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The Abdominal Stretch: Has WWE Gone Over The Limit?

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Hey fans from everywhere and wherever. The Saviour here with another edition of The Abdominal Stretch. The theme for this week is, and appropriately because of this upcoming PPV, has WWE gone Over the Limit? Let's take a look, shall we.

Has The WWE Gone Over The Limit With...

Paul Heyman And The Legal Mumbo Jumbo

I had the pleasure of missing Raw last week. No, that isn't a typo. While my cable provider had a rough time at getting some simple problems resolved, I got a much needed week off of wrestling. And based on what I've read, I didn't miss anything. I could care less about Paul Heyman. However, how much more of this corporate legal crap are we gonna be subjected with? It didn't take long, and the WWE has definitely gone Over the Limit with Paul E Dangerously and his appearances as "legal representation". What a way to ruin the opening of Raw on my week back. I guess we can expect a legal battle leading up to the HHH/Brock match at Summer Slam? *yawn*

John Laurenaitis and His Power Trip

Vince McMahon, often imitated, never duplicated. John Laurenaitis isn't even close. He can barely talk, let alone pull off the McMahon cold-hearted boss routine. He makes me want to turn the show off, and in the television world, that's a problem. He's on TV waaaaaaaaaaay too much. So let's break it down like this. Humiliation of Teddy Long? Beat. Listening to him screw up sentences with that, "lay off the smokes" voice of his? Beat. Basically, all segments involving John Laurenaitis, including the fact that his match is overshadowing Punk vs Bryan, definitely BEAT. WWE has definitely gone Over the Limit with John Laurenaitis segments.

The Big Show Being Humiliated, Degraded, and Too Much of a Softy

Part of me was hoping that segment with Show and Laurenaitis ended with Show saying, "If you Fire Me, it'll be the last thing you ever do" and just destroying him. Unfortunately, much like when he trucked over AJ, and cried, took it all to heart, took away from the fact that he could be, but is not utilized as, a pure wrecking machine. I know Big Show isn't popular with many in the IWC, but I'm a fan. I always enjoy a giant just destroying people, and sigh in boredom when he's made to job. Big Show being made to look like a puny show...WWE has definitely gone Over the Limit with that angle.

References to Executive Adminstrators, Board of Directors, and the Such

Okay. Are we watching a wrestling show? Or are we watching a weekly documentary on how not to run a corporation in today's world? Let's just get to the damn matches already. Stop with the Board of Directors, the walk-outs because of hostile work environments, the lawsuits for aggravated assault, and the legal representation stuff. They wasted like 25 minutes on tonight's Raw with that sort of crap. They wasted how much time over the last several weeks on legal advisors, representatives, documents...etc? The WWE has gone way Over the Limit with wasting their show on corporate, legal, and political garbage.

On the positive notes, Over the Limit looks like it's going to have some cool matches. I'm actually looking forward to the Tag Team Title Match. Can't wait for the Punk/Bryan match.

And John Cena was awesome tonight...and I'm not a Cena fan. The stipulation is in place and as much as I would like to look forward to that ass kicking, something's going to happen. I think it's pretty obvious that Big Show will be "reluctantly" turning heel, helping Johnny Ace, and doing a short feud with Cena. Either way, unfortunately, I'm sure we'll be seeing Laurenaitis on Raw next week.

Thanks everyone for reading. I was in WBC this week against Piper so vote for me.

Be safe and look out for Sudden Impact this week.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. alcrissam's Avatar
    Unfortunately, the answer to that last point is that WWE wants to be more like a real sport like the NFL to name an example. Instead of getting what we love (wrestling), we get lawsuits and fines and laywers and medical personnel and board of directors and blah blah blah. Bottom line is that the term "reality era" fits PERFECTLY because WWE wants to be a "real" sport instead of a wrestling organization. I mean honestly, when Johnny comes out i feel like im watching a republican convention with entrances instead of Raw.

    Anyways, Good read, i enjoyed it.
  2. madnonsense's Avatar
    I don't think the kids watching the show knows any crap about the meaning of litigation, lawsuits, and employees being fired. I thought the damn programming was meant for PG rating. This week RAW was pretty much stupid. But the WWE did in fact tried to make John Cena happy at the end to add lots of humor in his promos since he is now divorced.
  3. madnonsense's Avatar
    Lastly, so many people in the blog misspelled the GM last name.

    It's John Laurinaitis
  4. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    Its entertainment now wrestling is secondary , I do agree with ur thoughts on Johnny however , he would even suck as a manager

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