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Blog Wars 20: Top 5 Wrestlers Successful Outside of Wrestling

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Welcome back to the 20th episode of Blog Wars. Last time Giddy pulled out a win to become the Blog Wars Champion, this week defends against Pauadrian in a unique topic.

Top 6 Wrestlers Successful Outside of Wrestling
This week they will be picking the 6 most successful wrestlers outside of wrestling. As long as it doesn't involve getting in the ring then it counts.

6 Mick Foley
What can I say about Mick Foley, he has written 4 memories about his life and 3 of them were New York Times Best Sellers, 3 kids books and 2 novels. He has guest stared in tons of TV shows. But most importantly, his charity. From helping local kids learn the importance of education, to sponsoring schools at home and overseas in war torn countries, to logging in over 550 hours online talking to kids who have been raped or abused, and to just donating money or auctioning off his possessions for charity he has done it all.

5 Chyna

I think people can say this woman is a success, she has her success in some “films”, not that I have watched any, but people have told me. I don’t even know how to discuss this, since the only things I know she has been in plenty of films and I guess she gets good money since she keeps doing them. Vinnie Mac has accepted that she is a big name in the porn industry since he doesn’t even want her on his show, that alone makes her the top 5 most successful people outside of wrestling

4 Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan, the face of wrestling and it’s history brought him to a number of reality tv shows, cartoons and even movies. You can’t say they are any good, but he was still successful collecting his paycheck for everything he did, and that’s just outside of wrestling.

3 Chris Jericho

What can you say about Chris Jericho, he is indeed the best in the world. Not only is he a wrestler he is also a writer, dance and band member of Fozzy. The man can focus on something else than wrestling. From dancing with the stars to touring the world with his band Fozzy to writing best sellers, he takes care of himself and is his own boss. The genius that is Chris Jericho is number 3 in my list

2 Brock Lesnar

The man was a beast in the wrestling business, he was the face of WWE in 2002, he was the man who could have been the future of the WWE at the time, and then he left to pursue a career in the NFL, yes the NFL. Most were upset with this move since WWE had invested in him being the future. When that failed he went through to MMA and that is where he was successful. He became a UFC World champion and Undisputed champion. He won his first fight in 2007 and later won the title against Randy Couture. Unfortunately he had to forfeit it, but then regained it to claim it his own. Even though he lost to Cain Velasquez he is one of the most successful wrestlers outside of wrestling

1 The Rock

The most electrifying man in sports entertainment has to be number 1, whoever wouldn’t put him in there needs to have a think. You can’t say anything about The Rock’s bad decision to go to Hollywood because it was a great decision business wise. He has had his run of embarrassing films but also the good films such as Fast Five. The Rock is number one In pauadrian’s list and it might be my opponent’s as well.


Hey everyone, defending champ Giddy here I know I was a bit late, but here's my list for BLOG WARS Episode 20: Top 6 Wrestlers Who Were/Are Successful Outside of Wrestling!

#6: Diamond Dallas Page

Famous For: DDP Yoga

Since DDP's retirement he's turned into a fitness expert of sorts, writing the book "Yoga for Regular Guys", which turned into a series of fitness movies called DDPYoga. Recently DDPYoga has gained coverage by media for helping a disabled veteran who was in the Gulf War named Arthur Boorman walk again after being told by doctors he never would. Now he can even run thanks to DDP.

#5: Stacy Keibler

Famous For: Dancing With the Stars; Being George Clooney's girlfriend


Stacy Keibler was a part of Dancing With the Stars and was third place, which introduced her to non-wrestling/modeling fans. Afterwards she began acting on shows such as "What About Brian" and "George Lopez" and gaining more and more mainstream coverage. Since 2011 she has been dating George Clooney, which has brought her up onto a higher celebrity status. She is frequently on celebrity news shows and such (I only know this because my mom watches them) and a pretty well known "celebrity".

#4: Brock Lesnar

Famous For: UFC

When Brock Lesnar left WWE he tried to go to the NFL, and failed pretty badly. His next move was to NJPW. Then he made his big move and went to UFC. In his first fight he lost to Frank Mir, but came back beating Heath Herring, then in his next fight defeating Randy Couture for the UFC Heavyweight Title. Lesnar is the only man to hold both the UFC and the WWE Titles. UFC is huge right now, and Brock Lesnar was a huge star during his tenure with the belt.

