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John Cena doing Ace Ventura is as bad as it gets.

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I love Ace Ventura, I love Old School Jim Carrey.


It has NO PLACE on Raw or any WWE show. God knows Cena must have a million corny promo's under his built down the years. Corny, boring, dull, same old same old 10 year old friendy promo's - Classic Cena Promo Basically.

His biggest career failing/character failing is the fact he simply can't, or stubbornly refuses to take ANYTHING SERIOUSLY. Everythings a joke. He just wrecks anykind of serious work or angle that's happening by ironically being himself. As bad as Johnny Ace is as a poor mans Vince he beat up Cena last week and what does Cena do in response?

Act like an obnoxious, lame, cringingly unfunny idiot. It was embarassing. By the time he was gurning like Carrey I wanted to wretch. It was beyond painful to watch.

WWE's spin doctors might have released a statement saying the reason he was SO CORNY was because after his personal troubles they wanted him to just have fun.

John Cena having fun horrible to watch and listen too. The man is a baby.

He acts like a baby 99% of the time.

John Cena is 35.

Do you think he ever watches the show when he gets back to the hotel room to see how it went? How the angle or storyline is going? Does he actually watch himself?

Can you actually imagine being a fly on the wall watching John Cena, whose there with his friends/family/co-workers evaluating 'THAT PROMO' from Raw. Watching it with them.

What must they all think?


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  1. Suhayl's Avatar
    I actually liked it. It is just... Well, Cena doesn't take Ace seriously. Ace is freakin OLD. And he didn't have any of his enforcers with him, so John just knew that he couldn't hurt him.
  2. redblade0's Avatar
    Cena was O.k on Raw. It's funny how everyone wants Cena to be another generic guy having a pool of different characters isn't that bad thing, Cena's just standing out. It's also funny how you don't seem to complain about CM Punks doing the same thing, whenever he has mic time.
    CM Punk is a lot worse at he's awkward as well as corny.
  3. akbar's Avatar
    His jokes have made him in to a millionaire so...I wouldn't consider him a loser
  4. Mojo Tartarus's Avatar
    I bet all these insults really hurt the internationally famous, multi-millionaire!
  5. Kincaid's Avatar
    It's his blog, his opinion. I thought it sucked too. Just bad television. I was prepared for the worst when Cena made his entrance without the sling on his arm, completely non-selling the chair shot attack from the week before. It went downhill from there.
  6. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    This is the WWE's desperate attempt to get Cena completely over as a face. Have Big Johnny fire one of the most beloved Big's in the history of the business... bringing the Big Man to his knees making him beg for his job, then completely embarrassing him by making him cry. Then have Cena cutting that goofy promo on the guy who does not like to be embarrassed... And now Cena will likely rid RAW and SD of Big Johnny, saving the WWE Universe. Or at least thats what they think...
  7. Kincaid's Avatar
    Obvious Big Show heel turn is obvious.
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