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WBC Top 5 Series #6: Top 5 Feuds To Not Happen

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What is up everybody! Time for another edition of the WBC top 5. I hope you guys enjoy it, as the reigning champ, Tommy Thunder, goes up against Playboy Stevie V. The topic is top 5 feuds to not happen. Now with this, I told the competitors they could use wrestlers that are in separate promotions, superstars who are retired, and superstars who are deceased. So...without any further yapping from me..time for Tommy Thunder's top 5!

Tommy Thunder

Hello all again! Thanks again to all who voted on the last WBC, much appreciated!

The topic this week is 'Top 5 feuds That Haven't Happened', so let's see if I can serve up a good top 5!

5. Cody Rhodes vs Goldust
I really do not understand why WWE haven't done this. And now that Goldust was released, there's even less chance that we'll ever see it.

With Cody holding the IC title, this feud would have been the perfect way to do one of 2 things:

1. They could have had Goldust winning the title. This would serve to get the title off Cody so that he could move on to bigger things, and it would also serve as Goldust's one last run at the top. After a decent run with the belt, Goldust could then have gone on to drop the title to an up and coming heel (someone like Tyson Kidd (when he was heel) or Drew McIntyre) thus putting this up and comer over, and he could have then bowed out after a good title run.

2. They could have had Cody go over Goldust after a good 2/3 ppv feud. This would have established Cody further and made the IC title mean something again.

There's no doubt that the promos would have been good. With all the mind games involved with Goldust it would have been cool to see him relevant one more time, and Cody is of course doing great as a heel. Both men are also great in the ring, so the matches would have no doubt been good. Such a shame that WWE didn't follow through and do this when they had a chance, since this feud would have been far superior to the Cody/Show feud we were served over Wrestemania season. I hope that they re-hire Goldust at some point this year just to do this feud, but I won't get my hopes up.

4. Randy Savage vs Dolph Ziggler
I'm throwing this in here as a bit of a wildcard. As we all remember, Savage was a very flamboyant man in his promos, his ring entrance and also during his matches. Dolph Ziggler is becoming a flamboyant type character in his own right at the moment with his 'show-off' gimmick.

I would have loved to see how both men would have compared up to each other, feuding over who was the more flamboyant, or who was the bigger show-off. We all know how good Ziggler is in the ring, and Savage was no slouch wither. We've also seen how good Ziggler can work the mic (if only he was given more of a chance in that dept.) and we all remember how iconic Svage's promos could be. This would have made for an entertaining and interesting feud for me.

3. CM Punk vs 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin
I know that this feud is tentatively in the works and might happen for WM 29 or 30, but it hasn't happened yet, and therefor qualifies for this blog!!

It's one of the ultimate feuds that would be great if done properly. You have on one hand the straight edge superstar in CM Punk, who preaches how he's straight edge and therefore better than all of us. And on the other hand, you have 'The Texas Rattlesnake' and beer drinking redneck Stone Cold!!

In CM Punk you have (as JR described it in a blog once) the perfect antagonist to Stone Cold's protagonist. It's as clear cut a face vs heel feud as you're ever likely to see. The promos would no doubt be fantastic, the buildup would be amazing and I have no doubt that the match itself would match the hype. Stone Cold might not have been the best ever in the ring, but he had an all out brawling style which would be a bit of an unorthodox adversary to Punk's hybrid of mat/submission based wrestling and martial arts style.

It's a feud that would/will be great to see, and if it happens, I'm sure that it would captivate the whole audience!

2. Kurt Angle vs Daniel Bryan

Yeah there's no doubting that most of us would have liked to have seen this feud!

Kurt Angle is in my opinion the best pure wrestler ever. Daniel Bryan is arguably the best wrestler in the world at the moment (i say arguably...). A feud between these 2 makes sense and has 5 stars written all over it.

I'd give anything to see it happen. Could you imagine them having a series of matches? A straight up singles match would be incredible, but can you imagine them having a 2/3 falls match? A Submissions match? A 60 minute Iron Man match? I could die a happy man after seeing any of those myself!

