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SummerSlam 2012 Card and Prediction (pt.2)

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Welcome to part 2 of my blog on Summerslam 2012 and my predictions. Here is the link to my first blog.
It includes an edit of the World Heavyweight Championship match! Ive taken Bryan and Del Rio outta it and changed it up a little.

Match 8- WHC- Sheamus (c) vs Christian vs Randy Orton

I think this match could tear the freakin' house down! All three men are excellent in the ring and all three are decent on the mic. How I'd build this up, is Shaemus continue his dominant run, winning the fatal 4 way at OTL, and going into a fued with Randy. Then Christian comes back and he and Orton go 1v1 for the #1 contendership. Have it end in a double-count-out and end Smackdown in confusion. Next week, Johnny will come out and announce the triple threat match for SummerSlam

Result: Randy Orton (I believe it would be near a year since orton had a title, and he's got enough guys over and done the job enough to earn this shot. Begin a fued between him and Cody going into Survivor Series. Have Sheamus move into a fued w/ an upper-midecarder, not Christian as they had a significant fued in the previous year)

Match 9- Loser Leaves WWE Match- Daniel Bryan vs Chris Jericho

OK, this may sound crazy, but here goes anyway. Chris Jericho's last PPV is probably SummerSlam. I cant see him winning a World Title match, as he has been heavily involved with both World Titles in previous months. Same goes for D.Bry, cant see him challenging for the strap up till SummerSlam. Here's how it would go down. Have Jericho on the Raw after OTL, come out whining about how he deserved to win and was caught unawares by the Brogue Kick. Have Daniel Bryan come out, and play the edgy face, saying things like 'Do we want Chris Jericho outta here?' Cue crowds chanting YES! etc.. Keep the fued going into MITB, where each man costs each other the briefcase, with Wade Barrett the eventual winner. They've already had 2 matches by this point (one on Raw, one at No Way Out) and are at 1 win apeice. They cant stand each other by now, having realised their hatred for each other almost three months ago. Have them have a good oul fashioned brawl in the ring, ending the segment where Johnny Ace, who cant stand the wreckage these two have caused on Raw, sanction a Loser leaves WWE match! Also, the winner, gets a shot at the World Championship on the following Raw!

Result: Daniel Bryan (This would be quite a way for Jericho to go out, as he deserves a five star match w/ a five star opponent. Bryan will benefit from it also, getting over as his new edgy face/tweener character)

Match 10- Dean Ambrose vs Mick Foley

I dont know if everyone is aware of Ambrose and his ongoing fued with Foley on Twitter. Basically, I believe Ambrose could be the next big thing and in my personal opinon, i think their fued is a brilliantly done work, as it seems so real. you dont know what Im talking about, check out their confrontation at AXXESS and you'll get what I mean. I would have Foley be cutting a baby-face promo on SD/Raw, then Ambrose (who has already debuted a couple of months back and got pretty over) comes out and interrupts and challenges him, saying that he wants to take out all the old timers still wrestling with the WWE. During the coming weeks, have Ambrose go over some legends (Hacksaw, Lawler, DiBiase) to prove that he can take out the legends.

Result: Ambrose (He must go over clean against a 50+ yr old man, its the logical finish. It helps that Foley is willing to put younger guys over)

Match 10- CM Punk (c) vs Dolph Ziggler

We saw this fued earlier this year, but it was SEVERLY underwhelmed and ruined by clown-shoes Larangitis worrying Punk more than his actual opponent. Despite this horrific build-up, I still enjoyed their Rumble match-up immensley. This is why w/ a good build up, this could be fantasic. How I would begin this, have Dolph fire Vicky, as he needs to speak for himself more. He then adapts a new, more serious gimmick. Make him win a '#1 contenders match. However, Punk will still not take him seriously, till Ziggler pins him clean in atag match on Raw, telling him not to underestimate him!

Result: Punk ( But have Ziggler look super-strong, kicking out of a GTS and not tapping to the Anaconda Vice, but passing out ala Austin v Bret)

Then, as Punk struggles to his feet, Wade Barrett's music hits and he sprints out with the MITB breifcase, and hits him with a wasteland and pins him. After the match, Barrett picks Punk up and Wasteland's him thru the table and on the 'concrete'.(This will end a huge title reign for Punk, and giver him a kayfabe injury as he looks tired and needs a month or two to rest up. Have Barrett go up against Ziggler, then Punk returns for Survivor Series and their fued ends at TLC, with Punk winning back the belt. Then have Laurinitis come out and introduce Punk's opponent as none other than Brock Lesnarrr! Brock kills Punk, and holds the title going into Wrestlemania 29

Main Event- Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena (Special guest ref- HHH)

So, next week on Raw, HHH comes out and adresses Brock, saying he is welcome back under the original contract. Heyman comes out and announces that he will come back under 2 conditions, 1. He will make his in-ring return at SummerSlam 2. His return match will be against John Cena. HHH accepts. Brock returns on the Raw after MITB, crushing Cena and announced he's resigned with WWE. Over, the next few weeks, Brock doesnt compete, but just comes out each week, attacking various competitiors in their matches, cutting UFC-style promos and also attacking officials. This leads to the Raw before SummerSlam, where HHH announces to Brock's face that hes gonna be the special guest ref as if and when Brock steps outta line, he'll kick his fat ass back into line!

Result:Brock (He needs to rebound from his loss to Cena and has to physically man handle him again, only this time with a win. After the match, he destroys HHH and both him and Cena need to be carried out of the ring. This will lead to a Brock Triple H fued, which will culminate at Survivor Series, and Brock will go on to the WWE Title picture. Cena, will actually have time off this time probably until around Survivor Series, where he makes a return to captain a team!)

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    Interesting part 2. Good blog bro! Looking forward to your future work!
  2. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    i disagree with 2 main points orton does not deserve another boring title run because it won't bring anything new to the table christian would be better suited for a face champion putting heel cody rhodes over why? because christian doesn't suck as a face he plays the face better orton is just like i'll just rko him like every fucking time it gotten old
    second point brock lesnar should never hold the wwe championship or whc championship ever again he's just overpaid that's all. do i like him squashing cena? yes do i see him any further than that? no because he doesn't have any link to anyone on the roster anymore.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    So basically you have 12 matches on the card for a 2 hour 45 minute ppv? WM20 had that many matches and a lot were cut short even for a 4 hour event.
  4. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    My mouth is watering for a Daniel Bryan vs Chris Jericho match as I was such a fan of Benoit vs Jericho matches and this could come close .
  5. irishman101's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    So basically you have 12 matches on the card for a 2 hour 45 minute ppv? WM20 had that many matches and a lot were cut short even for a 4 hour event.
    I actually have 11 matches but yeah i see your point.i can see 9 of 10 matches happenin, and one of them will be on the pre show, leaving 8 matches for the main show of 165 mins, which is more than sufficent time to put on 8 matches plus segments. Hope that clears things up

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