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Debut 101: Bray Wyatt

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In his time so far in the WWE (and multiple apprenticeshipsin FCW) Mike Rotunda’s big boy—better known as Husky Harris to most—has demonstrated great talent and potential. Now, I haveto be honest when I first heard of his new persona emerging as of late in FCW—this erstwhile “Bray Wyatt” character—I was not impressed or drawn in. Why would he want to change his name yet again? Is he still searching for that special character and that one identity that is all his own? I was not impressed, of course, until I saw his promo and ring work so far as this somewhat familiar, yet eerily inventive Bray Wyatt.

If you have not taken a look yet hit up YouTube as soon as possible and do yourself a favor—if you even think you are a wrestling fan, a devotee of up and coming superstars that instantly grab you and make you believe you will want to follow the development of this future success story. I would not use the word original or fresh to describe this persona—the whole disturbed, southern-snake-oil-cult-leader vibe has been played before—but I would say this personality with all its charisma, ticks and“Max Cady” like inspiration fits this man like a glove. Indeed, the man who once bragged he was “The Army Tank with a Ferrari Engine” should be brought back up to the big leagues and given all the time and push needed to breathe Bray Wyatt to life in the WWE universe. Are we ready?

To that end I cannot help put ponder how best this character might be introduced and revealed to the mainstream wrestling world? I do not mean to criticize or belittle what has been brought to the table so far because it is what has got him all the welcome attention he deserves—I merely wish to offer my suggestion here of how I would utilize the opportunity if I was part of the WWE writingteam/management. As much as I want even now to see this persona on television as soon as possible (the WWE roster coulduse it) I would do it in a series of classic vignettes to slowly tease his arrival.

Likewise, what we may have seen of the character so far is specific and very creepy in a fascinating way I would offer advice on how to tweak it to make him even more memorable and fresh. His use of sinister laughs and giggles as well as the Stones’ “Time is on My Side” alone is exceedingly disturbing and, all at once, an instant “woah that works too well” moment. I think the key to this character is a mixture of a calm demeanor with an underlying intensity barely kept in check. Part “good old boy” and part psycho is another way to look at it and the element of using time in some way as with a watch or having him talk about it in different ways in his promo work would be different—he might even dust off the old Ali trick of calling how long it wouldtake him to defeat someone in the ring. Anyway…there are a lot of possibilities and what follows is my take…hope you like it and enjoy!

Vignette 1: Should be short, simple and have that teasing quality we all know and hate just a little for its brevity and lack of detail. At first he should keep his voice even and tempered and only “lose it” at the perfect moment. Could go a little something like this…

(Open on an outside scene at night near a swamp…crickets and frogs and other creatures set the ambiance of what is heard…zoom in on a single, solitary figure sitting by a fire…he is wearing the straw fedora and sharpening a homemade knife on a whetstone…spit keeps the blade going...his face and features are barely illuminated but we can see enough to make us wonder “who is this guy?”)

Bray: (calm, talking to theknife, humming “Time is on My Side” at first and does not acknowledge the camera) …hey there little friend…how you doin’ this fine night? I hope all them good people in the world outthere are asleep and tucked away safe in they beds…wouldn’t want them to be sacred or nothin’ or lose they minds…

Me? Well…my name is Bray Wyatt and they tell me I have my mamma’s eyes and my daddy’s temper…well…some folks also like to call me a bugaboo or white trash peon but C'est lavie I say…

(turns finally to address the camera with intensity barely kept in check)

I was born in Lafayette Louisiana and I ain’t no white trash! I…am…better than you all!

(back to sharpening the knife and the intensity gone)

You see I may not have a lot of the material trappings of this greedy world…I may not have that fancy car or expensive education…but I do have a boat load of patience and understanding…you see cause “timmmeeee is on my side…”

Vignette 2: Same subtle creepiness with the same anticipated explosion of intensity and underlying home grown intelligence.

