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Summerslam card 2012 (pt.1)

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Hey guys, irishman101 here, and this is my debut blog and I hope you will enjoy it and hopefully this will be the first of many. Now, there has been a lot of talk about speculated SummerSlam matches. Today, I will be giving my Summerslam 2012 dream card, and how i would build up to it. The matches are in not in order of when they would go on air. For the record, this isnt my dream card, it is a predicted card!

Match 1- Diva’s Championship- Beth Phoniex vs Kharma(c)

OK, so we all wanted this match to happen at WM 28, butK harma clearly wasn’t ready after the tragic passing away of her little child.Then at Extreme Rules, we all wanted to see Kharma tear the Bella Twins a newone, but she may not have been ready yet. How I would build it up would be that have Kharma return at No Way Out in June. Then have her run over all the Divas division up to MITB, where she destroys Layla. Then the next night on Raw! We hear Beths music hit and she claim that she is the only person to threaten Kharma and what better time to kick her ass than at SummerSlam! I believe that this will generate the most interest in the Diva’s since Trish left.

Result: Beth by count-out (This will be a great way to continue a fued which will provide the stepping stone for the divas division to regain our interest back)

Match 2- Cody Rhodes vs Goldust

I know we all saw the announcement that Goldust was fired, but I hope that is a work,and that on a Smackdown! Or at Money In The Bank, when Cody is defending the title against Ted DiBiase, when suddenlyGoldust’s music hits and distracts Cody and Ted turns him round, hits the dreamstreet and wins the match. The two battle it out on the mic for a few weeks,possibly a tag match on Smackdown. Also, on the Smackdown before the PPV have Dusty Rhodes come out and attempt to stop the two from having a match, but Cody just nails his Dad with a hard right. End their segment with Cody standing on the ramp, smirking and have Goldust in the ring, cradling his father, fuming at Cody.

Result: Cody by pinfall ( Having Cody go over clean will build him up as a legitimate threat, hopefully this will begin a push for the World Title)

Match 3- US Title- John Morrison vs The Miz (c)

I know that this is highly unlikely, but I would love to see this happen, given theses guys history together and how they weren’t really given too much time on their first back in 2009 which was underwhelming at best. How I would plan this, is have Miz beat Santino clean for the US Title,and begin to build him up as a dominant champ, beating all his opponents clean, including like a Mason Ryan or someone like that. Then, as Miz is cutting a promo on how no-one can challenge him and that he will forfeit the US Title togo after the WWE Title, John Morrisons music hits and he comes out and attacks the Miz. They would go back and forth for weeks, but don’t have much 1-on-1 confrontation in the ring talking, as Miz will rip Morrison a new one! Have Morrison let his wrestling do the talking, maybe giving him wins against everyman the Miz has defeated in his US Title reign, and saying hes proved he can do what Miz can do, and all he has to do now is beat him for the US Title.

Result: Morrison by DQ (Having Miz get himself intentionally DQ’ed will get him over as a heel, and give Morrison good reason to go after are-match)

Match 4- Tag Team Championships- R-Truth and Kofi (c) vsTitus O’Neill and Darren Young

R-Truth and Kofi sell a lot of merchandise and I believe that if WWE can come up with a catchy name to put on a t-shirt, eg. Air Jimmy, Truth Boom. they could sella lot and money is what Vince is all about. Titus and Darren have been built up recently on SD and I’ve been enjoying their progress. They are what the WWE needs right now. A good heelish tag team. How to build up this would be forTruth and Kofi to continue on their good form, and to gradually re-introduce the tag team division back to PPVs and rack up some interest as the men are two familiar faces. Build up Titus and Darren as the cocky but talented up and comers, perhaps winning a #1 contenders match against Primo and Epico on Raw,with Kofi and Truth ringside, looking impressed. Most importantly, give these guys some time on the mic and I think it could work. Put on singles bouts between the four, each getting a win each.

Result: Titus O’Neill + Darren Young ( This would be a perfect end to their build-up. Have them hold the titles till at least the end of the year, bringing some legitimacy back to the tag divison, instead of hot-potatoing the titles)

Match 5- Ryback vs Kane

Although I dislike the Ryback character, he’s sorta weird, I believe WWE are intent on pushing him. But they cant keep giving him squash matches. What better person to do the job to him than Kane, who is actually a legit competitor. Have ryback squash someone as per usual, only afterwards, have Kane come out and completely destroy him. Put Ryback with a valet, ala Heyman with Lesnar, who does all his talking as he looks about menacingly at the crowd. Have both men be kinda tweeners, let the fans decide who to cheer. Have a series of dominant victories for both men, have Kane do like sadistic things to Ryback’s manager and have Ryback chant FEEEEEEDDDDDD MEEEEEE!!!!! I hope this match doesn’t happen.

Result: Ryback via pinfall( I don’t want him to, but WWE seemingly loves him)

Match 6- WHC- Randy Orton vs Sheamus (c) vs Alberto Del Rio vs Daniel Bryan

I think that this match could tear the freakin’ house down! Four guys who can work in the ring, are all decent on the mic (although Randy and Sheamus at times, and Del Rio is sometimes realllllyyyy dull), and four guys who are all the faces of Smackdown. How I would build this up: have Sheamus beat Del Rio, and Bryan lose to Punk at OTL. Then, at the next few PPVs, have Orton, Del Rio and Sheamus be in the World Title picture, with Bryan in the WWE Title picture. The Smackdown after, have Sheamus come out (Still WHC) saying that all threats are gone. Have Big Johnny come out and say he may have beaten men in singles competiton, but how about he takes on all 3 men he has faced for the WHC at Summerslam! Sheamus agrees, and the match is set! During the course of the next month, in the build up, have the 4 guys compete 1v 1 and in tag bouts, and also have duels on the mic, which could be v.interesting!
Result: Randy Orton ( I believe by then it would be a yearsince he held the title and that is long enough. Have him go into a fued with Cody Rhodes, and have Sheamus fued with Del Rio. As for Bryan, pick up a good fued with someone like Drew McIntyre, w/ Bryan playing the edgy face/tweener)

That concludes part 1. Part 2 will be up tomorrow!

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