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Mark Savage

STORYLINES: How To Build A Superstar

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I have some more ideas for this STORYLINES format for blogs, depending
on the response I will put them out.

This is about the storyline of making Shawn Michales a legit main
eventer. His road to his first WWF Championship. It's about the booking and storylines used to get him to that level.

The Back Story:

Shawn became an accomplished Tag Team wrestler with Marty Jannetty as
the Rockers. When they broke up he went on to win the Intercontinental
Title. He would feud with Jannetty, for the title before being
stripped of the title in 1993. He was suspended for testing positive
for steroids. Since he never lost the title he returned back claiming
to be the real champion still in possession of his title belt. The new
champion was Razor Ramon, also holding a version of the IC Title Belt.
The two faced off in one of the most talked about matches of all time
at Wrestlemania X - In a ladder match with both belts suspended over
the ring. Although he lost, Shawn stole the show!

He then teamed up with Diesel, his new bodyguard to win the Tag Team
Championship. At the Survivor Series of that year Shawn accidentally
super kicked Diesel in a match and the team split, vacating the
titles. The kick literally kick started his push to the championship.

Royal Rumble - 1995
Shawn entered the Rumble as the first entrant and outlasted every
other man to earn his title shot at Wrestlemania - against none other
than his former bodyguard Diesel, who had won the championship since
their split. The Rumble would be the start to building Shawn into a competitor
that beat the odds and was the most resilient superstar in the WWF.
He was smaller than the other main eventers of the time so they had to
go with him being resilient. Taking a beating and still pulling it off. The
Rumble win as well as some of the next events would cement HBK as
tough and could take a beating, especially from guys bigger than him.

Wrestlemania XI -1995
Shawn had a great match with Diesel and although he lost, like the
year before at Wrestlemania he was the talk of the match. People were
even turning on Diesel at some point even though Shawn was the heel.
To make sure they kept their Champion a face, they did an angle the
following night on RAW where Shawn's new bodyguard Sid - who cost him
the match the night before, turned on Michales and brutally attacked
him with three powerbombs. Diesel came to his aid, effectively turning
Shawn face.

In Your House July 1995
Shawn would defeat Jeff Jarrett to once again become the
Intercontinental Champion.

Summerslam August 1995
Shawn once again faced Razor Ramon in a ladder match for the IC title.
This one was just as good as the first and left Shawn looking like a
superstar. Shawn would win this match.

October 1995
Here is where fate took a turn for Shawn - nothing to do with story
lines. While at a bar in New York, Shawn was legitimately attached by
a group of men. He was made to vacate the title because oh his

November 1995
While in a match with Owen Hart, Shawn was kicked in the back of the
head and fainted live on TV. This was one of the BEST angles ever
as it was played off to be a legitimate event. Shawn even told Vince
to abandon the announce booth and go in the ring as he really would
had one of his performers legitimately fainted in the ring. There is no announcing toward the end of the video, and that is exactly how it aired live.

Here is the incident:

(7:50 for the kick, 8:30 for the faint)

Using the real life events of the beating he took in NY, Vince and
Shawn were able to make a storyline out of it. He had suffered a
concussion and the kick was too much for him to take. They would then
release this tribute, as Shawn was maybe never able to compete again.
This video helped in making him the TOP FACE going into 1996

Royal Rumble 1995
Shawn would return to the Rumble and once again win it for the second
straight year, last eliminating his fried Diesel (Who was on his way out to WCW). Shawn once again had the opportunity to headline Wrestlemania and win the WWF Championship.

The Boy Hood Dream
On the buildup to Wrestlemania, they played up Shawn's boyhood dream of
becoming the WWF Champion.
It was announced that his match with Bret Hart would be a 1 hour Iron
Man Match. The buildup included Shawn being trained by his first
trainer Jose Latherio again.

Wrestlemania XII
For the third time Shawn would steal the show at Wrestlemania. Bret
had a huge amount to do with the success of this match but this was
Shawns time to shine. Possibly the best match of all time.

The Boyhood Dream...Has Come True....For Shawn Michales.

With that, he became a legit main eventer and would go on to become a legend. This was PERFECT BOOKING and storylines to build up HBK.

Would love any feed back also opened up a Facebook recently.
Add me! Would love to talk to you guys often.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    There's good and bad for this blog.

    The Good: This blog was phenomenal, and you picked the perfect subject to use...HBK.

    The Bad: You videos, and seeing how great wrestling once was, has just further reminded me of how much is totally sucks today.

    Awesome Blog Man. Totally Awesome, and I look forward to more.
  2. blink's Avatar
    Shawn's buildup was so perfect that he is still my favorite to this day. Looking back, matches seem faster and more exciting than they do today. It was nice swing Owen wrestle again too. Good blog.

  3. xStraightxEdgexSaviorx's Avatar
    Why this would NEVER work today:

    This site. (and others like it)

    We'd know immediately that Shawn got his ass kicked in a bar (i.e. the injury had nothing to do with the match), and we'd call him out on all the other stupid shit he did back then, and he'd never get over with us.
  4. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    That's why I like the way you build a guy. Takes time to build a great superstar. They look to be patient with Ziggler and I think they have haulted The Miz for this very reason.
  5. blink's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by xStraightxEdgexSaviorx
    Why this would NEVER work today:

    This site. (and others like it)

    We'd know immediately that Shawn got his ass kicked in a bar (i.e. the injury had nothing to do with the match), and we'd call him out on all the other stupid shit he did back then, and he'd never get over with us.
    Referenced his mugging several times on tv. In fact I remember Bret Hart specifically saying he was jumped by a bunch of fairies lol. And orton has been known to be a prick behind the scenes, he even got Kennedy fired... And Jeff hardy was a well known drug addict... That stopped neither of them from getting over. In fact their still 2 of the most popular stars in the world. Plus with Shawn's natural ability... If we had a site like this back then he'd still be exactly where he is today.
  6. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    I agree with ToiletBowl WWE needs to let people advance and prosper and that takes time , reminds me of WWE giving the WHC to Swagger after he lost on Raw a number of times . That was rush booking however I dont think it should take 10 years like it did in Shawn Michaels day it can be a little faster
  7. Mark Savage's Avatar
    Straight Edge - They did mention the beating on air, they referred to it numerous times during the angel...saying he had a concussion and the kick "re-aggravated it".

    I do agree that the internet has changed the way wrestling is watched, but Vince should smarten up and start changing the way its written. We have seen some brilliance, such as the Punk promo - noone knew if it was 100% shoot or not, until he resigned, and we all knew, it wasn't. However blurring the lines is what it should be about. And I would say less people in the loop - leading to less leaks online. Seems like thats what they are planning with HHH and Brock, lets see if they manage to surprise us.

    Thanks everyone for reading!! Appreciate your feedback.

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