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WBC Top 5 Series #5: Top 5 Refeuds/Rematches

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What is up everyone! Time for another edition of WBC Top 5. This week, the topic is refeuds/rematches. Now let me explain. I had each competitor look throughout the history of wrestling, and to their knowledge, compile a top 5 for feuds where it could have been an amazing feud once, and easily be another great one, or it had the potential to be a great feud, but flopped for any reason, or a specific match(es) that might have been a 1 off and didn't go anywhere, or led to a series of matches, and could easily be a 5 star match if redone. So, without further adieu, I will bring out the champ from last week, Tommy Thunder!

Tommy Thunder

Hello everyone. First of all, many thanks to all who voted for this novice blogger last time round! Didn't expect to win at all. I'll put it down to beginners luck! So this time round, we're talking about the 'Top 5 Rematches'. So which matches that we've seen in the past would make great rematches if we could see them? Let's see if you agree with my top 5!

5. Shawn Michaels vs Kurt AngleAngle was eliminated from the 2005 Royal Rumble match by Michaels, but he returned to the ring later to eliminate Michaels before slapping him in the Angle Lock outside the ring. After humiliating Marty Jannetty and Sensational Sherri (by beating the latter and placing both in the Angle Lock), Michaels issued a challenge to a match at Wrestlemania 21.
After a match lasting nearly 30 minutes, Michaels would tap out to the Angle Lock, bringing an end to the match voted PWI MOTY 2005.

Again, if this match were to ever happen again (and again, it's not impossible) then it would be a classic no doubt. Angle can still go with the best of them IMO, and he's still up there with the best actual wrestlers in the world (not saying he's still #1, but he's no doubt still up there). Angle vs Michaels again would serve up a classic. The best wrestler ever (IMO) against the best ever in the business (IMO). You couldn't ask for a better match.

4. Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar
We all remember the feud that these 2 had back in 2003. They had a match at Wrestlemania 19 that saw Lesnar take the WWE Championship from Angle. A match that was (SSP botch apart) an excellent match. But the best match these 2 had was a 60 minute Iron man match on an episode of Smackdown on September 16th of 2003. Angle had regained the WWE Championship match at Vengeance before successfully defending it at Summerslam against Lesnar, but it was during this incredible iron man match that he again dropped the title to Lesnar.

That iron man match was voted PWI MOTY for 2003, and another one of those between both men would no doubt be something epic to see. I strongly believe that Angle can still handle a match 60 minute in length, even at his increasing age, and there's no doubt that Lesnar could. This is a mouthwatering rematch to contemplate (not to mention one that's still possible).

3. Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan
A very recent match here, but after seeing what they did with the 2/3 falls match at ER, I wouldn't mind seeing them going at it again!
I don't think I need to remind you of the match, but IMO that's this year's match of the year so far. The one that rivals it for me is the Punk vs Jericho street fight from ER. The fact that the fans were cheated out of a match between both at Wrestlemania also put a lot of pressure on both men to deliver big time here, and that they did.

A rematch of the 2/3 falls match between both would be fantastic IMO. Don't think many can deny that that match has at the very least been one of the best matches this year if not the best. Another round would would go down a treat I think.

2. Eddie Guerrero and Art Barr vs El Hijo Del Santo and Octagon
An unorthodox choice you say? Not at all. These guys put on a match that is regarded as one of the greatest ppv matches ever.
Guerrero and Barr were at the time the most heated tag team around (they're still regarded as the most hated tag team in lucha libre history) and they fronted a stable called 'Los Gringos Locos' (The Crazy Americans). As a team they were known as 'La Pareja del Terror' (The Pair of Terror), and at the AAA ppv 'When Worlds Collide' back in 1994, they faced off against El Hijo del Santo and Octagon in a double hair vs mask match (Guerrero and Barr's hair on the line vs Santo and Octagon's masks). They ended up loosing, but as I mentioned, both teams served up a fantastic tag team match.

It's such a shame that both Guerrero and Barr were taken from us before they reached their potential (Guerrero dying at 38 just as he was enjoying a great main event run, and Barr dying at the age of 28 in 1994 soon after the ppv mentioned). But if these guys were still around, another match against Santo and Octagon (both of whom are still wresting part time), would be something special to see

1. HHH vs Shawn Michaels
This is a no brainer for me. I actually picked this feud as one of my top 5 feuds in my last blog.

We saw HHH and HBK back together on Raw as they were set to re-form DX. Instead, HHH turned and pedigree'd HBK, thus igniting a fantastic and lengthy feud between both. The had an unsanctioned match at Summerslam, a 3 stages of hell match at Armageddon, and then of course, the legendary HIAC match at Bad Blood.

