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Biggest Problem with the WWE: Storyline.

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This blog is on my main problem with the Wwe at the moment and it's not twitter.

My problem is that they aren't currently delivering good storylines and we don't have reasons to cheer or boo each wrestler.

Going into Over the limit there are 6 matches book:
Kane vs Zack Ryder
Cm Punk vs Daniel Bryan
R truth and Kofi vs Zigswag
Sheamus vs Orton vs Alberto Del Rio vs Jericho
Layla vs Beth Phoenix
Cena vs Laurinaitis

None of these matches have a decent storyline going into them. Cena/Laurinaitis is average and I shouldn't have to look on to see why I should care about the Punk/Bryan feud

The Wwe have finally given us some tag teams but why are they feuding? Rather than The Big Show crying for half an hour give the mid carders 5 mins of promo time to give the audience a reason as to why they are feuding and why we should like or hate them.

The fatal 4 way match will likely be a decent match but I don't really care for it. Why do I want Sheamus or Orton to win? (For the record, I want Sheamus to win but that's only because I know Jericho won't win and the other 2 are boring IMO).

As for Laurinaitis/Cena, all I can say is I hope it's not the main event.

I'm not blaming creative though as they've shown they can create some decent storylines. I'll be using 3 recent examples.

Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan
I enjoyed this feud a lot. Although the focus wasn't on Sheamus and Bryan as much (more AJ/Bryan). They had a reason as to why we should dislike Bryan (mistreating his women) which in my mind made it a successful feud which produced a great match.

Cm Punk vs Chris Jericho
My favourite feud of the year so far as it had everything I want in a feud. Good matches, Good promos and a Good storyline.
Match wise I'm sure Punk/Bryan will be just as good if not better but the storyline is poor in comparison. The storyline shouldn't be bad though because of all the history they have together, But because Over the limit is so soon after Extreme rules there isn't enough time for a decent build up.

Brock Lesnar vs John Cena
For the first time in a long time I wanted Cena to win. It helped that Brocks on screen character was so similar to his real life self but I don't like Brock Lesnar which means he must be doing something right even if he can't cut a promo.

So in case you don't know what this blog is on yet then it's on the importance of story lines and why they should make is care.
In answer to the above question a storyline invests someone in a feud and makes them want to watch on. If a fan likes what they see then they'll tell a friend who'll tell a friend and so on which will eventually lead to more viewers for the wwe as in my opinion casual viewers prefer a good storyline to an amazing match.

As for the second part of my blog, as seen post Wrestlemania a good crowd can be he difference between a good and an average episode of raw. However in matches where there are no main eventers the crowd is often dead. Wwe needs to give the fans more reason as to why they should hate Jack Swagger or why they should cheer for Alex Riley. As I said earlier this is why midcarders should be given promo time.

The template for a decent storyline should be relatively simple:
- Take two wrestlers who can put on a decent match
- Give them a reason to dislike each other
- Give the fans a reason to cheer and/or boo them.
- Let them feud

The whole problem revolves around there being too many pay per views and not enough build up time. To combat this there should be a minimum of 4 weeks build up for each PPV.

An example of Wwe not having enough time is the Fatal 4 way match. You can clearly see that wwe wanted a Jericho/Orton match (the feud revolving around how Orton punted Jericho in the head to end Jericho's previous wwe run) but due to time restraints
they've added Jericho and Orton to the World heavyweight title match instead.

Leave your comments below as always and I appreciate that this was by no means my best blog. (I've managed to confuse myself slightly).

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I very much agree with this blog. Especially about too many PPV's. Unfortunately, as long as people keep buying them, they are going to keep putting them out. The rest is just WWE trying to be a Reality TV Series. Their storylines are build for those with ADHD. Fast feuds and switching gears. They're premise is now built with a Twitter mindset. How can they blow up twitter this week. If it's not trending, kill it...etc. It's truly a shame.

    That's why I've been enjoying TNA much more lately.
  2. blink's Avatar
    Maybe the feuds aren't given as much time or investment due to the superstars not being able to carry them like they used to. Most feuds travel familiar ground now a days anyways and what can be said that hasn't already been said many times before? 2 examples: first is John cena... I actually like this guy but after the 2nd week he's pretty much said all he can on his opponent. He'd actually benefit from a less talk more action approach which is why I liked his feud with lesnar. That could have carried on but obviously thu didn't want to use all his appearances on one guy. 2nd is big show. He's in a new feud every month it seems. Why? Well in my opinion, he can't carry a feud and the guys he's feuding with can't either. I love Cody Rhodes but if he doesn't have someone to play off of them he can't take the feud anywhere. I don't really know how else to explain it.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Every single one of those matches are predictable!!

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