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"DUBS, you're in charge of the CW division!" -Vince Mcmahon

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Hey blog readers! Its been exciting in the wrestling world lately. Today, I want to talk about a possible WWE Cruiserweight division which people here on the forums have been talking about and how I would book it with my own ideas. I originally posted this in a thread but I wanted to make it out of a blog to get more feedback. Here is my idea for a WWE Cruiserweight division:

I would use the old WWE Crusierweight title instead of making a new custom one. Using the old WWE Cruiserweight title would make the Cruiserweight division much more prestigious considering the greats who have held the Cruiserweight title. No need for a new one when you can easily bring back the old one and put prestige back into it. Now that we know how the WWE Cruiserweight title design would look like, The Cruiserweights will consist of the following wrestlers:

*Sin Cara
*Tyson Kidd
*Trent Barretta
*Yoshi Tatsu
*Justin Gabriel
*Curt Hawkins
*Rey Mysterio (as a Cruiserweight vet)
*Chris Jericho (Used as a Cruiserweight vet from time to time)
*Evan Bourne

I'd even call up some more talent from FCW that can fit into the Cruiserweight division while signing some new international wrestlers with unique wrestling styles from CMLL and/or NJPW. We need contrasting styles from the Cruiserweights in order to give it some flavor. In WCW, they signed some of the greatest talent from all over the world with different wrestling styles to build up a strong Cruiserweight division. So every week on Nitro, we would see a technical wrestler compete against a puro wrestler or a puro wrestler compete against a luchador. That's what gave the Cruiserweight division its flavor. Hell, even TNA has done that with their X-Division by doing the X-Division World Cup. It helped WCW's Cruiserweight division and will definitely help WWE's Cruiserweight division but only if they get the right talent.

I'd push Sin Cara and Tyson Kidd as the centerpiece of the Cruiserweight division, similar to Ultimo Dragon and Dean Malenko. The reason why I would push them as the centerpiece of the Cruiserweight division is because Sin Cara is over in Mexico which would be smart to market him as a top Cruiserweight talent for the Latin demographic and since Tyson Kidd is a skilled wrestler who graduated in the Hart Dungeon, he can easily be a top Cruiserweight. Besides, when you have Bret Hart and the rest of the Hart family in your corner, you're bound to steal the show unless you are given the chance. Instead of these guys competing with the likes of Big Zeke or Mason Ryan, they will get a chance to become a big fish in a small pond.

I would have Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho put over the young Cruiserweight talents whether its managing them or having the young Cruiserweight talents beat them cleanly in a match. Either way, the young Cruiserweights need to look good in order to get over. You have to build up for the future or else nobody will take the younger talent seriously. Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio understands the importance of putting over young talent to set up for the future and I'm pretty sure they have no problem putting talent over since both guys put over the likes of CM Punk and other wrestlers with potential. During WWE's past Cruiserweight division, Paul London and Brian Kendrick rose to the top during their WWE Crusierweight days because they were young fresh faces you got the crowd interested in them so the young Cruiserweights. Guys like Curt Hawkins or Yoshi Tatsu can do the same so pushing the young Cruiserweights is a smart move.

The Cruiserweight title would be defended on both Raw & Smackdown but NXT would be a great place to showcase the Cruiserweights more, giving them more air-time instead of WWE trying to find a way to cram some air-time for the Cruiserweights on both the main shows. Its similar to when the WWE Cruiserweights used to regularly compete on WWE Velocity. They will still get showcased on the WWE PPVs but NXT will be a common place for them. Since some changes are being made for NXT, it would be a perfect way to showcase a Cruiserweight their. WWE finding a new TV deal for NXT will also help a lot as well.

I'd give the Cruiserweight champs a lengthy reign that will get them over. I certainly wouldn't give them meaningless hot potato reigns which doesn't get anybody over. The Cruiserweight title wouldn't get treated as a joke like having Hornswoggle win it. It will get treated like any other WWE title because that's how you bring prestige in a title. I would also star major feuds around the Crusierweight title. Remember that awesome feud between Chris Jericho and Dean Malenko? That feud helped both Malenko and Jericho's careers a lot as they showed they can have a credible feud instead of being two random dudes who puts on amazing matches. Just goes to show you that giving two wrestlers a meaningful feud will help boost their careers. Booking them in ladder matches or even steel cage matches will put the WWE Cruiserweight division on the map. TNA has done that with their X-Division by putting their X-Division wrestlers in gimmick matches and it works. Imagine Yoshi Tatsu vs Tyson Kidd in a ladder match or Sin Cara vs Justin Gabriel in a steel cage match? That would be off the charts!

Honestly, if WWE builds a strong Cruiserweight division, they can easily get the smaller talents over. Possibly even getting them over as main eventers. Just ask this guy:

Jericho along with the other former WCW Cruiserweights you have held a World title like Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero proves that whether you are small or big, it doesn't matter because having the heart for the business , the charisma, and the wrestling ability amaze the fans will get you over. Like JR once said, "You can't measure charisma." The WCW Cruiserweight division stole the show every week on Nitro because people wanted to see amazing wrestling and that's what the Cruiserweight division gave us. TNA has capitalized on the success of Nitro's Cruiserweight division by giving us an X-Division where wrestlers like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe rose to the top. WWE can do the same thing if they just let these guys go out and steel the show every single night. WWE has all of the tools to make a great Cruiserweight division and with the talk of Triple H wanting a Cruiserweight division for the new WWE network, hopefully they do give us a great Cruiserweight division. Thanks for reading guys! Give me some feedback!

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  1. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    DUBS I kind of like the idea I kind of don't. Remember, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Jericho never became main eventers til they left WCW and the Cruiserweight Division behind and came to the WWE where no one was considered a cruiserweight.

    A cruiserweight division is an excellent place to put many of the people that creative doesn't necessarily have a plan for yet but remember how that has the potential to bury other wrestlers.

    The WWE can be a HORRIBLE judge of talent at times and I hate to think of what might have happened if Daniel Bryan or CM Punk got stuck in the cruiserweight division because Vince McMahon is obsessed with large people.

    Personally, the first wrestling I watched was in the early 1990's as a real young kid and then my older brother in 1997 goes hey watch this wrestling with me. It was Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero (pretending to be a masked wrestler) in the build up to Halloween Havoc in which I saw moves I had never seen before and went whoa! Oddly, even though it was typically the best wrestling of the night the crowd reaction was usually not so good (go to youtube find some of the regular cruiserweight matches).

    I think it's a solid idea if you do it correctly but also has a chance to blow up in their face if done wrong
  2. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Instead of people looking at the Cruiserweights as the lower ranked division compared to the other divisions, it will be the same as every other division with the only difference being is smaller guys competing with each other to reach the brass ring. Its a method that helped boost Rey Mysterio into the main event scene.
    There in is the problem with the revision of this division. If they were to bring it back, the odds are that it is more likely to end up like the US, IC, Tag (and to a degree the WHC) titles than it would be to become the "next E Title" for the LightWeights. You are right in that it CAN be used to get these guys over, but until the E returns said value to any of the other belts currently on the roster (other than the ugly ass E Championship), I don't want them destroying the value of what the CW Title has remained up until this point... They already damaged it enough by having Hornswoggle be the final holder of the title and I don't want that legacy further tarnished. My opinion.
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