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My Take on Re-Establishing WWE to be entertaining.

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Hey guys, I'm Airbourne, or AB. I don't do blogs very often, but I felt I would give it my take on what the WWE should go doing forward, with feuds, title fights, you name it and I hope you like it!

Returns - We've had Lord Tensai (A-Train) return, we've had Brock Lesnar return, heck, even HHH and Paul Heyman return. But we have many more coming. I have a good feeling Batista is coming back soon, along with Sin Cara soon and Rey Mysterio (once his suspension is up). And I feel with the debuts we have going on (which I'll get to soon), I feel that they are bringing in too many people too quickly. It ruins the hype. Lesnar will be back soon, Cara won't need much more time before he is able to come back, and Mysterio is almost certain to come back, seeing as he has a huge fanbase. I'll address everyone of them now:

- Tensai: He needs to be able to speak, end of story, or maybe Sakamoto. But this character can not progress with the "green spit" and not talking, his matches end the same way, he will not be an entertaining character much longer if he keeps it up. If he can learn how to talk and cut promos, or his other guy doing it, I think this guy could be a main eventer, he can draw heat, but he needs to get away from Ace, especially because he already has Sakamoto. It would be a different story if he was by himself, so for me, the key points are him cutting promos, and/or cutting ties with Sakamoto and sticking with Ace, or staying with Sakamoto and leaving Ace alone with Otunga and Eve.

- Lesnar: He needs to come back, ASAP. He draws a multitude of heat and is a legit heel. But this reenactment of the legal battle he had years ago is stupid (like when Mark Henry and Big Show reenacted the superplex off the top rope that Big Show and Brock made famous, it's stupid to do it, it was them trying too hard to get a draw from the crowd). He needs a legitimate feud with Cena. I think these two play off each other, with Lesnar being in Ace's corner as his endorsement. This can propel him to facing HHH at Summerslam (which I would like to see, maybe in Last Man Standing match).

- Mysterio: He's coming back as a face, there is no doubt. He needs to feud with.... drum roll..the Miz! The Miz needs a feud to keep himself relevant, and I liked them working together on that WWE Title match months ago when Punk left. Two former world champions, they can both cut promos, Mi is better obviously, but this could be an exciting promo that culminates to Summerslam with Miz winning the feud and a chance for the WWE Title, because I like him as a main eventer.

Cara: When he comes back, I think he needs to work with someone who is his own size in a feud, and I think Cody Rhodes would be a good choice. (That is if he isn't in main event by then) and maybe that can give a good IC Title feud. Yes, maybe it's a little early for Cara to get a title feud, but he is really over with the fans and sell merchandise, so I wouldn't put it past WWE to do that and it gives a real IC title feud. Rhodes should have never lost the title to begin with, but that's besides the point. This feud could do great, especially if Cara learns to speak English or does promos in Spanish with a translator.

Batista: He left a heel, comes back a heel. I liked his feud with Cena before he left, but I like someone better he feuded with for a while. That's Randy Orton. Orton is a top babyface, and Batista is a great heel. They had good feuds and promos against each other, but Orton needs this to reestablish himself after his horrible feud with Kane. This will propel both to the main event scene and title shot(s).

US Title -Get Santino off the title now, he isn't over with the fans anymore, and he is a waste of a title. Give it to Zach Ryder, in a friendly match so they both stay face, but I loved Ryder as US Champion. Have him feud with Swagger, a great promo man and ring technician. That could be a great feud between two great promo speakers.

Tag Teams - Kingston and Truth could be great as tag team champs. Have them have legitimate feuds with teams like Gabriel and Kidd (a great team idea), The Usos, Reks and Hawkins, and a surprise team, Riley and Clay. Yes, those two. Both are faces, Riley needs more screen time, and is real charismatic, so he could work well with Clay. If Ziggler can find a partner other then Swagger, he could bring some firepower to the tag team picture too, maybe Otunga, maybe Mason Ryan if he is a heel again. (Have him align with AW's group) and Primo and Epico too, that is 5-6 good teams to help revive the tag team picture for now, maybe Ohno and Cesaro can be brought as a tag team too and help it even more.

Get rid of NXT - Waste of time. Transfer everyone over to Superstars, and make that show two hours. It gives them proper screen time.

Regal: New Smackdown GM -Ace needs to be GM of Raw, that's it. Regal comes over from NXT, starts running Smackdown with Long as face co-GMs. Regal can be a part time wrestler too, not a manager, a wrestler. Or maybe Long can be a manager instead, who knows, I want Ace out as GM on both shows.

No More SuperShow - Obvious reasons. We like brands separate, give people a reason to watch Smackdown, and I have another reason how to do that.