That match was an incredibly brutal one, with some sic spots such as Michaes' elbow drop from the ladder onto HHH through the table. The match lasted close to 50 minutes and is regarded as one of (if not arguably the) best HIAC match ever.

Having a rematch of that HIAC match would be epic on all proportions. Who wouldn't pay to see this in all honesty? Would it be better than the last one? Probably now due to the limitations of both men physically now, and the fact that the WWE have toned down on the use of weapons and eliminated the use of blading (not that I'm saying that's a bad thing, it's for the safety of the superstars after all). But could these 2 make a match just as good? Absolutely in my opinion. And who knows, it's not out of the realms of possibility that we will see this match. HHH could blame HBK for the reason he didn't beat Undertaker at this year's Wrestlemania, and they could have a match next year to settle their differences. Who knows. It's probably unlikely to happen, but not impossible by any means.

Thanks for reading, and I guess I'll wait and see if you think I'm talking sense this time!

All right. A great top 5 blog from Tommy. Can his challenger beat him this week? Let's take a look!


I have been asked to give my Top 5 rematches or feuds that should happen again. So without any fliff fluff here is my list. I quickly want to is that I may bend the rules a bit for this list because I don’t think I really understood the criteria, so bare with me people.

5. Edge v Christian

From my little knowledge, I think these two have fought once in a big match and that was 2001 No Mercy. These two were a tag team force with the Hardy’s and their feud was a huge selling point for the attitude era. When they split, WWE had 2 amazing popular up and coming wrestlers in their hands. With one been significantly more than the other in their successful careers but none the less Christian finally got his much deserving World title run. As these 2 have over the years established their own fan following a huge feud for the title seemed to make sense but it never happened. Now that Edge is retired it seems a long shot for them to fight again. However if for miraculous reasons Edge was to heal, I would love for him to come back and have a feud with Christian. The Promos would be great with them talking about starting off together, been brothers but Edge leaving Christian in the dirt after he had his success. The match itself would be good as they both are great workers and the chemistry would be unmatchable between these 2

4. Matt Hardy v Jeff Hardy

I have put this here for the reason that WWE totally flopped when they had these 2 feud and their matches could have been so much better. As a tag team these revolutionized the scene with their high innovative stunts and captured the love of the fans instantly, beating the like of Edge and Christian and the Dudley Boyz along the way. They split up in 2001 and a potential match was on the card. They started a more intense feud in 2009 when Matt turned heel on his brother by smacking him with a chair. They feuded about one holding each other back and been a liability to one another and they finally had a match on the big stage at Wrestlemania 25. This had the making of a classic, a show stealer of the under cards. The two guys known for their death defying stunts had the opportunity to show what they can do in an extreme rules match. The match was alright but no near as to what most people including myself expected, it was very forgettable. If somehow they can get in to the same promotion and then start a feud with the writers putting a lot of heart in to it, it could be made it in to something exciting.

3. HBK v HHH (3 stages of hell match in particular)

Two wrestlers with the greatest history behind, Shawn took HHH under his wings and both enjoyed at the company. When DX was formed, their popularity soared to another level. HHh would help him out in a lot of his matches and backstage they were friends. After HBK left HHH took the lime light and when HBK finally HHH smashed him through a car window and that’s were there feud started. They fought in a crazy street fight at summer slam, where Shawn got the victory but hunter attacked him from the back with a sledge hammer. Eventually they fought at Armageddon in an stages of hell match, which is one of my favorites of all time. First they fought in a street fight where Triple H won, then Shawn Michaels got a victory in a steel cage match, and the two battled on to the final stage, a ladder match. In the last part Triple H won the ladder match by throwing Michaels through multiple tables and grabbing the title 35 minutes into the match. I know Shawn is retired now but I doubt it would be hard for him to get back in to shape. The story these two could tell is amazing and the video packaging for their promo would also be great as well.

2. WWF v the alliance

I don’t necessarily know if this fits the list but what the hell I’m putting it here anyways Mainly because this is one of the biggest let down of all time. The angle wasn’t that bad but it’s just ‘It could have been so much more’ factor that affects it. When Vince took over WCW, it had every bodies tongues wagging at the prospect of the top wrestlers facing each other from their respected companies the matches people were expecting were the likes of, Stone Cold v Goldberg and the match every single person wants to see to this day still The Undertaker v Sting. But we were given WCW mid carders v WWF top guys and while the final match at survivor series was good and memorable, it wasn’t enough. I know there’s reason such as different Ego’s clashing and not wanting to be squashed as well as making sure the likes of Stone Cold, Edge, and Rock didn’t lose their fan base to the WCW guys. Anyways I know this a looong shot but if all the guys would come back and face each other to do the feud again and maybe, maybee finally have Sting/Taker that would be awesome.

