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Wrestlers and Twitter

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Hey guys, irishman101 here back with my fourth blog, and today I'll be talking about my opinions on Twitter and how it affects my viewing of wrestling. I will also bring up a couple of incidents on why I think WWE/TNA wrestlers should not have twitter.

First off, I dont like wrestlers on Twitter. Wrestling is built around characters that are larger than life, and a character usually isn't how the person would act in real life. For example, Randy Savage wouldnt go round going OOHHHHH YEAHHHHHHH! IM THE MACHO MAN! and Steve Austin didnt go round stunning his boss and drinking beers! Sure, Its fine for retired wrestlers to have a twitter, but current day wrestlers need to keep to their gimmicks and personas they have in the ring. Not 24-7, they can out with friends act normal, but just dont pubicly expose their normality (for want of a better word) to millions of fans!

I have a twitter account, and I do have friends on it and I do follow most of the guys in the ring to see what they come out with, and I find myself shocked at what these guys/gals come out with almost on a daily basis. First off, the man who holds perhaps the most prestigious title in all of wrestling,CM Punk. How the WWE Champ, who is a babyface therefore meaning that children should look up to him, can get away with telling a guy to kill themselves, hasnt been taken off him by Vince is beyond me. Forget how stupid and childish the guy was, he was hoping that Punk would react, and of course he did. Now, dont get me wrond, its not that I disagree with Punk's sentiment, its just telling another human being to kill themselve in any situation is too far imo. Thats not all Punk does. He starts twitter wars with random celebrities to try and gain publicity for the WWE. Although again I support Punk in his views, why make such a big deal outta little things. On the whole Chris Brown thing, I hate the guy, but I mean starting a twitter war. Grow up Punk! Brown is one of those people who you have to just swallow your pride and ignore the attention seeking whore! As well as this, I was on twitter a couple of week s ago when watching Raw, and I went onto Punks twitter feed. I saw that he kept going on about how he knew something that no-one else did. I kid you not, 5 minutes before Heyman returned, Punk tweeted a photo of him backstage, getting ready to go out. I saw this photo just before I saw Heyman come out, and it completley took away from a great moment (that and the dead crowd) Please, please get Punk off twitter.

Another thing that annoys me probably a little more, is babyfaces and heels interacting. Now, this was about a month ago, and I was on Kofi's twitter, and I noticed Cody Rhodes tweeted him a private joke which Kofi probs replied haha or something. Who I was really dissapointed in here was Cody. His father probably has one of the most over the top gimmicks out there, but he stuck with it thru thick and thin, on the commentary table and in the ring. Im sure he told Cody how important it is to stay in character when youre in the public eye. Clearly the message didnt get thru or Cody just ignored him. Cody should not have posted that on Kofi's feed, or Kofi should have straight away deleted it!

Also, there are a few other wrestlers that should get off Twitter because of their drunken rants and stupid updates.

First off Scott Steiner, this guy is a total bitter son bitch! The Big Booty Daddy is out of touch with the modern day world. Yeah, I know, its frustrating being sacked when you believe you're better than most of the other guys you work for. Believe me, its happenend to yours truly before, but I didn't go on a barely recognizable twitter rampage against my former employers. Granted, I might if it was the Hulkster. I mean, trying to get Poppa Pump arrested (allegedly) is a step too far!

Kurt Angle- This guy seems to be a total wackjob with the tweets. I loved the ones where he claimed that us fans wanted to see him main event WM one more time, that he could beat Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels in shoot matches, that he wants a shoot match w/ J.Swagger and that he 'hasnt touched a pill in eight years' despite the fact that two years ago a growth hormone was found in his car, and that he failed a wellness test i 2007

Rock vs John Cena Twitter Feud- Personally, their twitter feud got on my nerves so much. The Rock, the most charismatic man in the history of the business, wonder what he can come up with to burn Cena?! Tell him that he has a mangina? Come on now? Gay jokes.... as The Miz would say REALLY!? Oh well at least Cena will come back with something good right...right...WRONG. 'Oh maybe Ill turn it into a tampax deal!' Like, just shut the fuck up, what is that Cena? And every other response he gave was, im here every night, hustle loyalty respect xoxo. Like, you cant tell me that Cena wouldnt have left in an INSTANT if he had gotten the sorta deal Dwayne Johnson got. For me, they were acting like fourth graders and I wouldnt be suprised if Vince had brought them in to tell them to cut it out, theyd have been like, But he started it! This highlighted what this feud was really about. Two egotistal men, who have inferiory complex, trying to 'burn' each other for a few cheap laughs. However i did enjoy fevin Steens chime in though

Steen: I'm going to get The Rock to block me or tell me to fuck off before the end of this business year. Then I can retire happy.

Steen: @TheRock I seen u on tv 1nce. Can i get RT?
Steen: @eRock My aunt thought you were great in "Training Day"

The Rock: Theres no limits to your success. Be willing to put in the work - relentless, tireless, hard ass work. #TeamBringIt

Steen :@TheRock That's very inspiring. Are you going to be at the next WWE house show in Montreal?

Overall, I just think that ACTIVE wrestlers (and Scott Steiner) should stay off twitter and focus on building up a character and getting over.
Finally, there was one good thing coming outta twitter, and thats Yoshi Tatsu's feelings on Lord Tensai #YoshiRevolution

Thanks for reading guys, see ya soon!

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  1. Wildcat's Avatar
    Slight disagreement: CM Punk is not a "babyface". (That very few faces fall into this category these days is a larger argument.) His character is that of a guy who "shoots from the hip" with no regard for what others might think of his opinion. He stated on Raw several weeks ago that he is "not a role model". I perceive little difference between this and the personality he presents on Twitter. His eventual reconsideration and apology to the fellow he told to "kill yourself" (which was reciprocated) is one of those important differences. Unless that can also be seen as a response dictated by VinnieMac..
  2. The Notorious R.O.B's Avatar
    Only thing I have to disagree with is Scott Steiner staying of twitter he is just too funny with his rants on TNA
  3. Mojo Tartarus's Avatar
    There's a simple solution to all your woes. Stop following them.

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