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Guys I Like #1: Kevin Nash & Kane

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Hello blog readers! I've decided that I wanted my own blog series and well, since coming up with a clever title would take far too long for me to come up with, I've decided to just call it "guys I like". Simple, no? All I'll be talking about in this blog are superstars i like. Some current. Some legends. An since this is the first of hopefully many I figured I'd give you a 2 for 1 special! Booyah!

Kevin Nash:
A lot can be said about this guy. Money hungry. Past his prime. Holds people back but I just call him big sexy (no homo). Kevin Nash is from an old breed of performers. And every time I see him I think back to my childhood. My favorite Nash era was pre NWO. Back when he was hbk's body guard. His feud with hbk afterwards in my opinion, was great and even though most say his title run was shit, I enjoyed it. Nash just has "it". They called him big daddy cool and I bought it. He really just comes off as a legit superstar and just oozes charisma. While he has slowed down considerably and walks as if he replaced his legs with 2x4s he always looks really aggressive and intense in the ring. Hes so comfortable on the mic and in my opinion, has always been a great talker. While I know a lot of youweren't thrilled thy he came back due to various reasons, I was. Yes he took the spotlight off the younger generation and they could've used his time and feud to build someone up, I absolutely loved having him back. I'm counting the days till he returns. If they put him in feuds/alliances with younger superstars I really think they could get a rub off of his star power. Nash can still draw. And if given the right Opponent, he can still put forth a great match. While I don't want him wrestling every week, I think they could still get a lot of miles out of him as someone's mouth piece and occasional match at a ppv. I like Kevin nash

Hes big, red and a monster/machine. He's a legend. He's a locker room leader. And he can still go. People find Kane's matches as boring but in my eyes, they don't have small man vs big man matches like they used to. In ring psychology has dwindled quite a bit. But Kane is still very entertaining. He's a great talker. His promos are some of the best. I wasn't thrilled when he came back with a mask cuz I thought his character was regressing but I was proven wrong. I don't like how he lost his 2 major feuds after coming back. Cena and orton didn't need the rub. And neither gained anything from their feuds. And it seemed to have stalled the momentum he had. I'd like for him to beat someone of significance other than zack Ryder and eventually get another title run. The man deserves it and surely I'm not the only one who thinks this way. Hell he's one of the few superstars that are trusted enough to do a pile driver! It's been a long while since we've seen a superstar of Kane's caliber and for my money he's probably one of if not the best big men ever. When Kane comes on my screen, they have my attention. That's something not even orton, cena or punk can do. His entrance is like a heavy metal video and he generally looks like he's gonna fuck somebody up. A guy like Kane is rare and I think they missed many opportunities with him. But you gotta take the good with the bad. And the good thing is, is the fact that Kane is there. And hopefully he'll be there for a long time to come. I like Kane.

If you read this, thank you. All I'm doing is rambling about guys I like and why I like them. If you didn't read this, that's cool too. I just like sharing my thoughts and opinions and look forward to writing another. Hopefully the next will be more in depth. I can't go too far into things cuz I'm at work and typing this on my phone lol. Thanks for stopping by, and god bless!

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  1. ChaoticChris's Avatar
    I Agree 100% !!!
  2. blink's Avatar
    We're most likely the minority in this one brutha!
  3. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    Nash and Kane can both put on amazing matches . Nash vs AJ for the title { I forget which one } was a great match , Kane in hardcore matches are just sickkk Kane vs Shane come 2 mind
  4. The Notorious R.O.B's Avatar
    Great blog really pleasant read.

    As far as Nash I didn't really watch too much of his stuff other than his run in TNA and when he came back, but based on that I don't mind him.

    I love Kane though. He has the presence, the mic ability, and the ability to get it done in the ring. I wish they would use him a little better these days because I think they are missing out on some potential gold with this guy. He is def their best monster heel of all time everything about him is menacing especially his whole entrance gig.

    Once again great read and looking forward to the next one.

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