1. Stone Cold v the Rock

‘One more match! One more match! One more match !’ the only words that resonate with me from the Rocks awesome 2008 Hall of fame speech, in which the fans were screaming for Rock and Austin to go at it one more time. The Attitude era is defined by their feud in the centre along with Austin/McMahon. This feud first started at the mid card where a popular IC champion Stone Cold was being challenged by a young new competitor The Rock. Without going into to detail in these matches, short summary is Austin refused to play by the rules and throwing the IC belt in the river established him as rebel. The fans LOVED it and it soon established Austin as the top guy in the company. Rock was making waves in the mid-card level with his electrifying promos and even though he was heel fans treated him as a face (now when that happens with any wrestler you know you’re on to a winner) and it was the inevitable for these two to rise to the company and begin a feud. The two would finally make their first headline at Wrestlemania 15. It lived up to all expectations with an amazing exciting match. The two would meet again at Wrestlemania 17 in what people most regard as a culminating point at their careers for both of these guys. They put an absolute belter of a match that stole the show. They met for the 3rd time at Wrestlemania 19 were it was more for a big send off for Stone cold as it would be his last match. Anyways the reason I want these guys to have a rematch is pure simple for the fact that they are undoubtedly two of the greatest mic talkers, crowd pleasers, and biggest wrestling draws of all time (with a few exceptions). I’ve always been an HBK fan myself but I can understand why most people would rank these 2 as their favourite wrestlers. With The rock coming back this year his shown us that he still has it, the crowd is literally wrapped around his finger when he walks in the ring and he can make them chant anything he wants. It something about the way Rock has accepted his brilliance and just oozes confidence and entertainment. Stone Cold on the other hand is a more laid back, I don’t give a monkeys ass type talking promo style and again the crowd loves that. His famous ‘What’ is still with the WWE today and I’m sure it’ll stand the test of time. These money powers would draw huge attention to a fourth rematch, a good 2 months of these two coming out on raw week in week out making fun of each other would be GOLD. As for the match itself, we know Rocks is more jacked up than ever and if Steve can gain a little bit fitness, then they both can put on a half decent match, their chemistry and crowd reaction will surely make for that.

These two are the most popular for a reason and that’s that they are brilliant and well deserving and for that it’s my number 1 of desired rematches.

All right guys! This brings to close another edition of WBC Top 5. Now it is up to you the reader, to vote for who had a better blog!

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  1. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    I'm giving this one to Akbar.

    My choices to add to these picks would be in no particular order:

    1. Sting vs The Black Scorpion- Really it was Flair the whole time! What a waste.

    2. Undertaker vs DDP- Way to build up to nothing then Job out DDP.

    3. Mr Perfect vs Ric Flair- WWE missed the boat on that one. What a great fued and matches they could have had after Perfect turned on Ric.

    4. Flair vs Hogan-in the WWE in their primes. I know Vince said their chemistry was off, but US fans at that time wanted Wrestlemania Flair vs Hulk.

    5. Dude Love vs Steve Austin- they could have done much more with that angle and have Mankind or Jack vs Austin in some brutal title matches.
  2. Destruction's Avatar
    Tommy Thunder for me, for including Michaels/Angle, and Eddie/Barr vs Del Santo/Octagon
  3. blink's Avatar
    I'm going with thunder. He had better picks and took the time to make sure his spelling and grammar were right. Now that's dedication!
  4. The Piper's Avatar
    Tommy Thunder
  5. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    I've gotta say TT on this one for his number 2 pick. That was a match I wanted over again (mind you in 94 I was only 11 years old, but still remember when I got the tape in 96 at 13 and for the first time I said "Holy Shit" over how truly hated a tag team could be). Akbar had some great ones himself, but felt the oldschool referrence won out in this one...

    Honorable mention - IMO
    4 Horsemen v. nWo - Could have been epic had the Horsemen not turned into a Brodus Clay victim 3 weeks after Flair returned
    Jerry Lynn v. RVD - Sorry, but last time in TNA wasn't enough. These guys both can still put on great matches. I wouldn't mind seeing it again because they both could very well give us another 5 star match if given 20 mins and time to plan the match.
    Jake "the Snake" v. Austin - Right after the KOTR, Austin makes a comment that puts him on the road to the HOF and "greatest of all time" talks. Roberts just fell short with his "I'm a changed man forever" angle. Why not book Jake turning back to the demented heel vs. Austin furthering the "bad ass" image he portrayed at that PPV? The psychology of the angle alone still has me wondering what if.
  6. Krysys's Avatar
    I am going with Tommy.
  7. Robareid's Avatar
    TT gets the vote from me, slightly better written and I prefered his choices although it didn't have the visual side to it
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