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"The Man" of The Future

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John Cena, born April 23, 1977 can't stay the face of the WWE forever and the time is coming for the torch to be passed. The question is of course, who will become the face of the WWE after Cena? Who are even the list of candidates? For the sake of realism and even brevity I will only be including guys currently on the WWE roster or higher profile on the FCW roster who are at least 5 years younger than John Cena. Though this won't just be a look at the future face of the company, but perhaps of the future of the company in general.

Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H

John Cena's Stats - 6'1, 251lbs

Shawn Michaels: 6'1, 225lbs (Smallest)
Bret Hart: 6'1, 234lbs
Stone Cold: 6'2, 252lbs
Triple H: 6'4, 255lbs
The Rock: 6'5, 260lbs
Hulk Hogan: 6'7, 302lbs (Largest)
* Denotes Vince's hand picked guys AKA "The Man"

Note: Swapped Bret Hart for Undertaker as it turns out Taker was supposedly more of a "fluke" than having been hand picked.

Range: 6'1-6'10, 225lbs-302lbs
Averages: 6'3, 254lbs
(Closest to Average: Stone Cold & Triple H)

Damien Sandow (August 3, 1982 - 6'4, 243lbs)
Sandow simply put, doesn't have the look or the gimmick to become the face of the company. Though he definitely ALMOST has the build which can make him a candidate. Looking back at his work in FCW however, he's a hell of a heel and quite merciless in-ring. In addition, he's juuust over 5 years younger than Cena which all makes him physicality aside, out of the running. Though major kudos to him with his heel promos.

Ted Dibiase (November 8, 1982 - 6'3, 214lbs)
Currently out with an ankle injury, Dibiase is "Meh." Seriously, people want to like him but his in-ring and gimmick are boring as watching a Ryback match with Heath Slater. He has the look, but would need to bulk up another 40lbs or so before he's in the range of the other guys. Of course, the boring in-ring may not effect him as much... just look at Cena.

Derrick Bateman (March 18, 1983 - 6'2, 222lbs)
This guy suffers from the same problem that DiBiase does. He's very generic and forgettable. His promos like the one the other night remind me of Cena's promos before he found at least a bit of dark place again. It's just all around "Meh," at least from what I've seen.

Heath Slater (July 15, 1983 - 6'2, 216lbs)
Read the above about his match with Ryback? Nobody takes the McDonalds kid here seriously and won't so long as he's simply squash fodder. The future I see at this point for Heath Slater looks less like Cena and more like Slam Master J. Though who knows? Maybe someday a few years from now he'll end up the new Shawn Michaels... Dear god ROTFL, I can't believe I just said that either.

Curt Hawkins (April 20, 1985 - 6'2, 223lbs)
Hawkins hasn't really done anything since he was teaming with Rack Ryder as Edge's flunkies except find another tag team with Tyler Reks. The guy reminds me too much of Paul Burchill now. His mic work is also pretty much non-existant.

Zack Ryder (May 14, 1985 - 6'2, 214lbs)
Ryder has juuust eeked his way into stardom by being, essentially, an internet buffoon and making his hair his gimmick. He can only go as far as the people can bring him, but then that seems to have worked for The People's Champion/The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment. Though physically this kid is about on the same level as Shawn Michaels and doesn't seem to have nearly the same heart.

Drew McIntyre (June 6, 1985 - 6'5, 254lbs)
Brought into the company as Vinnie Mac's "Chosen One" as a vicious heel, McIntyre pretty much burned out after his first few months and a feud with Teddy Long. Other than that, he seems to have all the qualifications, but can he play well as a face? The answer to that question is doubtful as they made him a pseudo-face recently and he clearly does better work as a heel.

Cody Rhodes (June 30, 1985 - 6'1, 215lbs)
This is the guy most would predict becoming the "new Cena". He's got the lineage, the gimmick, the in-ring talent, and even the heart. But look at his stats. Rhodes has the same problem that Ryder has in being very much physically like Shawn Michaels. Unless Rhodes were to bulk up, he would miss being pushed as a Cena replacement and perhaps find his fame much in the same underdog spirit of HBK. In fact, his physical stats at present are lower than HBK's!

Dean Ambrose (December 7, 1985 - 6'4, 225lbs)
This guy is great in the ring and almost has the physical stats to pull it off. There are two problems here however... Jon Moxley is a sick man and he's currently in FCW. Though the latter isn't a real problem, the former makes him a candidate to be an anti-hero unless completely repackaged. Though this guy is awesome, his promos, look, and in-ring remind me of a younger CM Punk. While I don't forsee Ambrose being "the man", I see him becoming our next great anti-hero.

At least 10 years younger than Cena...

