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Blog Wars 21: Top 5 Cruiserweights Part 1 (MUST READ)

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Welcome to the greatest episode in BLOG WAR's history! Tonight I have gotten 4 great bloggers together to take part in the 21st episode spectacular. Giddy was unable to find time so he could not take part thus giving up his title. The four users competing will be Dr. Death, the first champion, Destruction, another former champion, bearkg88, writer of WBC, and pauadrian, another former champ. Destruction will be out of town so even if he wins he will give up the title to the 2nd place winner, so vote for the best no matter what. Please Vote on the 2nd Part of the Blog! With out further ado, here is the list....

Top 5 Cruiserweights

Anybody from any company is available, No ties or Honorable mentions, must have been apart of a Cruiserweight division before

Dr. Death

Today in Blog Wars 21 we take a look at the top 5 cruiserweights of all time. This is no easy task as there are so many notable wrestlers who deserve their spot on this list. A lot of guys are less than 220 pounds, at one point (Michaels, Benoit, Storm, off the top of my head) but unless they are really focused on being a "cruiser" I don’t feel they can really be put on a list. I'd rather people list names of wrestlers on reputation alone, then have them blithely assume that wrestling only came into existence when they started watching it and that what they saw in the U.S. was always better than anything else going on in Japan or Mexico. Anyway, without further ado let’s start our list.

The Top 5 Cruiserweights of All Time

5. Danny Hodge –
Held the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship 5x’s for a total of 2,480 days. The last time he held the Title, Hodge had won it on July 22nd, 1960 and then lost it on July 11th, 1964 for a total of 1,450 days in his last title reign as champion.

4. Great Sasuke –
The Great Sasuki was the 1st Cruiserweight to unify 8 different promotions’ light heavyweight, cruiserweight, junior heavyweight and middleweight titles into a unified Championship. It is because of this reason that he is on this list.

3. Jushin Thunder Liger -
Liger beat many superstars, such as Owen Hart, Ultimo Dragon, Wild Pegasus(Chris Benoit), Super Delfin and Brian Pillman. By the early 1990's, Liger began booking the New Japan junior heavyweight division. In August of 1996, Liger, the booker, pulled off the greatest political deal of his career. He convinced 8 different leagues to send their junior champion to a winner-take-all 8 man tournament. While Liger did not go on to win this initial tournament, (The Great Sasuke won it), he would eventually capture the J-Crown, all 8 junior heavyweight titles. In 1997, he won the WWF World Light Heavyweight Title, in Japan, from Ultimo Dragon in a six month reign ending in a loss to El Samurai. During his illustrious career, Liger has held 2 British singles titles, singles titles in the NWA, UWA, WWA, and WAR promotions, and two tag titles; one with the Great Sasuke and another with El Samurai. After winning his first IWGP Junior Heavyweight title in 1989, he has held it for over four years, a remarkable feat. Liger is a wrestling legend, innovator, and a trendsetter in the sport of professional wrestling. He did what no one in the genre thought was possible: have juniors gain fan interest independent of the heavyweights.

2. Dean Malenko –
Dean Malenko is the son of legendary heel Boris Malenko and the brother of wrestler Joe Malenko, and has wrestled all over the world, spending much of his time working in Mexico and Japan. Dean Malenko also trained many wrestlers, such as Molly Holly, Chad Collyer, Tony Mamaluke, Nick Dinsmore and Jeremy Lopez. Dean Malenko is what was meant when wrestling coined the phrase “Cruiserweight Champion”, he was the man of 1000 holds, a mat tactician that wasn’t afraid of flying off the top rope either. His feuds with the likes of Eddie Guerrero, and Rey Mysterio (Jr) are legendary.

1. Rey Mysterio (Jr)-
Probably the most famous of all cruiserweights is Rey Mysterio (Jr). Rey originally worked for AAA in Mexico, from 1992 to 1995. He wrestled in ECW from 1995 to 1996 and WCW from 1996 to 2001, as Rey Misterio, Jr. or Rey Mysterio, Jr. but dropped the "junior" from his name when he began working for WWE in 2002. Mysterio is known for having a high flying style, which helped kick-start the cruiserweight wrestling revolution in the USA in the late 1990s during his time in WCW. He also held the WCW/WWE Cruiserweight Championship a record eight times (five times in WCW, three in WWE). All totaled, he has won 21 titles between WWE and WCW. Staying under the 220 Lbs limit for his whole career, Mysterio was still able to win the WHC while still maintaining his credibility as a cruiserweight. Wrestling all over the world for different wrestling promotions, Rey never lost his love for the sport of wrestling and more importantly the Cruiserweight Division. When cruiserweights are brought up time and again Rey Mysterio is at the top of the list. It is for these reasons that we find him at the #1 spot on our list today.


