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Christian's current WWE Status is really Bad

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we are all know that CHRISTIAN CAGE is one of the best superstars that WWE have today. But do you ever mentioned that WWE misused him?

BEINg a WHC for 5 days was a big slap for his PEEPs. And during the fued between Christian and Randy Orton, WWE makes Randy an ironic while Christian looks so weak and coward and after their rivalry, while Randy Orton stays on top, Christian involved in other matches in losing effort until he got injury

2012-Christian returns few weeks before Wrestlemania 28 but in his RAW return,he was squashed by CM Punk and lost his wrestlemania role


1st. Make him involved in some decent storylines
2nd. Heel Character is the
3rd.Make him a Champion (WWE Champ or World Champ)
Last - Make him a face of i remember, SMACKDOWN gains ratings during Christian's reign as a champ. Who knows? maybe it helps to make SMACKDOWN rise from the grave of low ratings...

if WWE continues to use Christian in his current situation,maybe he would not renew is contract and return to TNA. At least,he was a Champion back then

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  1. OneTimePosterShorry's Avatar
    Because he wasn't ready to come back from injury like they expected.

    You're welcome.
  2. JForce's Avatar
    What does "WWE makes Randy an ironic" mean
    and your second point of Heel character is the _______
    In any event, his current status is coming back from injury and finding a good situation to be brought back as opposed to, you know, come back with nothing for him to do.
  3. dragonsrevenge's Avatar
    It's funny, I was just thinking what the hell was going on with Christian and his injury status. He's been very on again off again since he was semi-cleared. Despite that, your thinking that his squash to Punk was because of some vandetta against him and not because he wasn't quite ready yet is silly. But yeah, he needs one more good run before it's too late. I wouldn't be surprised if he returned as a face. I think it does more for his character.
  4. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    The match I always wanted 2 c is Christian vs Shawn Michaels
  5. Marx's Avatar
    Ratings dropped whilst Christian was champ, at least that's what I read on the site. That's why they took the title off him. I remember because I was sad to see it happen. I wished him a decent run.

    But on the other hand: I don't really care which title Christian chases, as long as he's on tv. Let Christian turn face and feud with Cody (if Cody stays on Smackdown).

    There is no shame in being upper midcard, as long as you get to win a few, get time to steal the show. Christian is a pro and a workhorse and I believe he finds pride in making other people look just as good.

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