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Could Kevin Steen Be The Next Mick Foley?

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Today I'm gonna talk about something I don't really have much knowledge about but felt compelled to write about. I'm not a huge Indy guy, Actually I only watch WWE not even really TNA, I use to buy TNA's DVDs but I haven't really felt their matches in the last 6 years or so were good enough to buy and watch on DVD.... Years ago I bought a ROH DVD which was a best of DVD, I seen Kevin Steen and El Generico on That DVD in some matches with The Briscoes. Everything about El Generico and Kevin Steen Screamed "Cheap Indy Wrestlers". I didn't know much about them and wasn't very interested in them but has the match went on it turned it turned out to be a Incredible, Intense brawl. Easily my Favorite match on the DVD and the man that stood out to me was the one that looked the least like a Wrestler, The fat, Ugly guy with the cheap Walmart Street clothes. I thought wow he is pretty Good but he will never make it big. Then I got a PWG DVD, I really didn't know many people on their, I decided to watch the whole 3 disc best of DVD (Awesome DVD by the way, Both these DVDs are commercial DVDs I picked up at Best Buy). In that DVD I seen Kevin Steen vs Super Dragon, This was a Sickening, intense, Hard hitting Blood bath. Some spots were Sick to see and made you cringe and again I was Impressed with this Steen kid. He has such a Charisma while performing. Its much easier to have Charisma with a Mic in you hand but to have Charisma in your match is a very difficult art that takes years to master. Steen definitely had that.

After being impressed with Steen in the few matches I seen I start looking up some of his work and was watching some of his mic work. This man could talk, He isn't the best on the mic but he is easily the best on the mic in the Indy circuits.... The more I seen Steen he reminded me more and more of a Mick Foley, His Promos are reminiscent of a Cactus Jack on the Idny circuits and in ECW. Steens Character is a insane, Violent loose cannon which is very much like a Cactus Jack. Also Steen and Cactus have that stigma of not having that wrestling look. Its not their size, cause they are big men, Its their look. They don't have the Physique of a John Cena or a Randy Orton. They don't have a small man athletic look like a CM Punk, Daniel Byran or a Shawn Michaels and They dont have that special attraction looking appeal such as a Great Khali, Big Show or a Kane and Undertaker. Steen and Foley look like out of Shape no ones, Someone you would just pass in a airport, Someone you see at a bus stop talking to them self. Steen and Foley don't have that Wrestling look and I hear that complaint about Steen alot, But what everyone doesn't realize is either did Mick Foley and Foley became one of the Biggest stars in Wrestling History.

Steen and Foley have alot of the same quality's and some of the same stigmas. I think if given a chance, Steen could make a big impact in the WWE.

Please don't take My blog the wrong way, I'm not Saying Steen is a Mick Foley copy, I'm not saying Steen will be as big of Star as Foley, I'm not Saying Steens mic work or matches are as Good as Foleys. I'm saying they have similiar styles and they are very unique and I think Steen could over come that "Don't look like a wrestler" or "Tacky looking Indy guy" tag that was put on him just like Foley did. Steen like Foley is able to make a feud very personal.... Steen is a Great talent, Unpolished but still a Great talent that will only get better and better. Steen has a uncanny ability like Mick Foley to adapt very well to different surroundings.

Steen has alot of Quality's that are missing from main stream wrestling and the Indies. I'm glad ROH sees that and has made him their champion. I love too see Steen break out to the big time, I think Steen would be a great asset to any company and if given a chance will take any of the big 2 by storm. In that way I think Kevin Steen could be the next Foley by breaking New ground and overcome that cookie cutter image of what a wrestler should be.

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  1. second_city_sinner's Avatar
    nice blog man, i agree on the promo side of things but his in ring work screams bam bam bigelow IMO, i started out absolutly hating steen because the stuff i saw of him was from czw an it was utter spot monkey shit but now he has been around, i can't see him getting a big company job just because of his look i mean when was the last time you saw an out of shape 5'11 270lb-er in wwe.......foley and the only indy guy's the e will try to hire now are in the daniel bryan/cm punk mold IMO
  2. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Don't forget Claudio Castagnoli... and Chris Hero... and Jon Moxley... Wait...? I thought those were indie guys? What the hell are they doing in WWE?

    As for large out of shape looking guys? Brodus Clay and Husky Harris/Bray Wyatt? Hell even Mark Henry just looks like a large guy...
  3. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    I think you misread my blog. I didnt say Indie guys, I meant indie looking guys. Claudio, Hero, Moxley have a great look, Cladio and Hero are pretty fit big guys who look like WWE stars... Kevin Steen doesnt look like a Wrestler, Steen looks like a guy you see putting on a tank top and making a wrestling video on Youtube.

    And as for Large guys, Look at the people you mentioned, Clay is huge, he is a former Body guard for Snoop Dog, Would you ever mess with someone that looks like Brodus Clay. Mark Henery is a Olympic power lifter and is around 6'4 and Over 400 pounds, Mark Henry looks like a monster. People would piss their pants if they ever seen Mark Henry coming at them. Husky Harris also, Harris looks like a tough guy..... Steen just looks like a average over weight guy you see at the super market. Steen Doesn't look like a Wrestler not by any means.
  4. sonoftheLINK's Avatar
    Steen is playing his cards correctly. If he stays in ROH for a good amount of time, and establishes dominance.....he will build a cult following that could really take ROH to another level. Cornette understands this, and has developed the perfect adversarial relationship with him (a la McMahon/Austin).

    I don't see much comparison in Steen/Foley other than body type. Steen is an innovator, and throws down huge impact moves. Foley got over taking bumps. Steen is getting over giving them out.

    If Steen were to jump companies in the next couple years, to either TNA or WWE.....all I can see is Samoa Joe all over again.

    There's a dream match, as long as it took place in the ROH...... Steen Vs. Joe.
  5. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Joe's gonna Kill you.... Kill Steen Kill! What a chant that would be.

    Crip, I see where you're taking this in that both have that unconventional look that doesn't fit the mold of what a typical wrestler is. Steen, much like Foley, is a rare exception to the rule of "you have to be 'fit' to be athletic". I think that Steen has the potential to have a future in the top two companies, but I feel he has a better chance with TNA rather than the E Universe. Much like I am anticipating Moxley, I fear his abilities to get past the censorship that is the E Universe. TNA offers Steen a bit more of ability to get his character across to fans. In all honesty, I see him like sonoftheLINK does... The character than ROH uses to get into a little more of a light. The only issues that will prevent this is ROH ability to higher adeqate staffing to offer a more polished program, but the talent (Steen, Lethal, Ciampa, Cole, Richards) is in the company to spread the reach to a general public.

    Good blog and a good comparison in the guys you picked...
  6. Docdawolf's Avatar
    I've been telling everyone about Steen for months.

    I think someone has been listening to me ......

    Kill Steen Kill


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