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WWE's Misused Rosters

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Here are some WWE Superstars that needs a BREAK
(On my Opinion)

Yoshi Tatsu

His run during ECW was good...building hype for him was great.And then, I thought he will be given a break but after ECW gone being a jobber for years,DAMN!!.Actually I can't remember the last time he won a match

She's one of talented divas today but making her a 1 time Divas Champion is a big shit. Trashing her talent and using her to lose to other divas like Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox


This guy has a charisma to be the best HEEL. His heel turn last year was the limelight of his career. Hated by millions of fans, destroying John Cena's merchandise and making fun of John Cena's Fan was great. But putting him back as a face is not yet good for him.

Dolph Ziggler

He's a great heel. I like his fued with CM Punk. That was a great feud. But burying him in the midcard status was a mistake

Wade Barrett
Losing to Randy Orton a couple of times buried him and makes the WWE Universe forgot what he did during the NEXUS Storyline

The Miz

Believe me or not, he's a great heel. Whether you like it or not, he does a good job during his rivalry with John Cena. Acting as "The Rock" one time was AWESOME!!! Period


Captain Charisma!!! Oh my god! He's one of crowd favorite..but being a World Champion for 5 days was bullshit...WWE made him so weak and coward like what I said before

What's the sense of a BIG RED MACHINE monster if he lose to the likes of John Cena and Randy Orton. Actually, I can't see him as a "monster" anymore

Chris Jericho

I expected a lot when he's back. I know everyone of was so excited when he back. "The End of the World Begins", that's what we cheered for.But losing a couple of times, DAMN!!! I hope that he will win the World Heavyweight Championship

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar really thought the Ziggler/Punk feud was great? I didn't see a Punk/Ziggler feud, but instead, saw a Punk/Laurinaitis feud, with Ziggler as a meaningless sit in.
  2. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    you forgot the usos man:O but i disagree about barrett he defeated team orton at survivor series and i'll always remember him as being the guy to throw orton off the stairs it depends on his grand return if he get's misused or not but i like how you write these blogs so good job
  3. Mojo Tartarus's Avatar
    I love how people think losses equate to burial. Barrett wasn't buried.
  4. OneTimePosterShorry's Avatar
    Uh Natalya just beat Alicia on last week's Superstars. Yes, poor her.
  5. The Notorious R.O.B's Avatar
    Yea I agree with Ziggler in the sense that he is being misused currently. I am a little tired of him losing to the significantly less talented Brodus Clay. I can't wait til he gets away from Vicki.

    I agree with Kane too. I think he still has one more great title run in him.

    As far as Barrett and Jericho I don't think they are being misused. Barrett was on a roll and then suffered an untimely injury, but reports and rumors indicate he is in for a big yr this yr. I think Jericho was brought back to put over and solidify CM Punk as a top notch superstar which he has done. Also with him leaving to tour soon I just don't think it would be good for him to get the belt now if he is only gonna be able to hold if for a short time. If he comes back after his tour then I wouldn't mind him taking the belt one more time.
  6. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Yeah, Barrett is scheduled to win the Money in the Bank PPV this summer. He's in for a huge push when he's back from injury.
  7. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    All wrestlers in the business gets misused one way or another after they reach the top. Look at Stone Cold for example. He took his ball and went home because his role in WM18.
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