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Guys I Like #2: Shawn Micheals

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Based upon all the positive responses from my first blog, it would seem most of you are tired of all the negative posts about wrestling. Which it's good to have a change of pace from all the "what's wrong with" or "how to save" blogs.

Shawn Micheals:

Thus guy is special. Not just as a superstar or for what's he's done for the business but to me in general. As far back as I can remember in my 26 years of existence, he's been my favorite. I could go through the near endless list of nick names and accolades. But he simply is the show stopper. Personally I always called him the show stealer. Be it wrestlemania, raw or even a simple house show, this man always left everything out in the ring. He had a no die attitude and it showed. Hell the man headlined wrestlemania with a broken back and put over Steve Austin! And while it wasn't his best for obvious reasons, he still stole the show! He's caught quite a bit of flack through his career for drug use and holding superstars back, which was all true, mostly during the clique period. But when he came back after being out for 5 years he helped put over guys like orton and cena. Both of which at the time could use another big name win to help solidify themselves. He could have a 5 star match with anyone, be it Shelton Benjamin or even Cena who has always caught grief over his in ring ability. Here as of late we've been down to one super kick a year, which sucks but we have to take what we can get. I remember his first raw debut with sensational Sherrie and even though I was young I knew I was still seeing something special. His list of classic matches could go on for days. But here's something I always thought was interesting about him, he prefers working with the bigger guys. What's the difference between hbk vs big show or say John cena vs big show? Shawn knew how to wrestle the big guys. He has in ring psychology down to a T! Also what I noticed on his return is that he's one of the few guys who never really lost a step in the ring. You could say he was faster back in the day and more of a high flyer but he simply changed his style. Plain and simple. And what's more he could still pull out anything from his previous repertoire that he wanted whenever he wanted. We will never see another performer like him and I thank god that I got to grow up watching him.

Well it's about time for Greys Anatomy so I got to go. Plus with everything I could say, you guys would get tired of reading 1/4 in to it. I appreciate all the positive responses on my previous blog! So thanks for reading and god bless!

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I like him, but hearing some of the bad things he did in the past such as costing other guys various championships.....really hurt him as one of my fav guys in the biz. He is without question Mr.Wrestlemania though.
  2. Beast's Avatar
    Grey's Anatomy sucks! I would watch it if it weren't for the chinese chick so ugly. She doesnt belong just like nasty ugly Rihanna didnt belong in Battleship. Awesome movie but she brought it down, ugly so so ugly!
  3. ChaoticChris's Avatar
    Again , I agree 100 % , as long as you don't count the watching "Grey's Anatomy" thing !!!
  4. The Notorious R.O.B's Avatar
    To each there own as far as the "Grey's Anatomy" thing I'll admit one of my guilty pleasures is "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", but only because I am a fan of Scott Disick the guy is hilarious.

    On topic though Shawn is my number 5 favorite of all time and one of the most loved and respected by everyone in the industry and fans. I agree with everything you stated above about him, but my favorite thing about him is how he evolved over the yrs to keep up with the current talent and audience. Hell of a performer and completly deserving of all the praise he receives. Good blog man keep em coming.

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