wanna blog on people whom I'd love to see return to the WWE. With the recent returns of The Rock and Brock Lesnar, I thought this would be fun to blog on.

10. Juventud Guerrera
I need closure. Juventud, along with Super Crazy and Psicosis were brought to the WWE as "The Mexicools". The most stereotypical and degrading stable ever to the Mexican culture. Those three can out wrestle damn near every mainstream wrestler and I'll stand by that.

The way they booked them to coming out in a freaking lawnmower was horrible. In fact, I was at the first Smackdown tapings when they began to come out in their own personal lawnmowers and that was even worst.

These guys were the reason I watched ECW & WCW. I need closure because I wanted to see Juventud feud with Rey Mysterio just one more time. They had one of the greatest feuds from a wrestling standpoint in the WCW and in my opinon, the stuff guys like Juventud, Mysterio, Eddie & Chavo, Malenko and Jericho did in WCW was light years better than anything the NWO did on their best day.

I want Juventud back so I can see him give me that one last 5 star match with Rey Mysterio and maybe even Hunico. Speaking of Hunico, it seems as if the WWE are continuing to encourage stereotypes.

9. Shad Gaspard
I was a big fan of Shad & JTG together in Cryme Tyme. Like I said on a post on this site, Cryme Tyme was one of the only teams in the past decade to get themselves over without winning the Tag Team Championship. Vince will throw the titles on random teams just to get them over but it never works. Somehow Cryme Tyme got themselves over without the titles.

They were getting huge ovations and though they were stereotypical, they were entertaining none the less. I'm black and I wasn't offended by what they were doing.

I look today at the team of Titus O'Neil & Darren Young and I almost wanna throw up. They're catchphrases suck so bad and they are just corny. Huge Cryme Tyme ripoffs is what i call them.

I still don't understand why they split Cryme Tyme up, they should've kept them together for over 10 years like Beer Money or the Dudleys or L.O.D.. Shad got his single's push and Vince was really high on making him something big but soon it just didn't work out.

8. Victoria
My favorite female wrestler of all time and in my opinion she's the best. She by far was the most beautiful, she's talented and I just loved her attitude. I don't watch TNA anymore so I read the spoilers and if I see "Tara" anywhere in the spoiler, I'll make sure I DVR Impact and fast forward to her match or segment. That's how much I love this chick.

I would love to see her have that one last return to the WWE and have a huge match. To me she will always be underrated. You hear names like Lita, Trish & Stacy all the time but not often do you hear Victoria.

She wasn't treated the best in the WWE but atleast she handled her situation like a lady. She's not out here crying and whining about it everyday looking for sympathy like Gail Kim. I love Victoria.

Bonus: John Morrison
This wouldn't be a list without "Prince of Parkour" "Shaman of Sexy (No Homo" "Jomo" John Morrison. See what I did there with "Homo" & "Jomo" (Pun Intended). No really in all seriousness, this guy was one of my favorites. He reminded me alot of Shawn Michaels and Rick Martel. He was awesome.

Morrison had some issues with Melina ruining things and his overall passion. I don't think Morrison realized how much talent he had. I don't think he gave himself a true chance even when it seemed like creative was trying to hand him the ball. Morrison had that "it" factor and you don't see that too often.

He's been doing some interesting things outside the ring and he's actually worked on his personality. Check out this video below. He say's he left on good terms but he might've burned a bridge with Triple H lol, check it out.

7. Batista
Never was I a huge Batista fan but now that he's gone, I actually miss the guy. I loved him during his last heel run but I hated how they made him look like a coward and punk to Cena. It was some of the worst booking ever and I actually see why Batista packed his bags.

If he was to return, I'd have to put my money towards seeing him wrestle Brock Lesnar. He was the guy that seemed to be the true replacement for Brock. I gotta see this match. Which sort of leads me to #6.

6. Bobby Lashley
Bobby was also alot like Brock Lesnar in many ways and I'm pretty much damn sure he was the true replacement that Vince had penciled in for Brock. The way they had Lashley ripoff Lesnar's pyro jump to the ring was proof enough. I'm upset at how his run ended.

People were crying and raving about WWE never fully putting the ball into a black guy's court and letting him be that top guy and for once it looked like it was about to happen. Don't give me the Booker T excuse, he was great but he was never "the guy". He was never on the true level of a Rocky, Austin or Cena.

Lashley had top guy potential. He had the skill to be on the same level as Cena at the time and I actually thought it would happen but apparently there was some kind of episode that took place with his wife Krystal and some kind of angle that was proposed, I don't know the full details. Perfect example of a woman getting in the way of your success. Anyway, I would love to see Lashley back.

5. Muhammad Hassan
He was just too real for television. Everything he said about this country was actually true. Apparently media got involved and the WWE was forced to trash his character thus releasing him shortly after. He was on a serious run especially during his feud with The Undertaker. Its a shame they ended this, he was literally the future.