(Opens on the same scene as the first vignette by the fire. This time he is humming “Time is on My Side” while he is playing with the fire with his hands)

Bray: (calm, talking to the fire)...I was born in Lafayette Louisiana and my mamma went and named me Bray Wyatt…it was the only thing she could give me ‘fore the good Lord called her up a few minutes later…didn’t even get to hold her screamin’ little Bray Wyatt ‘fore the breath left her…

My daddy…well he blamed me for taking her away…blamed me for a lot of things…blamed me for his pain…blamed me for his shrimp boat business losing money….blamed me for every miserable day he lived on this earth…well I hated my daddy but at least the feelings were mutual…

He took an 8 year-old Bray Wyatt out of school to put to work…made me a hard patient boy who learned to read anyway…learned to write and what it took to live in this world of shameful decay and hollow dreams…Bray Wyatt doesn’t dream…

See one night daddy’s boat caught on fire and the captain…well the captain done went down into the Gulf with his ship…then I went away for awhile and people in white coats asked me “why did you stand there Bray Wyatt…how could you just watch your only daddy burn?” I didn’t give ‘em the answers they wanted…”how can you be so callous and cruel Bray Wyatt?” they would say…

(turns finally to address the camera with that intensity barely kept incheck)

I…am…not…a cruel man! I am the only honest man and I am better than you all!

(back playing with the fire and calm)

You see I know who and what I am…its alright though because everyone will know Bray Wyatt soon enough…will come to see how patient and understanding I am as indeed “timmmeeee is on my side…”

Vignette 3: More restrained creepiness and sinister undertones.

(Opens on the same scene as the other vignettes by the fire. This time he is humming “Time is on My Side” while looking at an old pocket watch with a long leather strap loop attached instead of a chain)

Bray: (calm, talking to the watch)...see here on this watch cover where it’s dented? That’s where my daddy took it and whopped me up side my head one too many times…on the back there…well that’s a burn mark from where it got singed in the boat fire that took my daddy…never mind how I got it ‘fore it went down with him…tick-tock goes the clock and time she runs and never stops…

This watch has power you see…time has power over every man and woman…every prince and principality…and just like Bray Wyatt this watch is honest and true to what it is…and just like Bray Wyatt it takes a beating and keeps on cheating…cheating the misery of this world that is…cheating the siren call of laziness and corruption that pollutes the minds and hearts of the good Lord’s creation…

My time…well ya’ll my time is coming and when it does it will be your time too…your time to finally face your fears and demons…to finally realize you lack a conscious and are in love with an immoral existence…some good folks might call me peculiar…or strange…but don’t call me crazy…never call me crazy…

(turns finally to address the camera with that intensity barely kept incheck)

I…am…not…crazy! I am the only sane man left and I am better than you all!

(back with the watch and calm again)

You see I know who I am and what folk needs…you need a conscious good people….you mean well but you are lost and vile and greedy…but Bray Wyatt…see Bray Wyatt has traveled beyond the need for fame or possessions…Bray Wyatt has evolved past the trappins’ that have trapped you…Bray Wyatt knows a thing or two about pain and traps… you will see how patient and understanding I am as indeed “timmmeeeeis on my side…”

Vignette 4: More of the same and as the last one before his debut it has to the home run!

(Opens on the same scene as the other vignettes by the fire. This time he is humming “Time is on My Side” while standing looking straight at the camera. We can see him now well-lit and in full effect. The watch from before is closed and dangling around his neck)

Bray: (calm, leaning over asif he is about to whisper) name is Bray Wyatt and all I am askin’ is for you to trust me…you can trust me to know you better than you know yourself…every deep dark secret you hide is like an old friend to Bray Wyatt…you see I am ony our side and I understand your pain…

Don’t be scared of Bray Wyatt because I just want to help you help yourself…I wouldn’t want to be that first guy in the ring with Bray Wyatt though…no sir that first guy will not really know what is comin’ until it hits him square…in…the…mouth…C'est lavie I say…that’s life alright…

I’m not your buddy though…no don’t make that mistake either…I ain’t coming to make friends just influence people…show good folk the error of their ways and set them down a course of honest faith…see Bray Wyatt has a strong faith…faith in himself and what he can create with these two strong hands…see what can create can also destroy and what does not kill you makes you stronger…no if you are on the straight and narrow you should not fear Bray Wyatt…

(looks down and here is that intensity barely kept in check)

Do…not…fear…me! I am but the messenger and I am better than you all!

(back looking into the camera and clam again)

You see time may be a cruel mistress but she teaches you things…things I can teach you to help you be a better you…you don’t need a boob tube or worldwide web to be better than you are…you don’t need stacks of money to be happy…maybe you don’t wanna hear that but that’s ok…I am a patient and understanding man… cause “timmmeeee is on my side…”

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