#3: Hulk Hogan

Famous For: Hogan Knows Best, Various Acting Jobs, Various Restaurants, Talk Shows, Reality TV, Various Other Things

Hogan is still best known for his days in the squared circle, but he's still a name that almost everyone knows, even if they don't watch wrestling. He's in the news all the time- whether it's a show, or some stupid tweet, or family drama. He's a pretty mainstream star.

#2: Jesse Ventura

Famous For: Being the Governor of Minnesota, Acting, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Various Political Books and Interviews

The guy was a Governor for Pete's sake! (You guys can tell I'm getting tired can't you ) He was in movies such as Predator and The Ringer, and now has his own show "Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura" where he discusses controversial subject like global warming and 9/11.

#1: The Rock

Famous For: Acting, Hosting Award Shows, TV Personality, Talk Shows, etc.

The guy truly is a global phenomenon. He's won numerous awards for his movies and is in movie after movie, making millions of bucks. He has hosted award shows, been a guest at award shows, and everything else under the sun. The guy really is the definition of a star.

EWA Superstar of the Week: Artemis Eclipse

Artemis Eclipse: Normally, the guys come on here and tell you why you should join up with EWA and why you'd stand a chance. Fact of the matter is, you don't stack up to me. I AM the EWA. There's nothing better than going there week after week and proving to the sniveling masses how great I am.

Case in point, my moveset ALONE is perfection. I move so gracefully in the ring you have to see it to believe it. No one has my charisma, my style or my way of just being awesome. I'd love to tell you to join EWA, and if you want to get your face beaten in and your career crushed by me, this is the place for you.

No one can beat me here, I DARE anyone to man up and try to come after me. I know you won't and that's simply why I'm better than you or anyone else around.

That's it for this week and remember to vote at the bottom for who you think had the better list.

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  1. Broc's Avatar
    Pau? Is that you? I definitely didn't see you making good blogs until now. Well done though, you get my vote.
  2. Mattdatm's Avatar
    Top 4 picks were the same besides Jesse Ventura vs Chris Jericho, which isn't close, smart pick Giddy.

    Stacy Kiebler is more well known than Chyna. Chyna has achieved success in her field as she's well known for it. Stacy was on DWTS though which had like 15 million people watching, guest appeared on hit TV shows so is technically more successful.

    Mick Foley over DDP.

    Both have strengths and faults, kind of close, give it to Giddy.
  3. Beer_Villain's Avatar
    Giddy, for including Jesse Ventura.
  4. Destruction's Avatar
    Close, very close. I'm going to JUST give it to pauadrian for having Foley
  5. B-MCINTYRE's Avatar
    I hate to vote for the shit head but giddy wins... But... Artemis eclipse wa the best read in this edition... People should check him out more in EWA... Yeah. EWA. That's the only place he is...
  6. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Paudrian is my pick but you both have some questionable blurbs about your choices.


    How do you forget to say Chyna on the cover of Playboy? IIRC that was one of the biggest selling issues of all time and she's been in other non "films" films like Scary Movie and reality shows too.

    Chris Jericho? Really? I know he is very versatile and has been on a wide variety of things but this is about success. Fozzy's best album sold just above 100k and he has one best selling book. You honestly don't think Hulk Hogan or Mick Foley have made more money/become more famous than Chris Jericho? Hulk Hogan was on the cover of freaking Sports Illustrated.

    Both of you....

    Brock Lesnar was not a complete failure in the NFL. The dude managed to make it to the last cuts of professional football after never playing college football!! Do you know how insane that is?? Only a rare athlete does that and he was still offered to play in Europe where if he worked on technique he probably would have gotten a spot on an NFL roster in a year or two.


    Stacy Keibler while having somewhat success outside of wrestling....again how do you forget NFL cheerleader?! and she was also in How I Met Your Mother in the 100th Episode.

    Love the inclusion of DDP and Jesse Ventura but the list just looks wrong with Stacy Keibler on and Mick Foley off.
  7. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Pau had a better all around list by adding Foley and Jericho over DDP... But Ventura beats them all out. Seriously, the guy made it to a political office. I'd doc Giddy 5 points for adding Stacy in there, but still the winner in my book for the #2 answer on the list.
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