What is up everybody!? That's right, the guy that runs the WBC, and is the creator of one of EWN's efeds, ICW(cheap pop), has been asked back to blog wars. The topic couldn't be a better one. It's the top 5 cruiserweights. At first I was stumped, unsure of who I would pick. After some thinking though, I came up with my top 5. Now a cruiserweight is defined as someone who is 220 lbs or under. I kept within those lines, excluding one, and that one is only a few lbs over. To me, a cruiserweight is more than just a weight size. One could argue Samoa Joe at one point was considered a cruiserweight-don't worry I'm not going to. Well, without further jabbering, Im going to get into my top 5!

5. Rey Mysterio Jr
What a better war to kick off the top 5, than with Rey Mysterio Jr. Mysterio is the definition of an underdog. Having been showcased for his high flying skills in WCW, and in the WWE, before finally being given a shot at the big time in the WWE as the World Heavyweight Champion. I still remember watching the Royal Rumble when Rey won after having entered at number 2. With Mysterio billed at 175, and being a 3 time cruiserweight champ in the WWE, a 5 time cruiserweight champ in WCW, and a 1 time cruiserweight tag team champ in WCW with Billy Kidman, Rey was the perfect way to start off the top 5!

4. Matt Sydal aka Evan Bourne
Bourne, being billed at 165, has wrestled for Dragon Gate, OVW, TNA, ROH, Wrestling Society X, and most recently, the WWE. Bourne having been a 1 time tag champ with Kofi Kingston, is another great cruiserweight. Since coming to the WWE, one of his more memorable fueds to me were with Chris Jericho. I really enjoyed their matches. As of late, Bourne has hit a road block in his career, having been suspended because of a drug test fail twice, and recently injuring himself.

3. Low Ki
Also known as Kaval, Low Ki has been a part of ROH, TNA, and WWE. Being billed at 174, is a former 2 time X Division Champion, as well as holding titles for countless other promotions. While Low Ki's matches in the WWE weren't anything that was 5 star, I've seen some of his other matches and needless to say, Low Ki definitely deserves to be in the top 5.

2. Christopher Daniels
Here is the hiccup in this list. As Christopher Daniels, he is billed at 224 lbs. Granted it is 4 lbs over the classification of cruiserweight, no one can deny the fact Daniels goes out there and does things night in and night out that prove he is truly a high flyer. He is a former 4 time X Division Champ in TNA, and having the honor of holding other prestigious titles throughout other promotions. Daniels has had numerous 5 star matches, the top on my list from him would be the three way match between himself, Samoa Joe, and AJ Styles at Unbreakable. If you want to see the definition of a great high flying cruiserweight match, watch that.

1. AJ Styles
Admittedly, when I was told this was the topic of top 5 cruiserweights, Styles was the first person to come to mind. AJ Styles to me is the best wrestler to never step foot in a WWE ring. He is billed at 215 lbs, and the top of his accolades include the following.

TNA Legends/Global/Television Championship (2 times)
TNA World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
TNA World Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Tomko
TNA X Division Championship (6 times)
First TNA Triple Crown Champion (4 times)
First TNA Grand Slam Champion (2 times)

AJ Styles goes out to the ring night in and night out, doing things that most other wrestlers can't/won't do. To me, when I hear the word cruiserweight, I think the Phenomenal AJ Styles!

Well guys, if you agree with my top 5, be sure to vote for me! I'm glad I got to be a part of this.

That's it for Part 1, remember there are still 2 more lists so vote in Part 2.

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  1. Circa84's Avatar
    Ultimo Dragon maybe not the greatest but has to be mentioned I mean he had 9 straps at one time
  2. Destruction's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Circa84
    Ultimo Dragon maybe not the greatest but has to be mentioned I mean he had 9 straps at one time
    I picked Kidman over him. Seriously considered him, but Kidman just pulled ahead for me
  3. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    No love for "Das Wunderkid"?
  4. Dr. Death's Avatar
    I agree about Ultimo Dragon, but this is top 5 and as such there were many deserving names left off of the lists. Names the likes of Ultimo Dragon, Tiger Mask, Dynamite Kidd, El Samurai, Mistico, Tajiri, Psicosis, Juventud Guerrera, 2 Cold Scorpio, Gregory Helms, Jerry Lynn, Koji Kanemoto, Chavo Guerrero, 1-2-3 Kidd, Taka Michinoku, Brian Pillman, Brad Armstrong, Gypsy Joe, Gory Guerrero, Frank Stojack, Dr. Wagner, Ray Mendoza, Apolo Dantes, El Santo, Tarzan Lopez, Jack O'Brian, Blue Demon, Shinjiro Otani, Karloff Lagarde, Super Delfin,Sonjay Dutt, Adam Cole, Super Crazy, Dick Togo, Ikuto Hidaka, Etc...

    The Cruiserweight Division as a whole has captivated wrestling audiences worldwide since it's inception around the late 1930's to early 1940's. This is why this top 5 list is so hard to do.
  5. JoePublic's Avatar
    No Dynamite Kid? Eeesh
  6. Dr. Death's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by JoePublic
    No Dynamite Kid? Eeesh
    Read the post above yours dude. Eeesh

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