Trent Barreta (March 30, 1987 - 6'1, 203)
When you look at Barreta, you have to wonder why he hasn't been released. The answer is that he's a young guy and his in-ring is great. Don't believe me? Find a match of his that isn't a squash match. If nothing else when I watch his match, it's like watching that young Jeff Hardy that hasn't discovered TLC yet.

Bray Wyatt
/ Husky Harris (May 23, 1987 - 6'3, 300lbs)
NXT did a number on his gimmick, just as it did with Ryback. If he can overcome that speedbump, Bray could be a decent competitor later on as since returning to FCW his ring work and gimmick have gotten better. Though given his physique, he'll never be "the man".

Richie Steamboat (July 7, 1987 - 6'2, 220lbs)
Richie Steamboat is shaping up to be everything you'd expect from a future friendly rival to Cody Rhodes. While that might not seem like a huge compliment, it is gigantic and I believe either he or Steamboat will become "the man" down the road. He's got the lineage, the skill, the look, and physique with just a bit more effort to become "the man."

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  1. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    How old is Ryback / Ryan Reeves? Vince has stated he will be one of the top 2 faces in the WWE.
  2. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Very interesting and original blog.... I noticed you forgot to put Bret Hart in part of your Blog naming all the guys who were The Man in the company... Without a doubt Bret at one point was the focal point and the main man on the roster.

    Now Who I think would be the Next man in the company out of your choices? I would say out of all the men you listed above Cody Rhodes and Dean Ambrose would be the best choices but who Knows who the next guy would be, If 10 years ago someone told me Cena would be the next guy to be the face of the company for what is 7 years straight, I would of said they were a moron.... Who knows what new face will burst thru the scene and take wrestling by storm.

    I'm actually interested to know who you think out of the guys you named above will be the Next Man in the WWE?.
  3. Perfect_plex1's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Vinnie P Jr;bt60180]Cody Rhodes , Dolph Ziggler { who you didn't mention } and Heath Slater have alot of potential in WWE . I can see these men main eventing in the not so near future[/QUOTE

    Dolph is good
    Updated 05-12-2012 at 04:08 PM by Perfect_plex1
  4. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Dolph Ziggler was born on July 27, 1980, so about 3 years away from Cena. You have to remember Ziggler was around the company when Cena was beginning to rise. While I believe he's a great talent and will be a top guy in a year or so, he's a bit old for Vince to crown as "the man." I think if they weren't so afraid of touching on the old legendary gimmicks, they should have Ziggler embrace the Mr. Perfect comparisons. Then they could also resurrect the fading of Joe Hennig by giving them both a decent rivalry over the whole thing. Though of course, those are just my thoughts.

    Ryback just misses the 5 year cut-off by being born on November 10, 1981. Beyond that his NXT gimmick has damaged him one way where I also feel how they're presenting Ryback in WWE to be making things worse. Of course, bad gimmicks are dues you pay in this business and even Cena, HHH, Stone Cold, Undertaker, et al went through theirs. Ryan Reeves definitely has the physique to be "the man" at 6'3 and 291lbs, but he doesn't have the mic skills. If anything, he's shaping up to be another Goldberg wannabe/knock-off at this point. That's kind of sad because I've seen his work in FCW and it's definitely above this crap they have him doing now.

    The 5 year cut-off was to keep things short and in perspective of Vince most likely wanting a guy that can go the seven to ten years Cena and others have done. This was actually least fair to Mason Ryan of all guys who was I believe like 3 months under the 5 year mark.
  5. akbar's Avatar
    i Dont know if age really matters...Austin was about 33 when he became face of the company, So Dolph has every chance as Cody...
  6. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by akbar
    i Dont know if age really matters...Austin was about 33 when he became face of the company, So Dolph has every chance as Cody...
    Cena is supposedly planning to be around for about 5 more years. Probably 2-3 in which he will continue on as the face of the company. So by the time that rolls around, a good number of the guys on the roster will be around 33, including Ziggler. The thing there is, if Austin's injury didn't happen, how long would he have really gone on as the company's face?

    The face of the company has always also been, well, a face (at worst an anti-hero like Austin or Punk) and Ziggler is really good as a heel. I see Ziggler being for the next ten years or so, if he sticks with the company, he's going to be the top heel. I foresee him having a career somewhere between Chris Jericho and Edge.
  7. Melevolent 27's Avatar
    might be a bit harsh on rybacks mic work, then again maybe not. Defentily too harsh on Bateman, while he wont be the 'face' off wwe he is funny. My vote is for Steamboat. I think they are holding him back deliberatly, so as not to stagnate on the main roster before he is 'the guy' also a few injuries have stalled him somewhat.
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