1. Shawn Michaels vs Eddie Guerrero
In my opinion, before his untimely death, Eddie Guerrero had the potential to go on to become the greatest of all time, or at the very least one of the top 5 greatest of all time. He had the charisma, he had the ability to play a face and a heel very well, he was loved world-wide, he could work a microphone and he had the skill inside the ring. The complete package for success.

He never feuded with HBK during his time in WWE, but there's no doubt in my mind that this feud would have been excellent. Michaels is regarded as the best of all time, and the chance to see Eddie (a guy who could potentially could have been the best of all time) go up against him would have made for a mouthwatering and much anticipated feud I think.
I think the feud would have been more about the in-ring stuff and the psychology and mind games side rather than the promo side of things. But I digress, this would have been an amazing feud to witness in my opinion.

Well, that's my top 5! Let's see if you agree with me this week!

Great top 5 from Tommy. now it is time for Playboy Stevie. Now, before you read his, I want to let you all know, he went above and beyond, and made it a top 25. Kudos to him for thinking of that many, and I hope you guys take the time to read them, but i want to advise everyone, when you are voting for who has the better top 5...ONLY consider the top 5 from Playboy's list. Just so everyone is clear. is his!

Playboy Stevie V

I got the call to the show. This is my debut match. Anyways I’m debuting with a bang. You want a top 5? I’ll give you that and more. How about a top 25? If I’m going to the show might as well do this.

Anyways I read the rules of this WBC blog. Took me about an hour to think of these match ups. The one thing I didn’t do is make the match ups that are totally impossible. Per the rules I could have made Gorgeous George vs Chris Jericho, but that would be ridiculous. All the feuds I picked could have happen. But because lack of booking or other circumstances nobody capitalized on a potential great feud.

Oh yeah and one more thing. I kept most of my picks in the WWE and not to old. I’ve noticed people don’t vote for guys I’ve seen in the early 80’s and late 70’s. If that was the case I could give you a top 100 starting with Nick Bockwinkle vs Handsome Harley Race.

25. DDP vs Chris Jericho- If WCW wasn’t so good ol boy these two could have had great matches and promos.

24. Vader vs Goldberg- As Jim Ross would say…”slobberknocker”

23. Rey Mysterio vs John Cena- I’m surprised this didn’t happened after Rey got robbed for the title by having to defend it twice during RAW.

22. Ted DiBiase Sr vs Bret Hart- Ultimate babyface vs Ultimate heel. It would have been a clinic in the ring.

21. Rick Rude vs Randy Savage- Could have started with Rude going after Liz. This could have headlined a Wrestlemania.

20. Jericho vs Sting- If WCW paid more attention to their future instead of Veterans they could have had a nice feud out of these guys.

19. HBK vs DDP- I remember not too long ago during a segment where DDP was promoting the best of WCW DVD on RAW HBK made a appearance and said "I didn’t even watch WCW." Would have been cool to capitalize on that.

18. Scott Steiner vs Randy Savage- Those two psychos would have been cool to feud. Steiner would have tore him up in shoots about how Hogan has always been better than Savage.

17. HBK vs Randy Savage- You think Steamboat and Savage was great, imaging these two facing each other at Wrestlemania.

16. Bret Hart vs Randy Savage- See #21

15. Undertaker vs Goldberg- Can you imagine these two going at it? Hell in a Cell would have been awesome.

14. New Age Outlaws vs The Outsiders- This would have been pure nostalgia. They could have pulled this off during the Invasion Angle. Hall and Nash could have claimed that the NAO are perpetrators, because they are not in the REAL Kliq.

13. Randy Savage vs Undertaker- Let’s face it; this could have been book in one of Taker’s first 5 Wrestlemania matches. Undertaker might have lost; instead he was fed Ham and Eggers.

