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My Over the Limit Predictions

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Hey folks, Taneel here about what should happen and what will likely happen at Over the Limit PPV this Sunday. Leave your comments.

1. Ryder vs. Kane: This match should have happened at Wrestlemania, it would have made sense then. Instead, they gave Kane vs Orton at Mania which made no sense and this match now makes no sense.
What will happen likely - Kane dominates and wins a quick one.

2. Kofi & Truth vs. Jiggler & Swagger:
What should happen - Kofi and Truth should win. If they want something good to go with the tag team division, there shouldnot be frequent title changes.
What will likely happen - Kofi & Truth will win. Now that there are rumours of Mason Ryan joining Vickie's stable, they will likely have a feud with Brodus Clay where they will play numbers game on the big man (remember Straight Edge Society vs. Big Show ?)

3. Layla vs. Beth Pheonix:
What should happen - Layla should win. She has returned after a break to win the title. She should hold on a bit longer.
What will likely happen - Layla will win. They will probably play along with Beth's injury angle.

4. Fatal Four Way:
What should happen - Orton should win. He hasn't had the title in long time. Sheamus has not been impressive with his run, Jericho won't stay long with WWE and Del Rio isn't good enough to be a champion.
What will likely happen - The way they have been booking Sheamus, he will retain

5. Punk vs Bryan:
What should happen - Whoever wins, it is okay. Both oh them are good enouggh to hold the title, and both are pretty over with the crowd. (On second thought, I would love to see Bryan doing the Yes! dance with the belt)
What will likely happen - Punk will retain.

6.John vs. John: (I like to phrase it that way rather than Cena vs. Laurinaitus)
What should happen - Laurinaitus should win (obviously not cleanly). Because of the stipulation that if he loses, he is terminated from the GM position.
What will likely happen - laurinatus will win by someone interfering. Many people are speculating Big Show, but I don't want it to be him, simply because I don't want to see Big Show vs Cena feud.

7. Rhodes vs Santino: It has not been announced but I think it will happen. They always put one match unannounced at every PPV.
What should happen - Rhodes should win cleanly. Marella defeating Rhodes wouldn't be believable.
What will likely happen - Either Rhodes will win dirty or Santino will win by a fluke.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good predictions. I don't think the Big Show interfering is speculation. I think it's already written.

    Not sure why you don't think Sheamus has been a good champ. He's very over with the crowd and he's a pure wrecking machine. You don't always have to be able to cut awesome promos to be on top. There's probably 3 good promo cutters in WWE right now...the rest of them, just talk.
  2. ArkhosBlack's Avatar
    I Think that if 'Show interferes, it will be to help Cena.He was terminated by Laurinaitis, and anyone to interfere will be terminated. We have a speculation that The Draft will occur in June or July. For that happen, I Think that Laurinaitis will lose. Then Triple H will GM RAW and Teddy Long will return to Smackdown.
  3. Joonny's Avatar
    Ace will win dirty. Show will be on first row, wanting to see Cena beat up Ace. Then he will give Cena the WMD.

    I expect this match to be a boring 15 minutes match.
    -Ace will try to talk Cena out of beating him up.
    -Cena turns his back and Ace attacks.
    -Cena regains momentum, kicking ace's ass in a couple of minutes.
    -Both men are down, Show enters the ring. Looking at Ace, and BAM, gives the WMD to Cena.
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    The only prediction I disagree with is the fatal 4 way. Why put it on Orton? He doesn't need the title to be a legit main event star. Sheamus virtually only beat Bryan for the belt. What kind of successful reign is that? Why does Orton need the belt? After hearing his interview calling the depth very thin claiming he will beat Flair's title reigns has had me very against him having the world title on his shoulder. Sheamus just won the title on April 1st and you want to take the belt off of him? Orton has faced everyone he could possibly face on the roster on multiple occassions. Orton is boring!! I'd rather have Sheamus hold on to the belt for a while defending the title vs Kane and other guys. Orton doesn't need the belt nor do I want him to have the strap.
  5. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    I think Bryan does win. I can't figure out why they would just have him switch to a feud for the other title if they weren't interested in getting the belt back on him. Plus, he and Punk are good friends and this could be a way for Punk to get his buddy the main title... This would then open up additional rematches, main event feuds, etc.
  6. bartish2's Avatar
    so because orton has not been champion for a while he should win? fail logic there, he is already a 9 time whc champion. that is more than enough. Moreso his promos are boring as shit & he is the smackdown version of cena. There is a reason he is called boreton. In all honestly orton & cena should never hold a belt again, they already have had more than their fair share & they are picking new faces of the company soon anyways. They won`t be the main event of tomorrow. Time to create some talent, not slap a belt on a guy who doesn`t deserve it.
  7. Taneel's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bartish2
    so because orton has not been champion for a while he should win? fail logic there,
    Sorry, but you took my statement the other way. What I meant was given the reasons why the other three shouldn't win, Orton is the only one who doesn't have a reason why he shouldn't win. I chose Orton because he is the "least bad option" out of the 4 people involved.

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