Bonus: Matt & Jeff Hardy
I believe in second chances. Like I always say, there wasn't too many who can honestly say they weren't a fan of the Hardy's back in the day during the Tag TLC matches. They screwed up and made some bad decisions, big deal.

What I respect is how they got the help they needed and now they both seem to be on the right path. Jeff is back in TNA doing big things and seems to be clean. Matt is starting his own wrestling school which is commendable.

After all the hate, you internet marks gave these guys. They were going through some huge faults but leave it to us internet marks to pass judgement and pick them apart as if our lives are perfect.

4. Ric Flair
This guy is a legend. I still don't get how he can work side by side to this day with Hogan & Bischoff. Ric has always stated how much he hated the NWO and how Booker T, Jericho & himself refused creatives idea for them to join the NWO back in those days and I see why.

On the Factions episode of Legends of Wrestling, Ric Flair credits the NWO for causing the demise of the NWO. He say's it was too many egos. Hogan & Nash wanted to be the man in real life and that's what led to the "Wolfpack" with Nash being the leader and that's when it turned into horrible television.

It shocks me everyday to see Flair working with TNA under guys like Hogan. Flair should be in the WWE on the creative team or maybe even an on screen character. I know he left the WWE because he said they had no plans for him to continue wrestling but it looks like he isn't wrestling that much as of late in TNA so why not return to the WWE where the money is. With his gambling, debts and wild party life, he can use the extra bread.

3. Shelton Benjamin
He might be the greatest wrestler alive. He's been paying dues his whole career. I'll never forget his "Gold Standard" gimmick, I really thought he was going to end up winning the World Heavyweight Championship with that gimmick. He's paid his dues and at the end of the day he just wants to wrestle.

He was cut by the WWE not too long ago and was heartbroken. He even said on Twitter the reason why he never badmouthed the WWE publicly is because he just wants his job back and he has all the respect in the world for the WWE and understands it was a business decision. How honorable and commendable is that. This is the type of guys you give the ball to and let them run with it.

He's even worked some dark matches for the WWE since his release. I watch overrated egotistical guys like Cm Punk get all this attention when really it should go to a guy like Shelton who waited around forever for a shot that never came.

The real wrestlers will continue to wrestle even if its for some crappy indie promotion for a dollar a show. Benjamin didn't take a break and kept performing all over the indie scene and eventually found his way to ROH. I hope Benjamin gets that last opportunity to shine in the WWE. He literally made Money in the Bank matches popular, somehow he never won any of them but Cm Punk won two of them. You do the math.

2. Chris Masters
He was my guy. A personal favorite of mine. He was a great heel. He had some issues with the wellness policy but was given a chance to return but was given nothing. He got stuck with a silly babyface role and primary wrestled on Superstars. I hate that. He deserves way more than that.

1. MVP
He had a big future with the WWE. He started off with one of the best gimmicks and was one of the better heels of the decade being the longest United States Champion ever. He was awesome. Eventually they turned his face and jobbed him to Orton and everything went downhill.

I always felt like he was a future WWE Champion. He's said to have left on good terms so hopefully he comes back one day.

Hope you all enjoyed this, it was fun and actually took a long time to do. As always its cool doing this and interacting with you guys. Please leave feedback as well as your own lists. Check out the track below. See ya next time, be safe. Until then.

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  1. indysteve1563's Avatar
    In the case of the Hardys, you sure it is second chances here? Both can be considered trainwrecks, so you won't have to worry about WWE brining either Hardy back.
  2. Dubs's Avatar
    I would love to see Bobby Lashley return to the WWE. He gets a lot of shtick for his mic skills but he was very impressive in the ring. His match with John Cena at The Great American Bash proves my point.
  3. akbar's Avatar
    'Shelton Benjamin might be the greatest wrestler alive' Anyways alot questionable picks knox, i have to say...
  4. knox's Avatar
    @Akbar, he really might be up there as the best. At this stage in his career he's better than Angle and most of the WWE and TNA roster. Most people don't watch roh so its easily debatable but i thonk he is up there.

    @Dubs, loved your blog on the CW division, great stuff. And yes that match against cena was beyond sick. that was his best match and honestly one of cena's best matches as well.

    @indysteve, yea im pretty sure they wont bring them back but dont count that possibility out. Hardys were that damn good.
  5. Tribe's Avatar
    Always love your blogs ... I agree with you on Batista, was never a fan but I wouldn't be to upset if he did return.
  6. filamentalfart2's Avatar
    Goddamn, this was good knox! Commendable piece! Bravo!
  7. filamentalfart2's Avatar
    Goddamn, this was good knox! Commendable piece! Bravo!
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