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Why the Internet Hurts Wrestling

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It is infuriating to be watching a Raw match and then the commentary gets interrupted because Michael Cole has to tell us what is trending on Twitter. The WWE literally wants to interrupt a match so that we know that #FutureEndeavored is trending on a website. Wait wait, i want to know what is going on in the match...

The internet is hurting the business in so many ways. To start, WWE is wasting its time trying to get us to "like" them on Facebook or follow them and their wrestlers on Twitter. So instead of an interesting wrestling fact, we get some stupid fact like:

"John Cena has more Twitter followers then the NFL, NBA, and President Obama combined!"

When i see stupid stuff like this, I ask myself why the fuck was the internet invented.

Ahh, but where would we be without the internet. Well, we would be nowhere. The internet is everywhere, and the digital disease has now spread to the wrestling business. Forget the stupid facts after commercials, we see twitter hash tags all the time during Raw and Smackdown. They do pre-PPV matches on YouTube. They spend more time updating wrestler profile pages on than developing its character as a wrestler. People, this shit is so bad, we don't even need to watch SmackDown anymore! We go to the INTERNET to find out what is going to happen 4 days before Friday. We find out about creative plans for wrestlers days before the next show. We know instantly as they happens before they want us to know when it happens.

And then you guys wonder why you are getting bored of wrestling. Its because we know what the fuck is going to happen in advance.

My favorite of all reasons to hate the equation "wrestling+internet" is the impact it has on the wrestlers themselves. I can just give you 3 names: Scott Steiner, Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy. I'm not going to elaborate too much, because we all go to this site 24/7. Assuming that, you know how much of idiots these guys are. They constantly put stupid shit on Twitter. Its getting so escalated, that Eric Bishoff and Hulk Hogan are threatening legal action because Steiner can't keep his mouth shut. I understand that what he says is hilarious. But then again, he keeps wondering why TNA got rid of him in the first place.

The internet just doesn't make stuff personal anymore. It is way to public. People feel since no one sees them physically that they can share their personal feelings. What they don't understand is that once you click "send", THE WORLD sees. Its not just the people around you. Everyone can see what you think of, and most times, there are serious consequences. We find out about spoilers and all this stuff that should be concealed. But in all honesty, it ruins the surprise that comes with wrestling. When was the last time we were like "WOAH I did not see that coming." Sadly, I don't.

I'll be completely honest: I don't have a fix for this. I won't say "Oh well they didn't have internet in the Attitude Era" or make some other reference that will piss people off because honestly wrestling would be fine, Reality Era and everything, if they didn't have the internet. Also, there is no reason to fix this because: 1) we all love coming to this site anyways 2) It would take away the thing that people who make this site possible love to do. At this point, you cant stop the internet because its everywhere. We just have to deal with it.

At the end of the day, we all love our wrestling. Internet or not, our love for the business will never change.

But the question comes up in my mind: is there a way to keep secrets away from the internet in the wrestling community?

**Thanks for reading guys. I like to end my blogs with a little question, they usually draw creative thinking from comments ^__^**

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way trashing this site or the internet in general. I love the site, and am a frequent visitor. I also am not encouraging the staff here to change. You guys do an excellent job, keep it up!

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    it also hurts when you see these negative reviews of raw. Some stuff i like that others don't. Read their thoughts and than i turn negative towards it. get what im saying?
  2. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    I agree can u imagine if these " wrestling news sites " were around during Wrestlemania 3 when Hogan slammed Andre and it was reported 2 days b4 that it was going 2 happen ? Would it be as big as it was ? Would it even still b remembered ?
  3. alcrissam's Avatar
    @mantooth: maybe i was seriously exaggerating, my fault on that. so ill just state the main idea of what you thought i said: I dont want the internet to go away, i feel like its overused by companys and the wrestlers themselves. just to clear up any negative vibes.
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