Make Smackdown Live -Raw is #1, and that is because it's live. It's proven. I know it may be hard, but make it live, people will be interested more and be more shocked at what happens instead of reading spoilers (like we on here do). It'll seem more real. It may lose money due to not as many house shows, but it will make up for it with Smackdown being sold out more.

Show and Henry - Big Show needs to come back for one last run, hopefully same with Mark Henry. Have Big Show feud with Kane, a big man feud would help. Mark Henry deserves to be in a title feud, he is an awesome wrestler with great skill in the ring and draws a lot of heat. Have him feud with Ryback, to give Ryback a legit feud and both are "freaks of nature and strong" so it could be an entertaining feud, but if Ryback has the same voice he did before with his hillbilly voice, then he can't do promos. lol

Christian vs. Jericho - Christian comes back, as a face, and feuds with a huge heel in Jericho, propelling both into the main event scene, or just Christian if Jericho leaves. But both are good wrestlers and are good at cutting promos, interesting feud that could really steal a show or two.

Barrett vs. Sheamus -When Barrett comes back, he should be in the main event, end of story. Have two guys from over the pond feud each other, Irish vs. British, I love both guys, so it could really be one of the better feuds in the past couple of years if done right.

Bryan vs. Punk -Two old ROH buds, could feud for title for a while, maybe with Bryan winning. I know people are sick of him, but he is a star in the ring, and can get major heat if he gets this YES crap behind him and resestablishes himself as a top heel. Both are good in the ring and could look like they have major beef with each other.

* Thanks for reading this guys, I hope you guys like this and please give feedback, keep in mind, this is my first time at this! Thanks again!

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  1. Callum's Avatar
    Good blog, i agree with most of your points but rather than William Regal being the Smackdown Gm I want him to replace Jerry Lawler as raw commentator. Also if they were to get rid of nxt for 2 hours of Wwe Superstars then Superstars would need to have storylines.
    Updated 05-16-2012 at 03:58 PM by Callum
  2. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    Callum beat me to it nxt has storylines and sometimes i get more into the whole nxt thing than raw and smackdown combined so storylines then i'm all for it.
  3. K-O-W KINGS!'s Avatar
    Not bad, but a lot of this stuff wouldn't help. Mysterio coming back doesn't help the entertainment value at all. He'll be back. he'll either get injured again or fall back into irrelevancy and that'll be it.

    Sin Cara is probably on an even shorter leash just because his skills haven't translated over the way WWE would have liked and I see Sin Cara not being around too much longer.

    Bringing back Batista wouldn't be such a bad idea but he left such a sour taste in peoples mouths that he wouldn't receive the type of reception that Lesnar got, not enough time has passed.

    The US title picture is a mess, Santino isn't a bad champ, i'd keep it on him. The US title has a lot of overrated, missed their shot kind of talent with Ryder, Swagger, etc. Restoring that is gonna be difficult.

    The tag team division is a whole other story.

    I like the Smackdown live idea, the biggest hindrance to SDs ratings and overall show has been being able to read spoilers and the supershow. Eliminate both, and maybe SD ends up being good again. But WWE is not in the losing money business, so unfortunately I don't see this happening.

    Shooting Barrett to the top with absolutely no background as to why doesn't make sense. Yes, it's somewhat been done before, that doesn't mean it works.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar many points, and so many points that just don't make much sense, this blog had a lot to digest.

    Lord Tensai is a fat, sloppy goof. He's a disgrace. Plain and Simple. Talking won't help.

    Lesnar's return is stupid and has already been ruined, similarly with Jericho's return

    Batista shouldn't come back at all, but if he must, it should be to face Lesnar.

    You might be the only person I've read that actually likes the brand extension.

    Big Show didn't go anywhere. He'll be helping Laurenaitis win on Sunday and become a reluctant "sell out" heel.

    The rest of your points fall into the "who cars" range to be honest...except for the Bryan/Punk point...except that's been made about a thousand times in the last two weeks.
  5. darkmind88's Avatar
    a- batista wont be comin back unless they change from pg, b- how can you say santino isnt over, he gets more crowd reaction than most wrestlers
  6. alcrissam's Avatar
    the christian vs chris jericho feud would actually be entertaining. and in all honesty the brand extension is only half of the problem, the fact is WWE has too many wrestlers and even though they have 4 shows, they barely use anyone that isnt popular with the fans. they dont want to build propularity with the fans, they basically want to use the popular wrestlers they have now. They should only have 2 shows, with their own wrestlers. leave the people who dont deserve air time off the air, and have actually wrestlers entertain us.
  7. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    Big Show and Kane or Big Show and Mark Henry would b awesome teams
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