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John Cena doing Ace Ventura is as bad as it gets.

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I love Ace Ventura, I love Old School Jim Carrey.


It has NO PLACE on Raw or any WWE show. God knows Cena must have a million corny promo's under his built down the years. Corny, boring, dull, same old same old 10 year old friendy promo's - Classic Cena Promo Basically.

His biggest career failing/character failing is the fact he simply can't, or stubbornly refuses to take ANYTHING SERIOUSLY. Everythings a joke. He just wrecks anykind of serious work or angle that's happening by ironically being himself. As bad as Johnny Ace is as a poor mans Vince he beat up Cena last week and what does Cena do in response?

Act like an obnoxious, lame, cringingly unfunny idiot. It was embarassing. By the time he was gurning like Carrey I wanted to wretch. It was beyond painful to watch.

WWE's spin doctors might have released a statement saying the reason he was SO CORNY was because after his personal troubles they wanted him to just have fun.

John Cena having fun horrible to watch and listen too. The man is a baby.

He acts like a baby 99% of the time.

John Cena is 35.

Do you think he ever watches the show when he gets back to the hotel room to see how it went? How the angle or storyline is going? Does he actually watch himself?

Can you actually imagine being a fly on the wall watching John Cena, whose there with his friends/family/co-workers evaluating 'THAT PROMO' from Raw. Watching it with them.

What must they all think?


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  1. peppermill25's Avatar
    Hate to say it, but you hit the nail on the head, dead on. 100% correct. Hulk Hogan in the 80's had more attitude than John Cena today. If cena really is that big of a pussy then I dont think he is what he made me believe he was when he started. There for I feel like Ive been cheated.
  2. gpwrestling's Avatar
    apparently you guys haven't been paying attention to what's been posted in recent days regarding John Cena's personal situation ... especially the post regarding WWE management trying to keep John Cena upbeat during the potentially ugly divorce process he's going thru ...
  3. nosellshogan's Avatar
    And I thought I was the only that felt that John Cena was acting way too Jim Carrey like. But yea that segment was terrible and it ran WAYY to long. Like think about the last few over runs. The rock returning Brock returning.Usually when a show runs over 11 for that long something amazing is happening. Its a big tuurn of events in the storline or a return of someone big or a 5 star match. But to have something like that run for that long and being as shitty as it was really shows how wwe is struggling to keep it interesting anymote.The proof was in the ratings. 2.8...with no monday night football and a blowout playoff game in the nba. Vince is losing it,time for him to retire and play with the grand kids
  4. nosellshogan's Avatar
    Oh and someone cited his divorce as being a factor. I get that to an extent,but at the end of the day you have an audience you're trying to keep. If cena aint up for it get someone else who is.
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