12. Edge and Christian vs Harlem Heat- Two great tag teams with numerous tag team titles.

11. Demolition vs LOD- Why the WWE never pushed a feud between these two I’ll never know, but the fans wanted it bad.

10. John Cena vs Undertaker- This needs to happen at Wrestlemania. I thought that after that RAW from MSG (I think), when the Taker attacked Cena after the match, we were going to get something out of this, but we haven’t so far.

9. Roddy Piper Vs Randy Savage- This could have been a great feud that could have over shadowed the Ultimate Warrior and Hogan match during Wrestlemania.

8. Mick Foley vs HBK- HBK could have brutalized during this feud along with HBK resourcefulness.

7. Steamboat vs Curt Henning- Can you imagine the great matches these two would have. 2 out of 3 falls anyone?

6. Triple H vs Sting- Triple H could have portrayed the corporate McMahon bad guy who helped bury WCW. Then have Sting do his Crow stuff taking out Triple H’s Kliq and possibly kidnapping Stephanie. Especially when Triple H had Ric Flair as his Manager.

TOP 5:
5. Kurt Angle vs Bret Hart- America vs Canada and two of the best ever. I need to say no more.

4. Goldberg vs Austin- Everybody wanted this to happen. I thought we where going to get after the stunner at Wrestlemania, but we didn’t

3. Steve Austin vs Hulk Hogan- Hogan comes out on RAW and challenges Stone Cold and that was the end of it. WTF? Us fans wanted to see it. This could have been another Rock/Hogan Wrestlemania moment.

2. HBK vs The Rock- Should have happened, we all wish this could have happened and it would have been a better match up then Cena vs Rock.

1. Sting vs Undertaker- We want it. We always talk about it. We want the gothic pageantry. The Crow vs the Deadman and the only thing I wish is if this ever happens, it would have been 10 years ago.

Sorry guys no picture. It is what it is.

Ok everyone! Hope you enjoyed both top 5! Be sure to vote for whose top 5 you agreed more with!

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    To follow the rules I will count Playboy's top 5 and with that I give my vote to Playboy Stevie V.
    Taker v Sting has to number 1 for anyone, shocked tommy didn't hav it in his top 5.
    I'm also surprised none of you lots had Flair v Hogan...
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Playboy without question with the fueds he has up there that we all have been waiting for over a decade to see some of those. HHH vs Sting isn't one I'd like to see.
  3. Beer_Villain's Avatar
    Since the list of Tommy is lacking nostaligia i am giving my vote to Playboy
  4. Vegas's Avatar
    I'm going with TT on this one. He wen into nice detail Playboy i think tried to out shine TT, but didn't give a whole lot of detail
  5. Shaz11's Avatar
    It's difficult cause as Vegas said, TT gave more detail than Playboy Stevie V. But Stevie V gets my vote cause he included Undertaker/Sting.
  6. AirBourne's Avatar
    I got to give it to TT, Goldust vs. Rhode could've been great, and he gave great detail behind every feud. Stevie didn't, but both did a great job!
  7. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    Win or lose, to be involved in this WBC match ups are a blast and I'm honored to have been asked to be a part of it.

    Now just to answer some constructive criticism of this blog, I'd like to take the time to respond as to why.

    First, I never put Flair vs Hogan cause they feuded in WCW off and on. It was terrible, but it happened. I wish they would have feuded in the old WWF and headlined a Wrestlemania.

    Second when this blogs question was presented to me I immediately had a blast of 50 match ups race towards my mind. It was more difficult to pick the order on which I wanted to see more.

    As for details, I would have wrote more details if I thought I would be presenting it to novice wrestling fans, which from what I've been reading this site has very knowledgeable fans. So I felt no reason to explain who is who and how the feud would happen in detail, in most cases. Plus I would have written 10 pages LOL. I would have if the question originally asked for it.

    Anyways this is really fun and I got mad respect for Tommy. I've been reading his blogs with great interest. You guys are awesome. Thanks for letting me play.
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